Written by Poolman

19 Aug 2009

Chapter 14

There was a knock at the door. It was Janet, she was early. She stepped inside, pushing me back with a kiss. “What are we going to do?” she asked.

I had picked up a lubricant on the way back to the hotel, but was still not sure if I was going to ask her to do anal. It had taken me years to get around to it, and I had only mentioned it to her two days ago.

I put it off a bit longer, “Would you like to window open or closed?”

“Open, what’s wrong?” she asked.

“You asked about anal sex the first night.”

“I know, are you asking me to do it?”

“Are you going to say yes?” I asked.

Janet dropped her dress to the ground, and stepped out of it, red underwear and stockings. She walked to the window looking out she reach behind and undid her bra. “There is a man looking at me.” She said, “Over there.”

I went to her. There was, I stood behind her and cupped her breasts. Her right hand went to her red panties and a finger disappeared. Her head reached back to kiss me. There man in the window across the road was looking. Janet undid the clasps on her left leg. As she did I replaced her fingers with my own, searching out her moist folds. Janet started to put her leg up and rolled the stocking down. I stepped back and removed my shirt. Janet started rolling down her right stocking.

I returned to hold her. Janet slipped down my body dragging my trousers with her. She took my member in her mouth. The man opposite pulled his cock out and started to working it. “He’s wanking.” I told her.

Janet let go and took a look, “I’m a porn star.” She said.

“Well how about some action?” I asked.

She pushed her boobs against the window, my cock was throbbing and she was turning a guy on over the road. I pulled her knickers down, ran by hand up the inside of her legs and into her crack. The man could see her pussy just above the window sill. Janet was wet; she raised her hand above her head and pressed them to the window. As I felt the warm wet valley she pressed the side of her face to the window. The man opposite had cum; he was wiping his cock and still looking at us.

Janet pressed her cunt in to my hand and she came. She turned to me and kissed me, wet and passionate, her cold tits against my chest. “Do you think he can see us on the bed?” she asked.

“Do you want him to?”


Janet lay in the bed; I pushed my cock into her hot pussy. She had her legs up her ankles around my neck. I hammered her hard and fast. She liked it. I had not used the condom again. When I came I kept going, cum pumped out of her, down her crack and over her bum hole. Janet loved it, moaning and ahing.

I came again, then once more, Janet let go, we parted and lay on the bed.

“Have you ever been to a swingers club?” I asked.

She had not and I did not know where there was one. The man had gone; he must have decided the show was over. Janet was excited by the man over the road watching her. She wanted more, I wanted more.

Now I asked her “Would you like anal?”

Janet was on a high. “Yes”

Janet let my hands wonder. Using cum as a lubricant I ran my fingers over her bum and ass hole. As it became sticky I reach for the lube. I covered my cock and spread it in her bum crack. “Look out the window, perhaps he will come back.” I told her.

She looked out the window; I knelt behind her upturn ass and bent my prick to her hole. I expected her to be tight, like the rest. She was not. I pushed in, she felt stung, warm, I pushed in and out. Janet surprised me when she said “That’s not made!”

I reached around her and tickled her clit. I came quickly. Turning Janet over, I buried my face in her crack. Her thighs closed around me. When she came she almost crushed my head.

When she let go I kissed and lay beside her. She asked, “Is this our last night?”

I gave her my number.