Written by poolman

10 Aug 2009

Chapter 7

It was about two months after the holiday that I returned home to find Jane and Ann waiting. It was a Thursday, and a whisky was on the coffee table. Jane welcomed me home saying that Ann had some good news.

It was Ann that told me, “I am pregnant.”

I was surprised, Jane continued, “I have said she could move into the spare room. Her flat is no place to bring up your baby.”

Ann looked over, “It could be John’s, but you fuck me more than he does.”

Ann was Jane’s cousin, but I was still shocked by the ease that Jane was taking this. I was still thinking about Jane Ann and a baby in the house when Jane said she was going to order a take away and that I was to show Ann her room.

Ann had seen the room before. It was her room when she spent the night, not that she used the bed of late. On entering she dropped her skirt, and sat on the bed. She wore red knickers, which matched her red silk blouse. I pulled my tie off and Ann removed her top, no bra as normal. Her tits held up well for a pair so large. I pushed down my trousers, underwear and all. I was hard; it had happened as I climbed the stairs.

Ann removed my shirt, and I lay beside her, running my left hand over her body and kissing her.

Jane arrived at the door, naked and asked, “Have you not got her knickers off yet?”

Jane came to the bed and pulled Ann’s knickers down her legs. All that remained was Ann’s self supporting stockings. Jane started to finger Ann; I looked on running my left hand over Ann’s upper body. Ann raised her mound and she oozed a spurt about an inch into the air. I knew she squirted, but I had never seen it go so high before.

It was time to fuck Ann, a pregnant Ann. Jane made room for me, and I slipped in. Jane’s wet hand lay on my back and moved. Ann seemed warmer, wetter, firmer and just plain more sexy. I moved, not a sheet of paper could slip between us. Our bodies moved together and never parted. The hand was gone from my back. We came together, once and then again and once more. I was starting to shrink as I slipped from Ann.

We lay together on the bed. Jane broke the silence, “Do I get a fucking?”

She did, I found her cunt, very wet, and I slipped in. Ann held back as Jane and I fucked; just as Ann and I had. Jane came first, her back arched I felt her exhale a long breath on my neck; then she slipped back to breath softly. She came again, so did I, together, the best way; bursting into heavenly bliss.

That was all I could manage, Jane kissed me and held Ann, and Ann kissed me.

The door bell went and Jane went to answer it, taking a yakuta as she went. We joined her down stairs, it was the take away. Ann and I were robed as we found Jane taking plates to the table. As Jane sat she her discarded her waistband and let the robe fall open. Ann did the same and left me with no option but to do the same. We sat at the table eating, Jane and Ann had their tits on show.

Jane asked, “Do you think you can manage with two women to fuck each night Tony?”

“I will try.”

Jane said she was going to ask Sue and John over Saturday to tell them. I wondered what that would do to their marriage. I was lucky Jane had taken it well, but they were cousins and had always been close.

I washed up and found Jane and Ann in our bed when I got there. I fell asleep between two very sexy women; one could have been carrying my child. I was thinking about that and what would happen on Saturday.