Written by Tescoa 1234

12 Jan 2011

Hi again.

It seems my tale is well received. However for those mathematicians whos excellent work i admire.

When a man is counting his own score it will always be a multiple of scores.

So having spent 2 weeks over new year having fun i would say that i lost count of the orgasms that often left me in a delicious state of semi conscious and seemed to run from one into another.

Whilst i feel its true to say John was able to bring me to many orgasms when they all joined together and paced themselves taking time to drive me mad with pleasure it was often that i either passed out or simply lay inert as wave after wave washed over my senses.

So did i get fucked every day.

Oh yes.

And did i often have the pleasure of all 3 young 19 year old guys pumping me full.

Oh yes.

Truthfully if ever a man could or for that matter a young stud could fuck non stop then they certainly tried.

When they departed was my bed and my house empty.

Yes for sure.

Will they be back.

Oh yes.

Did i keep score.

Well lets just say if i was able to it would be around even Steven for all 3.

I was never without attention and hard cock to play with and think upon reflection screwed silly so many times every day from all angles that it would be impossible to keep score.

I think i gained weight from my steady diet of well prepared food together with excellent supply of young mens juices.

Was i fucked a hundred times or more.

Well for those who can count 3 randy studs with between them 28 inches of hard cock and the ability to go again and again. They were only limited by my need to sleep and even that was often not there main consideration.

Within the first 24 hours i had been fucked by all 3 at least twicw in the rear passage and they all fucked my pussy 3 times each along with numerous blow jobs.

That makes quite a nice little total which was often repeated much to my great enjoyment.

We have remained in touch and plan to meet up again soon.

Thank my lucky stars.