Written by m.watson

28 Jul 2011

over the last couple of years i have managed to take a few pictures of julie my wife. nothing too revealing, a few bikini shots to start with then a nice picture of her in a basque. recently when we were away for the weekend i persuaded her to pose with just her knickers and a waistcoat that was open showing a nice hint of her 36d breasts. julie was pleased with the shots when i showed them to her but insisted that they were for me and no one else to see. recently i broached the subject of her having some profesional pictures done and to my surprise she agreed as long as it wasn't someone local doing them.i found a photographer in leeds that sounded ok and with julie's permission i booked her in for a sitting. when the evening of the sitting came round julie was very nervous so i told to have glass of wine and relax. two glasses later and i was driving her to leeds. when we arrived at the address she was more relaxed, i rung the door bell and was surprised when the door was opened by an old west indian gentleman, he introduced himself as larry and showed us upstairs to the studio. there was a room to the side where he said julie could change, he said she should wear whatever she feels comfortable in. julie went to change while larry and myself chatted. he told me he had been in the business for 20 years and did everything from portfolios to glamour shots and even video work, when i asked what sort of videos he said mostly blue ones because they paid him and the models well especially if sold abroad. julie came back into the room dressed in a lovely summer dress that showed her long legs and lovely cleavage off.larry adjusted the lighting and then started shooting getting julie pose in different positions while i watched from the back of the room. he then asked julie if she had brought any swimwear rto pose in, she said that she had forgot to pack some, larry said it was ok as he could take some nice shots in her underwear if she liked, julie looked at me and i said go for it babe they will be better than the ones i took. julie changed and came back out in white bra and brief set and larry started shooting immediately, after five minutes of different poses larry asked if we wanted to go any further, julie asked what he meant, larry said its up to you but most couples like a few topless shots. i told julie it was up to her and she said just a few won't hurt. she removed her bra and i have to admit i got an instant hard on knowing larry could see her lovely tits, he took what appeared to be loads of pictures getting her to move this way and that, he then asked her to lay on the lounger with her head on her hand but he wasn't happy so he went and moved her head to the position he wanted and brushed her breasts at the same time. he was clicking away and moving around then he said to julie lift your legs up, a few more shots then he said open your legs, she responded without thinking about it and i was very surprised at her. larry finished off and said the photos would be ready in a week. before we left larry told us he cuold sell some pictures of julie and make us some money, i asked him to elaborate and he said that if julie was willing to pose naked he could sell the pictures. we went away telling him we would think about his offer.