Written by dreamercd

27 Jan 2014

,the following evening I went to meet my 50yr old friend,he was waiting for me at the bus stop.hi he and kissed me hello,why are you not wearing your mac?he asked,its in the bag I said and showed him.You must wear it all the time he said,i put it on,and he tore up the bag,we walked into the park arm in arm again,it started to rain,here he said this is for you,it was a red umberella,he opened it and gave it to me to carry.You look nice now he said,we came to the same park bench as before sat down begain necking,oh so nice for me.

Afer a while he told me to stand up and lean over the back of the bench,he undid my jeans,pulled them down them my underpants,he came behind me,touching my bum,kissing my whole bottom,he pushed a finger into my hole,then two,pushed them in deep,i felt the tip of his cock pushing into my bum,he pushed in deeper I yelled as it hurt me,relax he said and started moving in and out,each time deeper into my virgin hole,when he was fully in the pain eased,he started to really move and fucked me properly,it was lovely,i came very quickly,i felt him tense and shudder as he cum deep inside me.Icould feel him soften,he eased out his cock leaving me feel empty,but then he pushed a tampon deep into me,that will keep my cum safe he laughed.He went and sat on the bench told me to clean his cock,leave your jeans down he said and laughed as I shuffled around the bench,knelt down and used my mouth to clean his cock.

Was that good he asked I told him yes.we sat on the bench again necking hard,i wanked him hard again,he came over my face and into my hair,we kissed some more and he gave me lovebites on my neck,the rain started again so he let me pull up my jeans and do up my mac,under my umberella we walked back to the bus stop,i could feel the damp tampon in my bum.You have to wear your mac home he said,i said I would,we kissed some more,then he took out a lipstick,said to me you must wear it now your a sissy boy,he put some on my lips,smiled,you look pretty he said.the bus came he pushed me on wearing my mac and lipstick,i didn't know where to look as I paid my fare.see you tomorrow he shouted as the bus pulled away.when I got off the driver said goodnight darling I blushed even more.i went to my room as soon as I got home,looked at myself in the mirror,saw my painted lips and lovebites,i put my mac away wiped the lipstick off but slept all night with the tampon in my bum.Iknew then I was on my way to being a sissy boy whore for old men.