Written by Peacefulplonker

12 Nov 2010

I am lying on my back when a well endowed woman climbs onto my bed by my feet and slowly crawls on top of me until she is kissing my mouth.

The sensation as her massive breasts and nipples drag against my skin as she moves up my frame is indescribable.

My manhood that had been soft and relaxed is now straining against the material of my boxers.

I feel her start to grind her pussy against the erection in my pants, slowly at first and gradually increasing her speed, still kissing me and nibbling my ears and neck.

The sensation below was amazing with my cock straining to get into her love tube but unable to as its path was blocked by my boxers and her panties.

The next thing was she leant back and pulled the gusset of her pants to one side and proceeded to sit down onto my boxer clad errection and began to grind her groin against mine. Her pendulous tits were moving around in synchronisation with her pelvic girations. The material of my boxers was rubbing against her clitoris.

Her movements were circular and figure of 8. I could see from her face that she was having a good time, grinding her clit against the tent that was my underwear.

A few minutes later she lifted herself off and undid the buttons on my boxers. My "old fella" that had been trying to escape leapt up out of the confineing pants like an escaping RAF airman from Colditz. She grabbed the escapee then lowered herself back onto me. I could feel that wonderful sensation a man gets when a willing pussy grabs hold and sucks him into the land of heaven.

She reached forward and untied the straps that had been holding my wrists to the posts of the bed, and at last I could stroke her wonderous assets as she continued to grind herself onto my groin. Just as i took both large stiff nipples between my thumbs and forefingers she came with a shudder and a smile on her face.

My god she was a gusher, my boxers were drenched with lady cum and I fired a load into her .

Shame it is a only dream.

Thank you for reading this, my third story to be posted. you can search using my username to find the others lol