Written by burt

14 Oct 2011

a couple of friends had come round for a game of poker one night, my wife had gone to her sisters for the evening. we had a few drinks and the evening had gone great,the usual talk about women and sex, as the drink flowed it got more about our wives, they were telling me how lucky i was, my wife is 49 a few extra pounds but still gorgeous, nice round tits and a cute little shaven pussy. it was about midnight the game had stopped and we had put a porn movie on, when in came my wife very worse for wear,she had on a dress that buttoned up the front and a couple of the lower buttons had come open. when she sat down you could see her panties, and the lads couldnt stop looking. she was making comments about how the real thing was better than porn, when i turned round and said why not show us. she just smiled and opened her legs and started to stroke her pussy, then licking her fingers.we didnt need any more encouragement and soon had her naked, she knelt down in front of us all and took it in turnsto suck us and wank us. i then told her to sit on my face so i could lick her pussy and arse, it was fantastic watching her take these cocks in her mouth. she needed fucking though so she slid down onto my friends cock as we watched her fucking him she took me by surprise and told my other friend to fuck her arse, she has never let me fuck her arse only lick it, i watched as he eased it in then they got a rhythm going and she was moaning with pleasure, i put my cock in her mouth as she greadily sucked it, i didnt last long and shot my load down her throat, i then watched as they fucked her fast and hard, both shooting there loads inside her, seeing the cum oozing out of both holes was such a turn on, she lay back and told us she had always wanted to do that, we all fucked her so many times that night, and in the morning i fucked her arse again, now its a regular thing