Written by secksy_cpl

14 Nov 2009

“It’s been such a long day today”, said Janie. “Everything seems to have gone wrong.”

“Would you like a drink?” asked her live-in boyfriend Gareth.

“Mm please”. Janie kicked off her shoes and settled back into a large comfy armchair. She rested her head back, closed her eyes and stretched her stockinged feet out on the soft pile of the thick cream carpet. “I’ve been dying to do this all day. Thanks” she said as Gareth handed her a crystal tumbler of ice cold vodka and diet coke. Her favourite drink. She took a sip and felt the liquid slide down her throat, the alcohol creating a slight warmth as she swallowed. “Just what I needed.”

Gareth sat down in the armchair opposite her, placing his own drink on the coffee table between them. “You know what you need after a stressful day don’t you Janie?”

Janie opened her eyes and gazed at him in anticipation, feeling the butterflies starting in her stomach. “What’s that?” she whispered.

“You need to relax”.

“A massage would be lovely” she replied, although she knew that’s not what he had in mind.

“Oh this is much better than a massage. Come here.”

She’d been thinking about this moment all the way home from the office. Gareth loved to ‘relax her’, as he called it, and in the 6 weeks they’d been living together she’d started to crave it. She stood in front of him.

He picked his drink up and leaned back in the seat. “Unbutton your shirt”.

Janie’s hand shook as she loosened each button on her white silk shirt. She pulled it from the waistband of her black knee length skirt and let it fall open to reveal her large tanned breasts enclosed in a white lace bra. Her breathing quickened and she felt her face grow warm.

“Take it off” said Gareth, his eyes fixed on her face as he raised his drink to his lips, the ice clinking against the glass.

Janie slid the shirt from her shoulders, letting it drop to the floor.

“Now the skirt slut.” he said

Her heart missed a beat at the sound of the word slut. He knew it made it her feel so dirty. She felt a tingle between her legs as she unzipped the skirt and slid it down over her hips to reveal white lace knickers and matching suspender belt holding up her stockings. The skirt fell to the floor and she stepped out of it.

“Mm, very sexy slut. Now the bra”

She reached behind and unhooked the clasp, the straps sliding off her shoulders aided by the weight of her breasts. The bra joined her skirt on the floor. Her large brown nipples hardened under his gaze. She felt so horny.

Gareth placed his drink back on the table and reached up to brush the palms of his hands over the tips of her nipples.

A small groan escaped Janie’s lips as she pushed her tits forward to meet his touch. All too quickly his hands moved to her hips, his fingers hooked into the top of her knickers, sliding them down. He stopped as they reached her thighs.

“Spread your legs so your knickers stay there”.

Janie did as she was told.

Gareth stood up and moved to her side. His hand reached between her legs. His touch felt cold against her hot cunt. He cupped it gently, bending his forefinger and sliding it up and down her wet opening.

Janie gasped and felt her knees weaken.

“Your cunt’s all wet slut” said Gareth as he brought his fingers up to her lips. “Taste it”.

She parted her lips to allow his finger in, and licked her excitement off it.

“Ask for it Janie,”

Janie shook slightly. She could feel his breath against her ear.

“Please spank me Gareth.”

He gave a little laugh and drew his fingers down to her nipple, pinching it lovingly. “With pleasure”. He sat back in the chair. “Get over my knee.”

Janie moved towards him, keeping her knickers around her thighs and bent forward until she was draped across his knee. Her tits rested over his legs, her bare bum positioned perfectly for him to spank. Her hands reached for the floor, her toes pushed into the carpet as she kept herself in place. She was longing for the touch of his hand on her bare arse and she didn’t have to wait long. She knew Gareth was taking in the sight of her plump bum cheeks, knew she was waiting for the sting of his hand. She felt the trail of his fingers down her crack making her jump.

“Spread your legs a little more.”

She opened them as far as her knickers would allow, and felt his fingers slide into her cunt. Her muscles clenched around them. Then his hand moved back up to her bum cheeks as he let his palm rub over them.

Janie held her breath waiting for him to start.

She felt him raise his hand and bring it down quick and hard. The sting took her by surprise as it always did and she let out a small cry. He didn’t give her time to recover and the second smack joined the first. She gasped, feeling the warm glow starting to spread over her arse. Smack, smack, smack. Three more in quick succession. Her bottom started to wriggle. She could feel herself getting wetter, the pleasure like a rollercoaster inside her cunt, getting deeper with each smack.

He spanked her till she pleaded with him to make her come. She could feel his cock hard against her side, and longed to kneel before him and suck it. Then the spanking stopped. One hand rubbed her hot arse, his other hand delved between her legs. She felt his fingers pushing deep into her waiting cunt, pushing fast and hard until she shuddered with ecstasy. She was finally relaxed.