Written by phil d

8 Apr 2013

"Oh dear" said the man as his fingers massaged Emma,s moist slit "we seem to have wet our pants again,still at least your jodhpurs are still clean and dry" "yes for the moment" Emma replied,suddenly realising what she had said.The mans fingers slid beneath her white silk panties and into her moist hole slowly he moved them in and out a few moments later she let out a low moan as she climaxed, then without warning her knees buckled slightly and once more she soaked her tight beige jodhpurs. "first time was it ?" the man asked. Emma nodded as she looked down at her soaking wet jodhpurs and the puddle around her boots.

The man removed her blouse and bra,Emma offered no resistance then he pushed her gently to her knees as he slowly undid his zip.

He removed his erect penis and as he did so Emma was suprised to find herself opening her mouth,he placed it inside and Emma sucked at it hungrily.She felt it start to twitch and the man slipped it from her mouth before showering her breasts in his hot sticky juices.When he had finished he poiinted it towards her stomach and proceeded to pee,he sprayed her well toned stomach before aiming a last hard hot blast over her crotch.

Emma stood up and once again waded into the lake to clean off,her expensive leather boots were well and truly soaking."I,ll be here in the morning if you,re passing by" said the man as he turned and headed back across the field,Emma mounted her horse and rode back the way she came.

The following morning she awoke bright and early and dressed in the same outfit as yesterday,only changing her underwear her boots were still damp from yesterdays adventure. She rode along the same path and sure enough when she got to the tree stump the man was sat there waiting. Emma dismounted and walked over,"no wet spot today"he smiled as his eyes settled on her crotch,Emma shook her head and blushed.

Reaching into his pocket the man produced a small bar of chocolate and handed a piece to Emma,taking it from him she placed it in her mouth,they walked for a while until they came to an even nicer place by the lake and she was suprised to see a picnic laid out on the grass."just in case you came" said the man.They sat and ate and drank several beers and during this time the man occasionally paused to stroke her thigh or run his hand over her breasts.Emma was not too bothered by this as she was enjoying herself,and besides she found the whole thing very arousing,several times the feel of the mans hand playing up and down her thigh had brought her to the verge of a climax.

Emma started to feel very relaxed,a combination of the warm day,the drink and the gentle stroking of her thigh, she laid back and as the mans hand slid over her boot top heading towards her thigh she opened her legs slightly. Seeing this the man moved his hand further up her thigh before slowly bringing it to rest on the crotch of Emma,s tight beige jodhpurs,Emma did not object slowly he started to trace a line up and down her slit through the tight beige material.As he applied a little more pressure he felt Emma stiffen slightly and moment,s later felt the material moisten beneath his finger,Emma had come in her pants!

Having made her come he decided to unzip her jodhpurs and worked a finger beneath her panties and into her moist slit,at the same time his other hand started to undo the buttons on her blouse.He gently tugged her blouse from her jodhpurs and slipped her bra upwards exposing her breasts,Emma,s nipples stiffened in anticipation.He began to roll one of her nipples between his finger and thumb Emma,s breath started to quicken and she let out a low moan,more moisture flooded into her panties

The man could hardly believe it, she was slim blonde,young and incredibly sexy yet judging by the affect he was having on her very inexperienced sexually, suddenly a wicked thought entered his head,could this sexy young woman be manipulated for his own perverted desires?

As he fondled her he kept plying her with drink, which although not particularly strong would he hoped provoke the desired reaction. Sure enough some time later Emma made to get up,he gently pushed her back to the floor "whats the matter miss?" he enquired "I need a wee" Emma replied,

"well just relax and let it out" said the man "why get up!" Emma paused for a moment then with a smile gave a gentle push, the soft hissing sound was the only clue to what she was doing,she lay there as her warm wetness began to soak the rear of her panties and jodpurs before soaking into the warm grass, a small wet circle clearly visible on her crotch,Emma sighed and laid back.

The man rolled her over and seeing her soaking jodhpurs ran a hand across her wet rear."Well young lady you seem to have wet your panties again" he said playfully, "yes it,s very naughty of me isn,t it ?" replied Emma "yes you are a naughty young lady,maybe you need a good spanking" he replied. Emma playfully wiggled her bottom and the man slapped it with his hand, Emma squealed as the blow stung her wet bottom "do it again" she said so he did.

After several minutes of playing around Emma got up and walked to the waters edge,she glanced back at the man before removing her blouse and throwing it on the bank,her white silk bra followed.Dressed only in her boots and jodhpurs Emma waded further into the warm lake,the water flowed into her boots and still she went deeper,eventually she started to swim.After about 5 minutes she swam into shallower water where she could stand up, her wet hair clung seductively to her shoulders as she walked.When the water was halfway up her thighs Emma turned her back towards the man and pulled her jodhpurs up tightly until there was a visible line where they parted her buttocks.The man sat and watched, "I think I,m going to be very naughty" called Emma "I think I may need another spanking shortly" "why whats up?" he replied " well" said Emma " I think I need a poo and I don,t think I can undo my pants in time" the man laughed, his plan was coming into play. As she stood there Emma gave a gentle push,but instead of the small load she was expecting a massive brown load emerged into her panties,forcing her jodhpurs to tent out noticably. "come here you naughty young lady" called the man "you,ve really been a naughty young girl,young ladies aren,t supposed to do that" Emma waded out of the lake and stood before him, turning her around he admired the large bulge in her rear,Emma placed both hands on her himps and gave a sexy wiggle as she pulled up her jodhpurs.