Written by poolman

16 Aug 2009

Chapter 10

By the time we moved into the new house Ann was seven months pregnant and Jane was three months behind. Jane had gone off sex but I still spent most of my nights with her, sometime others as well. Ann on the other hand was still demanding. What she lacked in athletic ability she made up in appetite. I told her that she would be asking for a quickie as they put her in the delivery position.

Ann had stopped using the toys. We had found the best and most comfortable way for her to fuck was to use two pillows. We set the pillows on the edge of the bed. Then she would lay down with the small of her back and her bum on them.

That was when I would support her legs. I needed to guide my cock into place. Once I started in I could take the weight of her legs and fold them up a bit.

The entry was easy, she was always ready and as soon as I came near her I got hard. As I pushed on in there was more pressure. The baby was taking up space and moving her organs about.

In the confined space I found I felt more. Each thrust rewarded my cock with fiction and pressure. I always came faster. Which was just as well, my knees were kept bent and I could not toss her around the bed as I used to. I came suddenly. I Spilled into her long before she came.

Ann did not seem to mind not coming as often as she did before. She just liked me being in her. She liked me wanting her.

Afterwards we would lay together, my hand on her bump. Tonight was no different. It was the first fuck in the new house. Sue had taken Jane and John to christen the house, in as many rooms as she could. It was still not finished, but the renovations were almost complete. Having worn John out long before they had worked their way though the eight bedrooms, they came in to see Ann and me.

We spent that first night together in the same bed. Sue had insisted that they be large enough for us all. We had a room each and three nurseries painted up.

Sue was still demanding and she had been talking to Ann……..