Written by Shakespoke

13 Sep 2007

Debbie had worked at the spread Eagle long enough to know when something was in the air. From Sunday to Thursday she served behind the bar and took food to the tables while John stayed at home with the kids. But this Tuesday was the third night on the trot she felt odd, people would stop talking as she got near and no one got fresh with her, not even in fun.

As it was one of her late nights, Debbie was the last to leave, Den, the live in manager, was the only one there, Jim and Theresa, the licensee's live elsewhere to escape the job.

"O.K. Den, what's up?" She asked. "Um, how do you mean Deb?"

"You know how I mean, the cold shoulders and no one talking freely near me! What's going on?" She demanded.

"Look Deb, we are mates so, I will tell you what I heard but I have no Axe to grind alright?" "Fair enough!" she said.

"Well," he began, unsteadily, "It seems your Dave is messing about again, and he 's because your frigid which is why you work late, to avoid the bedroom!" What!" She exploded. "I'll give him frigid the bastard. He thinks bed is just for sleeping, and he is very good at it too. He has had no interest in me for two years the bastard. Me! Frigid! What do you think Den? We have a laugh, you've had a grope and a feel now and then, all playful like, what do you think?"

"I think he's a pillock, I can't see you being frigid, but mud sticks and since Dave spoke first, anything you say will be just so much talk! Sorry but there it is!"

"I'll show him bloody frigid, come here!"

Suddenly Den found himself with Debbie on her knees in front of him releasing his cock and grumbling about her husband.

Not a page three figure, Debbie was still considered "Worth a squirt" by a lot of the men that drank in the pub. 40 e, 27 39 with short brunette hair, Debbie did have a number of fans that "like 'em big". At her best in jeans she could carry of a skirt if it was cut right, and with the right top, which in the pub meant cleavage.

Den mumbled something about this being out of order and Debbie being married with kids. She let go of his now rigid cock and said, "But it's O.K. for Dave!? Are you saying you don't want some of these then?" Debbie blurted out and lifted her T-shirt over her head, showing her ample bosom in a black three quarter cup bra, which seconds later was on the floor. All Den could say was "Um?" At twenty five he was not quite ready to handle a thirty six year old woman demanding his body.

Debbie took "Um" to mean "Yes!" and so dragged Den round to the front of the bar and got rid of his trousers and boxers before losing the rest of her clothes and pulling him down on top of her on the floor. "Frigid am I? Well fuck me Dave and lets see how cold I really am!"

It lacked finesse, or even style, but it was sex. Once he was inside Debbie's wet and warm tunnel Den was away. He lost his reluctance and got on with the job. He had had the odd squeeze now and then, all in fun or by accident, these things happen when you work in a close environment, but to get his end away for real was too good to miss. Debbie came a few minutes later and when she recovered said, "Hang on Den, lets turn round and you can do me from behind!" Den pulled out to re-enter when Debbie was on her hands and knees.

There was more enthusiasm than grace but they both came about five minutes later, Den firing a huge stream inside Debbie's unprotected quim, then resting a minute before pulling out and laying down beside her with a gasp.

"Well, am I a cold wet fish then Dennis?"

"Sod off, that was great! Dave must be mad!" He answered.

"So who else thinks he's telling the truth then, own up?" Debbie demanded.

"Well, I haven't really talked about it much, not in my position, but I can name four regulars that reckon Dave is off his rocker and say your probably a right goer and he doesn't know how to give you a good time, the rest are either with him or have no opinion I know of!"

"Well after he messed about before I let him off, but not this time. I have some thinking to do Den, tell me who those four are and I will get off home to fuck face!"

Dave was a bit surprised to find the note when he got home one Friday. Debbie was at her mothers with the kids and he should look at the web site written on the note.

Somewhat bemused Dave did as the note said. 'Click on so and so' and 'Such and such' got him to a swingers site. A post entitled 'Debbie and friends' greeted his vision. It was a clip from a home movie. Dave's jaw dropped lower and lower as he watched, and he had to watch it four times to believe it.

In the Spread Eagle at the back, upstairs, was a room. In the middle of the floor was a double mattress. Debbie greeted three of her four loyal fans and Dennis, wearing a robe which soon went.

She got on her knees and sucked each cock in turn, all four men ending up naked after about fifteen minutes. Nigel started to lick Debbie out as she lay back and let Gerry push his cock into her mouth. Soon Nigel had his naked cock ramming in and out of Debbie at a fast pace. He came right up inside her in a short time. As Mark took over Debbie got on all fours, her favorite position, still sucking Gerry.

Gerry came a minute later and Den moved in while Clive still watched. They knew about the camera and did their best to keep their faces out of shot, but knew that Clive would blur them out later anyway.

It was while Debbie was riding Dennis in reverse position with Marks cock in her mouth that the clip on the Internet started. Dave was amazed to see Debbie take nine inches all the way in, she had never done that for him, always keeping a few inches out with her hand around the base. He nearly passed out when he realized that Mark actually came in the clip and every drop was fired right down his wife's throat, with out any trouble what so ever. He was non plussed when Den obviously came up his wife and pulled out a cock with no condom on it, and just as surprised as he watched Clive slide under her to replace it with his own bare back cock.

The film lasted over three hours in total. Debbie had more cum in that time than Dave had given her in the last three years. When he found the DVD on the fridge door he just knew what it was. A home made fuck fest movie staring his wife, four men and him nowhere in site. The site of her on her back, head hanging over two pillows with a cock pumping deep in her throat and her cunt at the same time made him so aware of just how hot his wife really was, it hurt him in so many ways he had never felt before.

Dave has never set foot in the Spread Eagle again. He has been the most well behaved husband he could possibly be, and believes his wife when she says she is behaving too.

Debbie still serves at the pub. She is very popular and many women appear to hold her in high esteem, as well as a number of men. No one has much time for Dave, and no one would listen to a word he said against Debbie even if he dare. Most of all, if Debbie says "Do it or else" he , he knows she will carry out any threat she makes!