Written by slipperman

29 Oct 2017

Well my wife Liz's pervy friend received her netball fixture list after waiting around at a prearranged location in town and turned up with a dog at the next away game, he was now sporting a growth of beard and had shaved his head, wearing a hat to cover it and looking quite a bit different to when he was upsetting the other ladies of her team by hanging about their practice sessions. Liz recognised him though, probably his features were more distinct to her after their sexy riverside encounter. However he was being discreet and she purposely hung around after the game and said she needed to go to the local shop but would meet in ten minutes at the local pub for a quick chat and drink to celebrate their win. He came from the shadow of a housing estate lane where he had lingered for the girls to not get suspicious and approached Liz who was feeling very excited as she recalled his cock inside her a couple of weeks before.

He said he felt much better after the last meeting and he was hoping she might do it again with him. She reminded him she was married and happy but that she had got a fabulous kick from him being a risky character and she would go with him again, especially if it meant he would not go round freaking other women out with staring at them and making them uncomfortable. She said their meetings had to be very secretive as that would add to the fun factor for her as there was a hint of danger. She added then that it did not mean she wanted any rough play or pain, just sex on the edge. His smile was one of lust mixed with compliance and he agreed saying he was beginning to feel he had more of a future as he had an outlet for sex without being tied down. He was now living at a hostel where he had his own room and was working part time at a restaurant owned by an old school friend who had met him by chance in town. The dog belonged to his friend and had become a good way of getting to speak to other people when he walked it around the district. He said he had often seen her and he always got a hard on when he did. She explained that there was no chance that night as she was meeting me at the pub and time was against it.

However she said she had a friend who had a holiday let in town which she used when she was out for a night with the girls and provided there were no residents, so she would see if she could get the key one evening. She said she needed to go and petted the dog and gave him a quick kiss.

On the fixture list she had written her mobile number and he borrowed his friend's to start sending messages. She only replied to them instead of messaging him as she was uncertain as to who was at the other end so it was a matter of replying whenever she received his.

Last weekend she got a call and subsequently replied to his request to meet him this Saturday if she could. The holiday let was free and she got the key same day as it was unoccupied until late the week after. Pete was elated that there was an imminent meeting for them and asked what role play she might want. She said she would like to be blindfolded and restrained and bareback fucked by him with the thought that someone else might be in the room and joining in. Pete said that sounded very dirty but he loved the idea.

Saturday arrived and Liz dressed after a long bath and self pampering session, a previous visit to a nail bar and hairdressers had her in tip top looks and toning. I watched her dressing and approved of the split skirt with velcro fastening, nearly nude stockings with seam, new cream suspender belt with matching bra and panties which had a lacy panel at the front, she had trimmed and left a landing strip above her lovely cunt which was showing a hint of dampness as she completed the sexy look with a scoop necked top, revealing her cleavage to attract any who wished to see. She looked divine and dirty at the same time. She is a size ten and has nice 34E boobs, 24 waist and 34 hips, a lovely curvy slender body and a dirty mind, wonderful.

They had agreed to meet at a new bar in the city nearby then go on to the apartment which was enclosed in its own courtyard with remote electric gates. Pete was there and they had a quiet drink in a corner where they could speak and not be overheard. Liz opened her bag and showed him the soft rope which she had bought and the blindfold. Pete took them and stuffed them in his pocket then suggested they went in his car to a park where he would tie her and blindfold her, then bundle her into the back seat and drive her to the apartment, where they could have fun. Liz felt the buzz of adrenalin as their drinks were empty and the plan ready to start. Her nipples were hard as they stood up and went into the cool air. She had not worn a coat and he noticed the impression of her tell tale hardness and said she looked very ready and squeezed them gently as they walked to his car.

They went past the entry to the apartments on the way to the park, just across a bridge and beside the river, four minutes driving away. All was dark and quiet as they entered the park's car park, nobody around. Lights off and Pete suggested she did a little walk into the empty silent park and he would 'catch' her in there and start the fun. She got out and said there was to be no rough stuff, he agreed and said 'Trust me, I would not want to ruin this, I have been longing for this meeting since the last one' She stepped away from the car and off into the park, walking slowly but anticipating being grabbed and eventually fucked. She had gone around fifty yards when it happened, she heard nothing so jumped with fright as big hands clasped round her body and the rope tightened on her wrists as they were tied behind her back. The blindfold was put on and he walked her back to the car talking dirty to her as they stumbled to his car. 'You are going to be fucked tonight, your cunt is going to be filled with spunk and you are going to be naked you dirty girl' The words turned her on even more and she felt her cunt hot and wet.

At the car he helped her in quite gently, making sure she did not bump her head. He lay her across the seat and slipped a blanket over her, saying just to be sure someone doesn't get the wrong idea if they see her. The car started and she could only hear the engine and gear changing, guessing where they might be and hoping he was not tricking her. They got to the apartment and she told him where the remote control was in the top of her bag. He said he had also found a vibrator, which might be useful as well. They drove in and parked up, the gates squeaked as they shut. She said the apartment was on the ground floor and the number. He helped her out and to the door. They were inside and she heard him unlock the door to the apartment.

He was now guiding her into the lounge cum kitchen, he sat her down at the sofa and began playing with her breasts, telling her she was going to be stripped and fucked very soon, his breathing was very heavy. Liz felt a presence in the room and asked Pete what it was. He was quiet for a few seconds and said that it was nothing and continued his aim, undoing her three buttoned top and lifting each breast free of her bra, the nipples experiencing his mouth as she lay defenceless. Her skirt had draped open and he saw her sexy underwear, the wrapover parted and he explored to find the zip but then tugged the skirt and with a rip of velcro parting, it was open and he tugged it away from under her bum. He stared at her panties and commented she looked very excited then took to removing the panties with her lifting her bum to aid their removal. Her cunt looked gorgeous and she heard the rustle of clothing, knowing he was stripping naked in readiness. She heard him say 'Open your mouth, my cock is waiting for you'. His prick rubbed against her cheek and she allowed him inside, sucking as it slid deeper in her mouth. His sigh of appreciation turned her on, he was fingering her breasts as she sucked him and he said how very sexy she looked. He asked where the bedroom was and she told him. He helped her stand up and he led her to the door and then through and onto the bed where he opened her legs and began to lick her cunt.

It was then that she jumped as she felt a cock brushing her lips again, her mouth opened and she realised this was not his cock. It was longer but slightly thinner. Her mind was in turmoil, was there another man in the room? was she about to be fucked twice? She asked who it was and Pete said 'You're just imagining things' She replied that it felt different and was there another person in the room. 'Guess' said Pete, the cock was nice and his licking was nice too so she thought if she was in the company of two men, then she might as well enjoy it. Stopping for a short while she asked Pete to untie her and remove the blindfold, she wanted to see what she was getting and if he had brought another guy, then that was fine with her. He obeyed and she blinked in the light and saw two naked men standing in front of her. Pete introduced Carl, the guy who gave him his dog and his job saying it was a thankyou favour to him and he hoped she did not mind but they both thought she was gorgeous.

Liz asked how long had he been in the room and Pete said Carl had been in the pub and went to the apartment and waited until they got back from the park, he entered when the gates opened and followed them into the building and then the apartment. He had watched her being stripped and had a huge grin on his face. He had stripped naked when he took her into the bedroom and could not resist putting his cock in her mouth, thinking it was in for a penny in for a pound time. She smiled and said it could be a lot worse and she did love threesomes so why not.

She was very soon getting Pete's cock in her cunt and Carl's once more down her throat. They fucked her until Carl shot his lot and she took it all down then Pete came inside her. It was then that she asked if they were staying the night they might as well fuck in the bed together until morning. Carl had to be up for breakfasts at the Bistro he ran and Pete was due there by half past ten, but until seven in the morning it was to be a free for all. Carl took some pictures on his phone and they tied her up and took some more. She was very happy with their performances, Pete coming twice and Carl three times although the last was more of a dribble and all three were exhausted and slept longer than they wished as she was wanting a parting gift from them both but promised there would be another opportunity if they were game