Written by Ken

18 Oct 2008

I have been a keen amateur photographer since my early teens. I have a keen interest in taking pictures of celebrities. Whilst waiting at the stage door of my local theatre a couple of young girls got talking to me and I was telling them the names of some of the stars I had photographed. They expressed am interest in seeing my photos. They were aged about twenty. They were lovely looking girls

I asked them if they wanted to come home with me and view my collection. They said yes so about half an hour later they were in my house drinking coffee and looking through my album. Later on they steered the conversion around to glamour photos. They wanted to know if I had ever taken any. I said no as it could be asking for trouble to go up to a woman and say would you mind taking your clothes off for me please. We had a bit of a laugh.

They then said I could ask them; I was taken back a bit. You are having me on I said. In unison they said no we are not. I was told to get my camera and when I came back both of them were dressed in just there bra and knickers. I immediately started to get a hard on. They could see what was happening to me. They said you can’t take photos tangled up like that. Without further ado they undid my trousers and within seconds I was standing there naked with the biggest hard on that I have ever had.

I expected them to wank me but no instead they wanted their photos taken. So there I was taking pictures of these semi naked girls with my cock standing up like a tent pole. I think they were enjoying the situation. After a few minutes I think they took pity on me and they told me to stand there and both of them stripped off completely naked. They had similar sized tits and as I found out they were lovely and firm. Both of them had shaven off there pubic hair. My cock felt so hard by now. They came and stood by my side. Both their hands slid down my stomach and both of them felt my cock. Then one of them felt my balls while the other slowly wanked me. I had to tell them to take it easy I was on the verge of shooting my cum.

I was told to take their tits in my mouth, which I did with pleasure I ran my tongue over their nipples they enjoyed that I also gently rubbed my finger between their legs finding their clitty, they soon got very moist. Sue lay on the floor and I put my head between her legs rubbing my tongue between her slit until she was moaning with pleasure. I could also feel her friend fingering my arse hole soon her hands moved around to my cock again.

They then asked me to lie on my back Sue spread her legs either side of me got hold of my cock lined it up between her legs and slowly came down on it until it was all the way in. She then leaned forward resting on her hands looking down our bodies she could see my cock disappearing inside her. Slowly she raised herself up and down I was also enjoying the sight of her tits hanging down in front of me. After a while she raised her body upright and her friend then knelt in front of her, putting her pussy right over my mouth. I proceeded to lick her slit and soon I could feel the juices coming. I found her clitoris; soon her whole body shook as she started to have an orgasm.

I carried on licking until she almost collapsed she got off and lay on the floor panting. I then held Sues tits in my hand while she proceeded to ride up and down on my cock. Within seconds we were both on the verge of coming I then shot my load into her. She lay on top of me , my cock was still inside her though not so hard now feeling her tits against my chest was lovely I put my hands around her arse cheeks and held myself inside her. I told her them both how great it had been and that given a few minutes I would probably be nice and stiff again. Sues friend you had better get hard again as she wants my cock inside her and that she wants to be fucked from behind. With an offer like that my cock soon began to rise.