Written by Jacko747

16 Feb 2009

I arrive at the motel and knock at the door. You answer and introduce me to your husband. I’m completely astounded and hardly able to speak, you’ve broken the first rule and things need to be sorted out before we go any further.

“Why is he dressed?” I ask not even looking at him. You stammer slightly at my change of tone “sorry” you say but I simply say “Sort this out, you both knew what to do, he obviously doesn’t know how to take care of you, that’s why I’m here so take care of him.”

“You’d better strip” you tell him, I immediately follow this up “Too many words, just the one would do, try again and mean it!”

“Strip!” You order, much better I think.

He strips down to his underpants, complete nudity may be too comfortable.

“As my instructions weren’t followed you’ll need to show me you can take him in hand, spank him” I tell you. You immediately order him to bend over the chair, you slap his buttocks a little too gently, “Properly!” I tell you. Smack, you slap his cheek good and hard, leaving a red hand print, smack again on the other side, you repeat this, giving him six of the best.

“Ok cuff him now” I tell you and now you’re getting the hang of things roughly cuff his hands behind his back and push him into the chair, we both see him wince slightly as he’s sitting on his freshly spanked buttocks.

“Now he’s sorted out let deal with you then Mrs” I tell you.

You look blankly at me, not sure what I mean “Strip!” I command.

You take off your blouse, revealing a sexy black bra, then removing your skirt you’re left only in you matching black bra and thong with your high heels and holdups.

“You’re going to need some boots to take command of him” I tell you pointing at your husband. “But for now, knickers down and over my knee, right over with your hands on the floor!” You take up the position as told then hear “You” and feel the slap as my hand hits your arse Smack! “Will” Smack! “Do” Smack! “as” Smack! “you’re” Smack! “told” Smack! “in” Smack! “future” Smack!

“Up you get then” I tell you, “Now, he seemed to enjoy watching that.” I tell you nodding towards hubby, “Lets see how much skill you’ve got, I can see his cock bursting to cum, go and make it happen but don’t let it out of his boxers but tease him first”

You walk over to your helpless hubby while pulling up your knickers, crouching down in front of him you bow your head so that he can feel your warm breath so close to his manhood, running your fingers up his legs you look him in the eyes. “Is it true? Do you really want to cum?” you ask him. “Oh yes, please let me cum” he replies, “Good, he’s learning” I comment, he’ll soon know that he only gets to cum when you tell him he can!

Slowly standing as you rub your breasts over his balls and cock then up his chest and over his face, “Do you really want to cum?” You ask him again, his breathing gets more rapid. “Yes, please make me cum!”

You bend over and start nibbling and sucking at his cock through his pants, never allowing him to feel you take it in just teasing him by letting him know how close he is.

You feel your pants pulled sharply as I tug them and they rip straight off you and then as you feel me enter you you’re face pushes hard against his cock and you almost suck his balls into your mouth through his pants.

I start pounding into you hard and fast. You lift your head to keep your balance and start rubbing up and down his cock, almost wanking him but just rubbing up and down the underside of his cock “I’m going to cum!” you tell him looking him in his eyes, you feel his cock jerking in your hand and see the wet patch spread across the front of his pants as he fills them, you then cum yourself thrusting yourself back and fore onto my cock even harder.

I slide out of you. “Now as nice as that was I never gave you permission to fuck me while I was fucking you did I?” I say. You feel another two hard smacks to your sexy arse. “Now tell him to cool you down with his tongue and clean your cum up while you finish me off.

You turn around and bend allowing hubby to lick your arse and pussy while you bend over and start to suck at me, you move with your tongue expertly sucking and licking, rubbing up and down my shaft as you do so, “It’s time” I tell you, you take me deep into the back of your throat and feel me pump a few times then I begin to fill your mouth with cum as you’re cumming yourself from hubbies enthusiastic licking.

As I take your hand and lead you to the bathroom I ask you if you like the new pecking order but in my mind I know that it’s going to get better and better each time if you do!