Written by slipperman

20 Oct 2017

My wife Liz keeps fit and plays netball with some friends in a local league. The season is now under way and they practice one night and play the next. Our local school has tennis courts which are marked for netball too and the floodlights attract a few people to watch, usually dog walkers. however when she returned three weeks ago she said that a guy hung around for ages watching them play and one or two of the women felt he was perving them. At the end of the session he sat in his car and watched as they left. Liz was one of the last away and she was locking up when he appeared again from his car and smiled at her and grabbed his bulge, rubbing it suggestively. She made no objections and looked hard in his direction making sure he had seen her looking, then she got in her car and set off home. His car followed hers and he slowed down to look as she got out of her vehicle in our drive.

As most people know, ladies usually wear short skirts playing netball although a lot go for shorts that look like skirts nowadays. Liz came in and told me about the guy who had followed her. I said maybe he was a stalker and she grinned at me saying 'I thought he would be watching the junior team rather than over forties' and went for a shower. The idea wormed around in my head and at bedtime I began a fantasy story involving her stalker. She was very quiet, just breathing heavily and stroking my cock as I told her of his desire for her and that one evening he catches her alone and fucks her with a heavy cock which fills her cunt, shooting his spunk deep inside her.

After the story she was still hungry for more sex despite me entering her at the crucial moment in the fantasy and thrusting my seed deep in her. She went down on me and cleaned me up, savouring every last drop of my come. Likewise I reciprocated and licked my juice from her gorgeous slit. We slept after a second fuck and though I was hard pressed to manage a repeat, I was proud that i did despite reduced output.

Nothing further was said until she reappeared for the game the next evening, dressed in that very sexy gear like a mature St Trinians girl, (wish stockings and suspenders was the rule for the sport, I'd watch every game). She drove round for the game and she noticed the guy was in his car again. Liz was first there as key holder and she saw him get out of his car and gesture again with his crutch, lewdly rubbing it openly. She grinned at him and entered the court, switching the lights on. She said if he did not want bother from some hubbies, he best stay away or there would be trouble because some women were upset by him being there. He said it was a free country but obviously thought again and drove off. After the game the girls had won and were up for celebrating down at the bistro in town. Liz said she would join them after turning lights off and locking up.

They had all gone but she noticed a cardigan belonging to one of the girls had been left at the far side of the court. The lights were out but she stole across the court to pick it up. It was then that the guy reappeared immediately behind her. She had heard nothing but his hand went round her mouth and he was hissing in her ear that she was going to be fucked. His other hand went down beneath her skirt and into her panties. He was strong and she knew it was pointless struggling. They were disturbed when a dog came running into the court, its owner in pursuit but well behind. He had time to release her from his grip and make it look as if he was helping her when the dog was cornered and put back on the lead. He said goodnight and left. Liz and the stalker were left in the tennis court. 'Glad you didn't yell then' he said Liz had no idea why she didn't either but they were there and she felt a strong urge for this stranger to have her. 'We are practicing again next week if you want to come as we finish' she said. He smiled and said he would do that then put his hand back in her panties for another feel, her slit was wet and she did not stop him.

Back home after visiting the bistro and saying nothing about the stalker to the girls, she came home and revealed the proceedings of the evening to me. I asked if she was scared but she said that it never entered her head except to be really startled when he grabbed her but it was quick and the dog made him jump, so he was equally as pumped up as she was. We discussed what might happen the next week as we lay in bed and she said she was very turned on by it all.

So I was all anticipation for the next week, wondering what she might have to tell me when she returned in her netball gear from practice. Would there be a tell tale dribble of come running down her inner thigh or would she have it in her hair? Only time would tell.

It was the next practice nigh and I noticed she was wearing a new crutchless thong with some sensible panties over the top. I asked what she was going to do and she said she was going to be going off just before the end and in the tennis hut she was going to remove the top panties and put them in her sports bag then see if the guy arrives. In her words the session dragged until she saw him in the distance on the car park but not in full view, she felt her heart jump then and she got excited thinking how big his cock might be. Making an excuse to stop, she slipped into the hut and removed the panties, the crutch of her thong had her lips pouting through and she could hardly wait for this dirty man to be doing something sexy to her, her own private stalker.

The end of the session and the girls left, Liz doing the locking up for team until the caretaker returned from a bout of illness as she lived closest. The guy was in his car watching her and she made a show of bending over now the girls had all left, she felt her cunt lips in the cool waft of breeze and she felt wicked. Lights off and against the gate when he approached. 'Hi' he said dropping his hand into her crotch again and finding her slit ready for inspection. The sound of two couples walking towards them prevented any attempt and she said 'Let me lock up first' Then it was as she walked to her car she felt his hand on her bum. He said they needed somewhere quiet so she suggested the riverbank car park about three miles away. He said he didn't know it but she said to follow her. They set off and were soon parking up near a bridge in a quiet car park with picnic benches.

They got out and locked their cars, Liz looked at him and said 'You have turned me on you know' He said he had been very lonely for far too long then said he had not had sex since prison he had done three years for theft and his wife had left him. She told him the girls thought he was a stalker and she was a bit turned on by the thought of him taking her. She then said 'Would you role play it with me now, we are alone in the dark and I am vulnerable and dressed ready for you to take me if you wish'

He stared at her and said 'It would be a dream fulfilled' then added he hoped he would not come too soon. Liz said she would be under the bridge alone if he wanted to have somewhere to carry out his dream. She walked away about a hundred yards from the cars, not turning round, just waiting for him to catch her and ravish her.

She was under the bridge when he caught her, grabbing her breasts and fumbling under her tee-shirt, finding stiff nipples as he did so. Her shirt ripped as he tugged it over her head, Liz was breathing very hard, imagining she was being foced into this deed, when she was really into it. She struggled a bit but the release of her bra and the freedom of her naked breasts pacified her, releasing endorphins as she realised that he was close to having her naked. The thong was pulled away and down her thighs to her knees and then off and she now stood in her trainers and netball skirt, he made very short work of the elasticated waistband and slid it off leaving her nude in the moonlight. He felt her arse and said how lovely it was, then dragged her into the open where he could see her body more closely as he slipped down his track suit bottoms revealing that cock to her at last. He said 'Come with me' and he marched her back to the car leaving her clothes behind on the dewy grass. His cock swung in front of him, he was naked from the waist down and she felt his big rough hands moving over her body as they walked.

They got to the car park and he took her to a picnic bench and sat her on the table, spread her legs and finger fucked her. She had sensed minor tremors of excitement as they walked but the real thing was amazing, his touch very good, he took her to one orgasm after another as she talked dirty to him, asking if he wanted to fuck her and was his cock ready for her. He told her to suck him as it had been almost four years since he had been given a blow job and she willingly took him in her mouth and gave him the best she knew, and it was very good.

It was far too short a time when he lost control and shot down her throat. He apologised but she said she understood and asked if he could go again. He grinned and said he had four years worth of frustration to lose and he remained hard. She suggested he licked her cunt for her and lay back, legs open wide allowing him complete access for his tongue to do a job. He licked for ages and made her come as he licked her lovely cunt, then he emerged with his face streaked in juices and told her to remain open leged. She saw his cock nearing her cunt and took him in hand and guided him deep inside her. This allowed him to get positioned inside her and start pushing gently as his cock plunged deeper in her.

He fucked her for twenty minutes and had her gasping before he warned her he was going to come and then she felt the hot pulsing shots of come filling her like she desired in her dreams. Eventually they slipped from the slimy coupling and sat up together. He said he hoped she was ok and she smiled and kissed him, saying she hoped it had helped him forget prison. They wandered back to find their clothes and dressed together before going back to their cars. liz suggested he might like to do it again sometime, but maybe the netball scene should take a rest in case one of the girls gets hold of the wrong end of the stick, but the she said she would give him a fixture list and she would be free on away games.

Getting home to me around one in the morning that sexy night, I was still up because i knew what was expected to happen, but the reality was much better than my dreams