28 Aug 2015

Well sadly there has been no repeat of 'Popping in for tea', so I thought I'd make it up....

Lou had invited Becci and her boyfriend round for dinner. Nothing unusual in that although I did wonder how I'd feel being with him knowing what I'd done to Becci only a few weeks ago.

The evening arrived. Becci was looking fabulous. She was wearing a gorgeous summer dress, just above her knee. With Lou looking incredible in an equally gorgeous dress. They were both amazing to look at. Lou had cooked a lovely meal and this was eaten without incident. The wine was flowing and we retired to the lounge. Andy sat very close to Beccie and rested his hand on her knee. Her dress rode up slightly. I sat right opposite them simply to get a glimpse of whatever was under Beccies dress. I didn't have to wait long. As we chatted Andy couldn't help but move his hand slightly up and down Beccies leg and each time he did the dress went a little higher. Beccie, enjoying this, couldn't help but move her legs apart a little and that was enough. An absolutely gorgeous pair of white panties. My cock immediately began to grow.

Lou came in and sat next to me. She immediately saw what I was looking at and placed her hand straight on my growing bulge. 'Bloody hell babe, doesn't take you long, does it', she laughed. Andy and Beccie looked over and I must admit I blushed a little. 'I'd forgotten he likes a glimpse of panties', said Beccie and moved her legs further apart. Wow!! 'You better show Andy what you're wearing Lou', I said. She moved her legs wide apart and lifted her dress right up to her hips. She had worn a sexy sexy pair of white g-string panties. I'd been nagging her to wear them for ages. She obviously knew tonight would end like this. You could hear the sharp intake of breath from Andy when he saw. After a few seconds of the staring at the lovely sights infront of us Lou stood up. She walked over to Andy and knelt between his legs. She then gently moved his legs apart. As she did this she moved her hands over the ever increasing bulge in his trousers. She slowly undid his belt and button and then moved his zip down. My jealously was building more and more but at the same time my cock was getting harder and harder. His trousers dropped to the floor and as soon as they had, Lou had pulled his pants down. Another mans cock was now centimetres from my wife's face. I looked over at Becci but she was transfixed on proceedings. Lou looked over to me and asked, 'is this okay babe?'. I nodded and smiled. Smiled mainly because she was going to do it no matter what my answer was. She took hold of his cock and began stocking it. Slowly at first and then giving me one more look began to run her tongue up and down his shaft.

Slowly she began sucking him and the look on Andys face certainly showed he was enjoying it. I got up from my chair and walked over to Louise. I slowly lifted her dress over her beautiful arse. As soon as her lovely arse was exposed Becci stood up and lightly ran her fingers over Lous bum crack and slowly round to her pussy. Lou pushed her cunt onto Beccis fingers and she quickened the pace on Andys erection.

That was enough for me and I undid my trousers and pulled out my cock so I could start to wank. Becci saw this, left Lous pussy and came over to me. She took my cock into her mouth. The warm wet feel of her lips were immense. As Andy saw his girlfriend do this you could tell he had started shooting his cum into Lous mouth. Lou took as much as she could before her first swallow. She then seemed to need to swallow 5 more times before Andy was finished. How much cum had my wife just eaten? She let his cock fall from her mouth and dribbles of semen ran down her chin. She came straight over to me and kissed me passionately. I could taste Andys cum on her lips and seconds later I was emptying my load into Beccies mouth. She swallowed what she could and let the rest leak down her chin.

After letting my cock from her mouth I told Lou to take off her dress and lie down. I lay between her legs and told her I wanted to taste her pussy before letting Andy have a go. She was so understandably wet as my tongue reached her pussy lips. I pushed my tongue deep inside her hole and she pushed as hard as she could onto my face. She tasted wonderful. I could tell she wouldn't last long. I moved my tongue to her clit and after a minute or two, stopped, and asked her if she like to see what it felt like to be licked out by a man with a beard. She said yes. We both looked over to Beccie and Andy. Beccie had straddled Andys face and was rubbing her moist fanny all over his mouth. 'Can we swop Andy?' I asked. 'Lous not going to last long and she wants to feel a man with a beard!'.

Andy didn't get long on my wife's cunt. Minutes after he began to taste her she exploded with what looked like a wonderful orgasm. As this was going on I was enjoying Beccie sitting on my face. To get to taste two cunts in a matter of minutes had my cock rock hard again. Beccie literally rubbed her pussy all over my face until she to exploded with a wonderful orgasm.

Both Andy and I had now got our rock hard cocks back so I suggested we went upstairs to get more comfortable. As Lou and I got to the bedroom I turned to her and said, 'Andys going to want to cum in your pussy now, you okay with that?'. She smiled and said, 'Oh yes'! What about you?' She said to me. 'If it's what you want then I'm very happy'.

Becci and Andy came into the room and all remaining clothing was removed. Lou was the first to lie down and she immediately spread her legs wide. Her pussy lips were open and waiting. 'Well someone fuck me' she said. I took a step back to allow Andy to move in. He climbed onto the bed between her legs and Lou reached out to guide his cock into her cunt, just like she does to me. Slowly he sank his entire length into her.

I turned to Beccie and asked her if I could fuck her from behind. She climbed onto the bed on all fours and crawled to Lous face where she began to kiss her. She arched her back to show me she was ready for me! I pushed my cock into her soaking pussy and held tight to her hips. Andy had quickened the pace on Lou, and although she was kissing Beccie she still had time to moan her pleasure. I started to move in and out of Beccie, God it felt so good. Lou was pushing her cunt into Andy, just like she does to me. Suddenly Lou stopped kissing Bec are gasped with pleasure. She was orgasming on another mans dick. This set of a chain reaction. Her pussy contracting around Andy cock caused him to fire his load deep deep inside my wife. Knowing this I couldn't last any longer and my cum poured into Beccie and this in turn caused Beccie to shuddered with her orgasm.

After we had both left every drop of cum that we could inside the ladies cunts I told them they now needed to 69 each other and lick it all out. Lou stayed where she was and as she waited for Beccie to move in position you could see her gaping hole left by Andy cock and his cum already beginning to seep out. Beccie climbed on her and immediately got to work licking and swallowing all of her boyfriends cum. I quickly had a look at Beccies cunt. I wanted to see my cum leaking out of her. As I watched her lower her fanny on Lou a large blob of my cum dripped from her cunt straight into Lous waiting mouth. The girls licked and swallowed for a few minutes until both pussies were cleaned of cum. When they were done I went to Lou and kissed her deeply. I wanted to taste my cum and Beccies fanny juice on her lips. Amazing!! Andy did the same.

For the next half an hour we just lay and kissed and touched gentle until Beccie said they need to head home because of the babysitter. As Lou stood to put her dress on she reached down to her cunt. As she lifted her fingers up you could see they were covered in cum. 'Yours I believe', she said, turning to Andy. To my surprise he opened his mouth and Lou placed her fingers in side. He sucked her fingers clean. 'Yes', he said. 'Did you just do that to taste my wife's pussy juice one more time?', I said. 'I hope it won't be the last time I taste that', came the reply.