Written by Garylj

27 Mar 2007

So where do I start then!

Well, the first thing I have to say is what a complete turn on you are, you have had me in a state of complete arousal for the last 2 days, you just don’t know how sexy and provocative you are do you? So, what about Friday then, god I can’t wait!!!

Well the new camera has to be tested doesn’t it and what better way than to take some ‘very interesting’ photos of you, and me!

I can imagine I’m going to get home from work at about 7.30, the latest 8.00, I open the door and walk into the living room to find you sat on the settee with a glass of cool beer, you’re playing some music and seem very relaxed, the TV is on but the sound is down, you’re watching a blue movie. My eyes strike open wide when I look at you, you look gorgeous, and that’s an understatement! You decided to wear a black dress, nice and tight around your fabulous curves, it shows of your figure perfectly, I can see you are wearing tights, or are they stockings, with your black dress shoes, you stand up and I put my arm around you, I start to kiss you gently on the neck. My hands, as usual, find their way to your gorgeous ass and I give you a nice squeeze on both ass cheeks, I can feel the suspender straps and immediately my cock starts to cum to life. We sit down and have a drink and chat some more, my mind wondering throughout at the thought of fucking you within the hour, I wanted you there and then but that would have spoilt the evening, this was going to be memorable in many ways. We chatted away whilst watching the movie, a brunette and a 6ft guy, she was sucking him off, he had a massive cock, at least 9 inches, she was quite petite just like you, and then he parted her legs so he could lick and suck on her shaven pussy. We moved closer to each other on the settee, my right hand resting on your left thigh, I stroked you gently, I could feel the sensation of you getting aroused, it was like a soft current of electricity running through your body, I too was getting aroused, my cock aching to be free, free to fuck you!!

‘So, are you going to take some photos of me then’ you asked, ‘damn right’ I replied. You stood and walked over to the dining table and moved a couple of chairs out of the way. You did look stunning Jill; again, you have no idea how sexy you are. I start snapping away with you looking very relaxed and casual, straightforward poses, very natural! After a few more pics I asked you to raise the hem of your dress to just above your thigh, you slowly lifted your dress to reveal your beautiful legs, and what a sight to see those stockings and then the suspenders, fuck, my cock was very hard now. You turned and faced the wall whilst lifting the dress above your waist, what a fantastic ass you have Jill, it is perfectly formed and those panties, well, it was a complete turn-on, I needed to fuck you, my cock needed you! I take some photos of your ass and legs dressed in your lingerie, your hands grip your ass cheeks and pull them wide apart exposing your glistening pussy, you pull your panties away from your ass and I focus in on your love tunnel. Your fingers gently stroking your pussy lips, I take photo after photo, even the camera is hot to touch! I pull away and watch as you gently and very slowly start to remove your dress, I put the camera down and walk towards you, my hands wrap themselves around your waist, I pressed my hard cock against your lower back and you began to push back, with your hands pressed against the wall and your legs wide apart I kiss your shoulders then the top of your back and neck, my hands grope your soft tit’s and I started to massage them, my fingers finding your nipples, I pinch each of them hard and begin to rub them between my forefinger and thumb, your nipples are now very very hard. I simply had to fuck you right now. I unzipped my trousers and got my stiff rod of cock out, I swung you around and lifted you up against the wall, your legs wrapped around my waist, I asked you to fill my mouth with one of your gorgeous tits, you wet your fingers first and rubbed your own nipple before stuffing it in, I gave each one your tits a really good sucking before you gently slipped down the wall and impaled yourself onto my wooden cock. When I was inside you I could feel your hot wet juices, you let out a gentle ‘Oh my God’ as my cock filled your hole. I began to fuck you hard, your back rubbing up against the wall, you gasped at the violence of the fuck, I sensed you were about to cum so I withdrew myself and retrieved the camera.

You sat one of the chairs with your legs wide open, you insert 1 finger into your mouth and start sucking on it, with that I ran upstairs and got the vibrator, I handed it to you, it is far better than your fingers, you immediately start sucking on the rubber cock whilst I snap away, you take the 9 incher deep into your mouth as your left hand starts playing with your clit, you are incredibly sensual. I have often fantasized what it would be like to be sucked off by another man as well as you!! I stripped off, I couldn’t help myself any longer, my cock was rigid, it was rock solid and I began to wank myself as I took more pics. My hand was wrapped around the hard shaft and it felt so fucking good watching you as I had a wank. I stood close to you and your head leaned forward, fuck!!! You licked at my bulging cock head and then kissed it, your hands massaging my swollen bollocks, I focused the lens onto your mouth and snapped away as you licked the master cock, then you swallowed me, taking me to the very back of your throat, I held your head and fucked your mouth!! ‘Enough’ you said, let’s go upstairs. On the bed I took more pics of you on your knees, at different angles and then up very close to you, I handed you your whip and you imitated being whipped, ‘are you going to give me a good fucking with that hard cock then’ cum on, stick it inside me’, I had no choice. I knelt behind you and gave you a look licking before sucking those juices from your hot, wet cunt. I bent you over my knees and finger fucked your ass and cunt at the same time, which is always so fucking good. You just had to be spanked, I gave you a couple of slaps on your ass to warm you up and then with rapid movement spanked you until you were about to cum, I withdrew my hands, got right behind you and stuffed the vibrator deep into your cunt, I pulled and pushed it inside you for about a minute before my cock found it’s way to the entrance of your gorgeous tight ass, I wet 2 of my fingers and rim your hole making it wet enough for me to enter you, with the vibrator filling your cunt I slowly begin to push my cock into your ass, each push was delicate until I finally had my length inside you, I let it stay there without moving whilst you squirmed underneath me with the sensation of both your fuck holes being filled with cock. I look at you, your perfectly arched back, the suspender belt around your waist and the stockings on your legs; you are truly a sexy and beautiful woman. The feeling of my cock rubbing up against another whilst inside you drives me over the limit, as much as I want that to happen with another real cock, this 9” rubber one will suffice, for now!! I quicken my rhythm and fuck your ass hard, my hands pulling apart your ass cheeks; my cock swells and widens your hole, I watch my cock fuck that tight hole of yours, and it is so fucking good, if only you could see what I was watching!!

I gave your ass a hard fucking for about 3 minutes before you screamed ‘I’m cumming’ your juices exploded inside you, drowning the rubber cock in your hot cum spunk, ‘FUCKING HELL’ you said, I get so turned on when you swear, did you know that. I withdrew the vibrator and began to suck on it, I swallowed the hot cum from it, you taste so fucking good, I pushed it to the back of my throat and sucked on it hard making sure I didn’t miss any of your juices. I then lowered my head and licked and sucked all that remained from your cunt. I finger fucked you gently, the squishing sound that you heard was because you were so wet, I pulled out my 3 fingers and let you suck your own juices off them, we then lay back, side by side.

You had the energy to reach over and grab the camera you started to snap away at my very stiff and very swollen cock. You stood away from the bed and watched as I wanked myself. Then you put the camera down and joined me by my side, ‘you need a spanking as well’ you said, I turned over and you took control, fuck it is good to be spanked, a complete turn on, and you certainly enjoyed it as well, calling me a ‘bastard’, ‘take this you bastard’ you shouted at me. You picked up the vibrator and started to rub it against my back starting at the top and then sliding it down in between my ass cheeks, I can’t even explain the sensation that it gave me Well that just did it, I turned over, I needed to cum, I wanked my hard cock and started to suck on the vibrator again, you photographed everything!! You wanted me to cum so you took the vibrator off me and stuffed it in you mouth, fuck, you know what that does for me, watching you suck on another cock!!! My cum shot out and hit your face before splattering onto your tits. You took over wanking me as I rubbed the juice into your nipples, when I’d finished I licked my cum from you, swallowing whatever was there, god my cum tastes so fucking good, and then kissed you, transferring some of my cum into your hot mouth.

We finished with a gasp of breath, both of us exhausted with the physical intensity of the last 2 hours, it was truly fantastic sex.