Written by poolman

17 Aug 2009

Chapter 12

I was away from the house, on a business trip. I walked into the hotel bar, partly because I was tiered mostly because I was on expenses.

I took a look around the bar as I walked in. There was a couple in a corner drinking and getting friendly. Two men were by the bar drinking shorts. A bar man was ready to top them up. In the middle of the room was a woman in a dark blue dress, drinking white wine.

I went to the bar and looked over the whisky, I ordered malt. I leaned against the bar, nursing my malt. The woman in blue looked at me. She was just about thirty, confident enough to sit in the middle of the room and be seen, yet not on the make.

I was waiting for the restaurant to find me a table. I looked across at the woman again. She had a large yellow something pined to her. It pulled my eyes to her breast. They were not on display, but I could see just a peck of cleavage. I looked at the time, and considered how John was managing all on his own with three women.

The blue dress crossed the room and stopped at the bar, five feet away. “I am drinking white wine.” She told me.

I ordered “Two white wines, please barman.”

We took them back to her table. She asked, “Do you pick-up a lot of women.”

“If you recall, you picked me up.” I looked at her finger, two rings one with a stone.

“Did I? Let’s not argue about it. Well do you?”

“Some, do you?” I asked.

“Some.” She replied.

We were interrupted, “Your table is ready sir.”

I asked “Have you eaten? Will you join me?”

“No and yes”

We went into the restaurant and ordered a bottle of white wine.

“I am Tony” I told her.

“And I am Janet.”

We started with asparagus brushed with butter. We shared it; Janet picked up a spear and pushed it into her mouth. She licked her lips, they glistened with butter. She offered me her fingers. I closed my lips on them and she pulled them out. Her finger tasted of slightly salted butter. We looked into each others eyes. I picked a spear and eat it, offering her my fingers. She sucked at them. I pictured her sucking on my cock.

Janet took another spear and offered it to me. I was still eating it when I pushed another spear into her mouth. She pick-up the last spear and offered it to me. I bit it in half and she eat the other. All the time we looked each other.

We continued with the main course. I do not know what we said. I signed the meal to my room and carried the glasses and bottle to her room.

Janet opened the door and went to the bath room. I poured the wine and put the bottle down. Janet return, she had removed her shoes and nylons. I offered her a glass and she sipped it and returned it to me. She turned her back and I put the glasses down. I pulled down her zip and undid the two hock and eyes on her bra. I brushed both dress and black lacy bar of her shoulders. They slipped to the floor, her blond hair covering her shoulders. Janet turned around; I kissed her just a taste of butter. My hand found her breasts, warm and soft. Janet undid my shirt buttons and pulled it down my arms. It stopped and I started to undo the cuffs behind my back. Janet had already started to undo my waistband and zip. She pulled down my trousers and underwear all in one move.

My back was to the bed and Janet pushed, I let myself fall. Janet pulled my shoes and sock off with my trousers. She climbed on the bed and took my spear in her mouth. Gently she ran her tongue over my spear. Cupping my balls in her hand I came. Janet swallowed and kept licking.

Janet stood again and bent at the waist, hooking her thumbs in the side of her panties, pushing them to her ankles. Only when she stood did I see her thin airstrip. Janet stepped out of one leg and lifted her panties to her hand with the other. She loaded her knickers on her thumb and let go. They landed on my face, a heavy scent and just a hint of moister. As I enjoyed her underwear she rolled a condom on to my hard prick.

Janet laid her warm body beside me. I turned over and ran my hand down her side over her smooth skin. Down the outside of her leg as far as I could reach, then back up the inside, veering away from her landing strip as I approached I drew my hand lightly back up her body and over her firm breast. I leaned in and kissed her. Her arms enveloped me and she pulled her body to my own deforming her tits with my chest. She pulled her left foot up and planted it on the bed, by her cunt. My hand ran back down her body, followed her leg up to the nee, them back down to her valley. The valley gaped. My finger damp as it found the bottom of her wet valley. Drawing my finger back up to her clit I held the valley open and gently rubbed until the moister required replacing, then I ran my hand back into the depth of her valley. I came back to her clit and massaged gently again. Janet rose up to meet me. Her kisses became deeper and longer.

I pushed on to her back and entered her. Her wet flesh parted as I pushed in, and closed around me. We had not said a word since we got into the room. The first sound ether of us made was when I pushed in, Janet let out a deep long uhhhhhhhhhhhhh. I pushed further and her body bent, my balls touched her wet valley. I moved just letting pressure off her clit, not pulling my cock out. Then pushing again putting the pressure back on.

Janet came, I rolled over we were on our sides. Now I moved more. I pushed her away from me, pulling my cock against the front of her inside wall. I ran my hand over her breast, round the back of her neck and tilted her head forward. Looking at my cock disappearing into her she put her hand to her clit. I moved not crowding her. She came, jerking and then so did I. Pulling her to me I kept moving spreading cum between us as we moved. At last we stopped.

We finished the wine and I started to tongue her licking at her deep valley. I was growing harder and building her up again. This time she sat a top me, controlling her movements.

She rolled another condom on to me and slipped it into her, in and past her defences, deep in side of her, feeling one long slip into heaven. Janet rolled her hips, both hands went to her clit, she kept rolling her hips and I put my hands over my head for pillows. Janet helped me arrange them and went back to her clit. Now I could see her, See my cock deep in side her and feel movement. She came, arched further back and moved again. Then I came filling the condom. She kept going. She leaned forward leaving her hand between us. She kissed me and kept moving. She came again. I started to buck and came myself again. Her arm around my neck she pulled herself closer to me.

Somehow we fell asleep. We woke in the night and I buried myself in her again. This time I came but she did not, and we fell asleep again till morning.

We had time for a quickie before I rushed back to my room.

We meet at breakfast and arrange to have diner again that night.