Written by Norma Snockers

9 Dec 2011

Into the dark streets leaving the safety of the car behind, the rain had stopped and now it was warm and humid. It felt strange to be actually doing what I’d fantasised about for months and to be almost naked beneath the heavy coat. Cool drafts of air played around my thighs, as I walked heels clicking, into the silent red light district – it was nearly 2 am.

A van approached from behind, it slowed and the window slid down. My heart began to thump and I was gripped by the urge to run but something made me stop still. “Are you working?” . My throat was so dry I just nodded, “How much for the two of us?”. I swallowed and mumbled “a hundred” and quickly added “for anything you like”. “That’s an awful lot”. I drew a deep breath and opened my coat, the night air rushed in making my nipples erect and my bare stomach shudder, I closed my eyes, my thumping heart made sushing sounds in my ears. I could almost feel their eyes slowly taking in my red stilettos black hold up stockings and my bare, naked, body.

“All right !” the engine stopped and two doors slammed. The two men took me by each arm, they were big men, one towered over me and the smaller was still a head taller than me in my heels, their hands gripped like steel bands. They frog marched me across the road, my feet hardly touching the ground, which was just as well as my legs felt like jelly and the coil of fear in my stomach had all but paralysed me. As they led me into a narrow alley out of reach of the street lights, I began to realise that they could do whatever they pleased with me and any resistance would be useless.

The biggest fumbled with his clothes, the other, now behind me, started on my breasts. His hands were big and strong with hard tough skin that grated on my nipples, he kneaded my tits so hard I would have cried out if my throat and mouth hadn‘t dried up with panic. “Now suck” the big man grunted, as I bent forward he grabbed a handful of my hair and forced my face into his groin, I could smell stale sweat and beer on him like a feral goaty odour, his cock started prodding my face he soon found my mouth, which I had to open so wide it hurt my jaw muscles. His mate meanwhile had got his dick out and was sliding it into me. I heard him gasp as he realised how hot and wet I was. I was now bumped back and forwards as first one thrust into the back of my throat and the other pumped me from behind, both dicks hard and thick. The men’s breathing became gasps and then grunts until the one behind’s thrusts slowed and he sighed as I felt his cock jerk and spurt. Soon his friend was groaning, as he started to come I tried to pull away but he held me there on his cock as it emptied chokingly down my throat.

They both stepped away and I thought that was it, but the big one now started to fuck me from the front lifting me to face to face level as though I was a doll, I turned away from the smell of his rank breath. I felt the cheeks of my arse part as a thick horny finger probed for my arsehole soon followed by the still hard dick of the smaller man. Now I was almost torn apart as they shagged and buggered me hard. This time they took much longer and I began to feel an orgasm coming and let it go with a squeal, I felt a warm watery dripping down my legs and realised I had squirted as I came. Still they pounded on, my bottom felt as though it might split but I came again and then much later they both climaxed within a few moments of each other.

As they pulled up their pants, I asked for the money, but they laughed as the one behind lifted my coat and wrapped it over my head. As I stumbled in the dark I felt, two hard stinging slaps on my bum, then steps running off, the engine starting, and they drove away.

Slowly I sorted my self out and staggered into the light before tottering back to my car as spunk dripped from my gaping holes and smeared the tops of my thighs and stockings. I sat in the car, I rested my head on the steering wheel and started to shake and moan. Then I realised, Oh Jesus, oh no, no £100... I had to smile, stupid bastards, for sex like that I would have paid them.