Written by pete

6 Aug 2007


It’s over a year since I wrote my first letter to SH 14th JULY 2006. Due to a chance meeting I thought I would write this letter.

Since then I have split from my husband and now live alone, I have often thought about my punishment sessions I was made to endure because of my past affair. I work in a large store in the finance department, last month I had to go down to the basement to get some old files, not a nice place to go to. We are being decorated which accounted for ladders,tresals, and paint tins all over the place. I eventually found what I had gone for when a voice said sucked any cocks lately, I froze then this lad came from behind a cabinet, remember me I‘m Rob, car park,pub, you sucking me off, look he passed me his phone. There I was kneeling down naked sucking him off.

He walked over to the door and dropped the catch come here you tart, I walked over he started to undo my jacket buttons, I pulled away you can stop that or I will call security. He pulled me back if you do he can see my phone photo’s, all my buttons were now undone his hands were all over my breasts he pulled my bra down and started to suck my breasts his hands started to lift my skirt up. He moved back what a fucking site he said, my skirt was round my waist showing my knickers, put your hands on your head, he walked slowly round me he then pulled my knickers down to my knees. Very nice time for some photo’s, he took some from the front and the back; he then bent over and ripped my knickers off. He knelt in front of me and took some more pictures,

Bend over that table and open your legs I laid over the table and spread my legs, he took some more photo’s, now shall I make you wait 15minutes that’s when the lads will be finishing and bringing there gear down here, or shall I spank your arse and let you go. Spank me and let me go, ask me nicely then, please give me a good spanking, sir! he barked, sorry sir, please spank me sir. He spanked my bottom for about 5 minutes, took some more photo’s, ok fuck off, same time tomorrow, from now on you call me Sir remember I’ve got these holding up his camera, yes sir I will, I got back to my office, did you find the file John said, no I will pop down tomorrow when I have more time.

The following day I put on a button through dress, as the day passed I wondered what was in store for me. I went to the ladies and removed my knickers, and went downstairs to the basement, hello jenny ready for some cock, his hands were all over me, he pulled up my dress you fucking tart; you have taken your knickers off ready yes sir I wanted to please you. On your knees and suck me off, I knelt down and took out his prick and gave him a blow job, as I finished his phone went fuck it I’m wanted upstairs, be at the pub tonight at eight, yes sir I will dress to please I said, he went and I got dressed found the file I needed and went back upstairs.

I put on suspenders, thong and a medium length button up skirt and a white blouse, and very high heels I went into the pub at eight and walked over Rob, just in time get the drinks in tart he was with 2 mates, I got the drinks and sat down. How’s your arse still red, no its fine I replied, gave her arse a good spanking at work this week, lucky bastard, said one of the lads, do you want to see a red arse. He showed him a picture of my red bottom, look at the others, she loves it. As the looked at the pictures Rob undid the buttons on my skirt up to my waist and slipped his hand between my legs. Your fucking wet already you tart, are we going to Jakes he is having a party, ok lets go, I got into the back seat with Rob as we drove off he undid the buttons on my blouse, look at her tits lads, fucking beauty’s or what, he played with them all the way to his mates house, ok out you get tart leave your blouse as it is.

Here we are is the party on, fucking hell Rob who’s the judy, she’s my new slave, nice tits he said holding my blouse open. Parties off, o bollocks why, no one’s about never mind we have brought our own entertainment. Penny get topless and serve the drinks, I took of my blouse and got the lads there drinks. Skirt off tart lets get a good look at you, I stood in the middle of the room and took of my skirt and stood there in my high heels suspenders, thong. You fucking beauty Jake said, come and get your mouth round this, he unzipped his fly’s, stand in front of me open your legs and bend right over and suck on this. I did as I was told I bent over and took his prick into my mouth, suck it slowly I want it to last. Just then a voice said are you there Jake, he looked over to the patio door, which was open, what Arthur, have you any beers. Hang on I will bring you one out, it the old man from next door, o fuck I’m coming go on suck it tart. He came into my mouth, you are a fucking beauty he said, now make an old man very happy take him a beer.

I walked into the garden Arthur just stared thanks he said I turned and went back in. hay come and clean me up I’m still leaking Jack said, I bent over and took his prick into my mouth, just then the door opened and a girl said what the fuck is she doing, it was Jake’s girlfriend its ok she wanted to suck me off, she walked over and slapped my face, Rob said she likes that Shell smack it harder, I fucking smack her arse for her she will not sit down for a fucking week. She grabbed my hair and pulled me back and bent me over the table, Tie her down the boys spread my legs and tied them to the table legs, they then tied my wrists over the other side, and I was spread eagled over the table. She ripped off my thong ok I’ll teach you to mess with my fella you fucking tart, she proceeded to spank my bottom, get me a fucking hair brush she screamed, jake fetched a hair brush she spanked me with it for about 5 minutes you sorry yet tart, very sorry I said, she then stormed out.

Lets treat Arthur Jake said he shouted Arthur what a site he said as he came in, its your birthday get stuck in, you sure lads, go on Arthur, her arse looks sore use this Jake said giving a tube of cream, he started to rub it between my legs, rub it well in Arthur his fingers went straight up my cunt, he started to work me up, cream her arse as well,

he slipped his finger up my arse, first one finger then two fingers went up my arse, I was loving it, it was degrading filthy but was I turned on. Can I fuck her rob be my guest fuck the arse of her. I heard his zip go down, fucking hell Arthur they made them big in your day you lucky sod, I felt him nudge between my cheeks and then straight in he nearly split me in two, he fucked my arse for ages and then he came, you beauty he said as he pulled out, he walked around the table and lifted my head now suck it clean, I opened my mouth and sucked him.

Thanks lads can I call again, no probs archy boy.

They untied me go and clean yourself up tart, I went the bathroom and cleaned myself up and returned downstairs, Rob said we are going, put your cloth’s on I got dressed leaving my blouse undone to the waist, and only fastened two buttons on my skirt, we drove back to town they drove to the car park were my car was, out you get tart, I unlocked my car, wait tart are you going to thank us for your knight out, he took of my blouse, and skirt and put them in my car, they all unzipped, get them out and suck them. One by one I sucked them off, all three came in my mouth. Will be in touch, and they drove off. It was just gone midnight when I got home, I showered and went to bed. I laid there what a common tart I was but I loved every minute.

Will he ring again……………