Written by dreamercd

23 Jan 2014

reading the stories,dry hump,made me smile,i also come from Plymouth.in the 60s I was in my late teens and was very unsure of many things,had never had sex,had girlfriends but was a virgin.One day I was in the market in town looking around and saw pvc macs for sale,i walked around,kept coming back to the stall looking at the macs,excited I eventually stopped at the stall,can I help asked the stall holder,blushing iasked for a black pvc mac,told her it was for my girlfriend,she smiled,is she about your size she asked,,blushing more I stuttered yes.She smiled,put a mac in a bag took my money and said I hope you enjoy it,i quickly left the market,Back home both my parents were out,i went to my bedroom tried on the mac,pulled the belt tight,it felt great,looking in the mirror it looked great.Iwas soon rubbing my cock through the mac,and soon cum in my pants.

That evening,i went to Devonport park,i looked around and nobody was around,i took the black pvc mac out of the bag and put it on,tightened the belt,turned up the collar,it felt really great,i could feel my cock hard.i walked around the park feeling really sexy,i sat on a bench,it was so exciting,i was walking back to go out of the park,a man of about 50 loked at me,hello he said,you look nice,can I walk with you??Ididnt know what to do so said yes.We walked back into the park,he put his arm around me,pulled me tight to him,i didn't know what to do or say,so just accepted what he was doing was being friendly.

He certainly was friendly,that evening was my first sexual act,can tell you if interested