Written by Stoker

3 Jan 2010

By the time I got home I started to control myself and Ann was only on my mind for most of the time rather that all of it. I still felt the pressure of her kiss on my lips. Still smelt the sweet heavy sent of her pussy. Would my wife smell her on me?

Sue met me at the door with a glass of wine, and a big deep kiss the kind that upset the neighbours. “Hello sexy”

She pulled me inside and put her hands down my trousers. She found by cock hard. I was glad of the half hour drive from Ann. Sue was shorter than Ann, big boobs and short hair. I held the glass over shoulder and away from her. “There’s a tray on the bed.” She told me.

That meant pita bread and dips. She started along the hall pulling her top over her head. As she started up the stairs she bounced up, tits swinging. I followed glass in one hand and unbuttoning with the other. I was hopping I could perform again.

Sue was naked by the time I got to the bed. As I sat on the side she pulled my trousers off. She leapt on the bed and pulled the tray between us. Sue dipped a pita into dip and feed it to me. We ended up feeding each other, spilling food on each other and licking it off.

Half an hour later I was licking more than food. My head was between her legs. Her scent mixing with and then dominating Ann’s, I played her clit. I held her ass in my hands and licked her till she came.

I kissed my way up her body, over well developed tits and slipped my naked cock into her. I bent my head down to kiss her. Her pussy wet and warm I pumped slowly, moving to find every part of her cunt. She seemed to grow looser and warmer. Her body seemed to melt into my own. My hands ran over her round tits. Hands wondered. She came. Her cunt became yet wetter, yet bigger. She came again. So did I. when I got home I did not think it possible to find more spunk for her, but I did not feel like stopping now. I just kept moving. Silently she came again, just as I did. We lay together. Cock in cunt, spunk draining from her, pussy juice draining from her. We were at peace. It was a long time till we talked, till we moved.