Written by Tescoa1234

30 Dec 2010

Well i posted part one and enjoyed the positive feed back so here goes part 2.

After getting home from my holiday i was over the moon, confidence was at an all time high. Well why not i had just spent a week getting what every women needs a constant supply of hard young cock just for me.

Now i had their numbers but i had forgotten that they also had mine.

My phone was in constant use receiving texts from my 3 lovers asking when we would meet again. Promising to do better now they knew how. Have to admit spent many nights just stroking myself re living the moments

Now they were all in college and living a long long way from my area so logic dictated it was not really going to happen. That is until they all confirmed they were scheduled to take a ski break and what with all the travel disruption from the recent bed weather it was looking like their plans would need changing.

They asked if they could maybe meet with me in a hotel and as they had 2 full weeks free from family it would be nice to spend quality time with me.

Now as i said in the first part. I was divorced with a big old house and kids all gone abroad for work etc so i thought where better to have fun than my own bed.

Letting them know was easy and getting a reply was even easier.

They would all arrive on boxing day in the afternoon.

It was a hard christmas day alone, my pussy throbbing and despite the many times i played with it and the numerous orgasms i had i was wetter than i have ever been.

got to fly now.

Last bit and filthy bit coming as i have to get back to bed to finish what i started a bit ago.