Written by Qwerty

23 Nov 2015

My wife and I decided to try for a baby.

She is in her 30's brunette average boobs, child bearing hips and tight wet fanny.

She made an appointment at the local surgery to have her contraceptive implant removed from her arm.

The date came and she sat down in the doctors surgery.

The female doctor called her through and explained the procedure would involve a local anaesthetic in her arm, remove the implant then have an examination to make sure all was ok downstairs. my wife agreed, stripped and put on a gown.

Once the implant was out she could become pregnant straight away, it was that quick.

My wife said the procedure went ok and was told to lie on the examination table with her legs in stirrups whilst the lady doctor went out to fetch some notes.

This is where it got interesting.

The door opened again and instead of the female doctor being there it was a young male doctor in his 20's and the head of the practice and old male doctor in his 60's.

We're here to do the examination they said. To make sure your vagina is ok after years of being on the implant.

They both put on gloves and started probing her fanny with their fingers taking notes.

My wife was being very aroused as the fertile mucus was running out her fanny.

Both doctors now started enjoying it too and erections became evident.

Look just fuck me will you she said, iv been fingered long enough.

With that both doctors stripped and started kissing my wife. They tore off her gown. The young doctor lay on the floor and my wife straddled him. She quickly orgasimed as he rode her thinking how wrong this was. The old doctor had a finger up her bottom was was a great orgasmic help.

You guys going to spunk then my wife gasped.

You asked for it then they said.

The old doctor pushed his much smaller penis in my wife's fanny beside the larger younger doctors cock.

She was being ridden bareback unprotected by 2 men.

Both doctors came at the same time flooding her womb with young and old sperm.

She then lay on her back to keep it all in and had the doctors fit a special cap in her fanny to stop the sperm for leaking out.

When she removed the cap at home 2 days later I had the pleasure of licking her out.