Written by hogg

27 Jan 2013

This is a fictional story I have developed from some true events that occurred with my wife. I would actually like to try it with her if I get the chance.

We had been out with friends. She had dressed to impress, and had a few glasses of wine. In the bar I noticed a guy we had met before in a nightclub. He was stealing glances at my wife, she in turn occasionally looked over to where he was sitting.

After an enjoyable evening we headed home. I whispered in her ear that she looked extremely fuckable tonight and said the night was young, she giggled and pressed against me in a passionate kiss, saying she was just as horny. When we got home we rushed to the bedroom, kissing and groping like teenagers. I asked if she was up for a little role play tonight- she knows what I meant by that, she knows of my desire for her to fuck another guy and has played along in the past but only on the phone when Im away. She said maybe what was the scenario? I told her I saw that guy she danced with at the nightclub in the bar tonight I told her saw him eying her up, watching her. Lets imagine I wasnt there tonight, that he came up and spoke to you that you just could'nt resist, that you have come home and feel a little guilty....

My hand slips up her dress and into her panties. " Did you have a nice time out tonight babe, WOW I think you were waiting for this, your pussy is soaking!"

"I had a great time babe, but I need to tell you something. " As she speaks, she unzips my trousers taking my hardening cock into her hand and slowly stroking me while I continue to finger her.

" Well you know that guy in the nightclub who danced with me that time, when I was really drunk, when we had that argument and you left early?"

" I remember babe, he was all over you".

" Yes well he was in the bar tonight, and we got chatting, and he brought me a few drinks, then we had a dance...."

"Did you dance like you danced with him in the club? " I asked. The were practically dry humping each other in the nightclub.

" Err, a little bit hotter than that babe... "

"How could you get hotter than that!


"Well, after a while his hand somehow got in my knickrrs, sorry babe" As as she said this she dropped her head and took my straining cock into her mouth, as if to somehow try to make up for her slutty behavior somehow.

Between deep gulps taking my cock deep into her throat she said " He made me cum SO HARD on the dancefloor. I nearly collapsed, ha had to hold me up".

"OMG what happened then? "

She stopped sucking my cock, pushed me back on the bed, she stil had her skirt on but no knickers underneath. She moved her red, swollen, sodden pussy over my face before pushing herself down onto me, beginning to grind her hips as she pushed her pussy onto my face

" Well, he took me by the hand and we went into the male toilets. He pulled my knicker off, bent me over and fucked me till he came in my pussy. I dont know where my knickers have gone babe. Ugggh thats it, get your tongue deep in me"

She bucks and gaspes and cried as she had a massive orgasm. I was drowning!

"So you need to fuck me hard babe, punish my bad pussy. You need to make sure that you push all of his cum out of me with yours babe, xome on make me yours again."

I flipped her over and pushed into her, her pussy wet but tight as it always is after her orgasm. I fucked her hard, the noise of her buttocks being slapped by my balls, the bed creaking, her cries of passion.

"FUUUUUCK MEEEEEE" CUM in my slutty wet pussy!" I gasped as I whispered in her ear as I pounded her " Babe, I know he fucked you for real after the nightclub , I saw his cum running out of you when we fucked afterwards, it was so fucking hot to fuck you knowing he had filled your pussy earlier." She cried in suprise, then passion, then ecstacy. My cock erupted as she came on it, pulsing and contracting and milking me relentlessly.

We lay back, both exhausted. She was quiet for a while. " You knew?" she said. " Yes babe" I said as I pulled her to me in a cuddle.

"Your not angry then?" " Do I sound angry babe, or did I just fuck you into next week?"

She smiled, her hand moving over my now flacid cock. " Mmmm, I suppose I had better tell you about all the other guys I have fucked then" My cock twitched and grew in her hand. " Ill take that as a yes then" she said. " And you wont mind if I have some company over when you' re away on business?" My cock began to strain in her hand. " I suppose I could even leave my phone on to you so you can hear him fucking me?" At that, I began to xum again. She quickly dropped her head and took my coxk in her mouth swallowing every drop.

"Love you babe" I said. " Love you too," she replied. "I think I am going to have some fun though sweetheart now I know you really do love me to be a little slutty"

" I know we will both will babe"