Written by Landylovers

1 Dec 2010

Great Monday morning again!! Another week at the office, roll on Friday. Once again stepping out the front door in my white tight blouse with black bra, knee length pencil skirt suit and red heels. Well a girl has to feel good one way or another. As always I unlocked the car, got in a turn the key, NOTHING!!! I pulled the bonnet catch and stepped out of the car, great just a make a bad day woste outcomes the next-door neighbour. Looking good as always. His short dark spiky hair, warm hazel eyes and simple yet appealing smile. Today he looked a little more relaxed that normal in his jeans, crisp white shirt, black suit jacket and shoes, a look that really suited him. He has always been pleasing to the eye but since his new white Volvo V40 easte had arrived he had moved up the scale a few notches.

“Morning,” he said as always with that cheeky smile he seemed to be developing lately. “Morning” I replied. “Having a few problems this morning?” you think! “Yes, it just will not start this morning.” “Why don’t you let my drop you off, I follow you till you turn right into the office any way” “Do you?” I replied, as if I’d not noticed. “Yes, why don’t you let me take you?” he said with an even cheekier smile. Before I knew it I found myself agreeing and walking towards his passenger door. As I did I felt his warm eyes watching my every move as of course the movement within my hip stundly became exaggerated, moving from side to side more as one foot moved in front off the other. As I got in I noticed his eyes flick down to my thigh been revealing more to him as I sat down. He started the engine and reverse out of the drive, whist doing so he gave me a sort of I’ve been waiting for this chance smile, which I returned. As we drove off down the road his hand moved from the gear knob on to my thigh, with a glance at me just to make sure. I returned his glance with a bitten lip, and yes please eyes.

He continued to rub the inside of my thigh with his fingertips slowly working his way higher. After a mile or so his fingers where inches from my already dam pussy. I found myself picking up my mobile and searching for works number “Hi Clair, its me. I’m going to be late, in the car would not start and, I’m still waiting for a taxi to arrive” With that I put the phone back in my bag and instantly placed my hand on his crotch. I could feel how hard he was through his jeans, I knew the second I undid him his hard cock would bounce out at me. At the same time he indicated to turn left, (but we should go straight on here). His fingers now edging closer to my even damper pussy, the palm of my hand now rubbing him while my fingers rubbed on his balls. Suddenly I felt him get even harder as his fingers reached my pussy and he discovered I’d not got knickers on (well a girl has to get her trills one way or another).

With that he turned down a small side lane, with a mile he pulled into a field gateway and stepped out of the car. My heart was racing and my pussy was tingling, and damp with anticipation. He appeared in my window and opened the door, like any gentleman would for a lady. “Shell we?” he asked in a chilled yet strong voice. I turned my hips and placed both feet outside of the car. Offering me his hand I pulled myself out of the car towards him. I had no idea where we were going. He headed towards the back of the car, and opened the boot. I noticed a blanket in the back, I could not wait for him much longer, and not wanting to climb over gate dressed like this, I lent in too reach for it. His hand once again slipped up the inside of my thigh, this time not messing about. His finger slid straight into my wet pussy and I could not help but let out a moan. This just made him slide his fingers deeper inside. His thumb moved so that he was rubbing my clit at the same time. Within seconds I lifted both knees to the boot floor. His hands stopped and I heard him undoing his flies. My body was already screaming out for his hard cock.

Then I felt it. The tip of his head slowly pushing its way deeper inside me. He placed his hand on my hips and pushed me away from him, so that I once away felt his whole length. This made my drop from my hands to my elbows. He seemed to enjoy this even more. He started to pull my back down his cock towards him, showing me his impressive length once again. He continued doing this working faster and harder each time. By now I was clawing at the carpet and moaning out with pleasure at every push, I felt myself go very wet. My cum must have been all over him. He pulled out grabbed my hair and pulling my mouth towards his cock said “taste yourself on my cock”. I put my mouth around him; his fingers still entwined in my hair, and began to suck at him.

“Now give me your ass,” he demanded as he turned me back around. This time I dropped onto my shoulders, my ass so high in the air waiting for him to enter me. Once again he went in slowly, but once just inside he grabbed my hips and rammed himself deep up me. I let out a pleasurable scream. His grip tighterened and he pushed and pulled at me even harder. Every stroke making me moan more. I felt his body tense behind me, his fingers digging deeper into my skin, I new this was it. My moans got loader the pleasure got higher “go on take it bitch” I heard him saying, and take it I did. The tension of his muscles suddenly released as he pushed me flat into the boot with his final thrust. I felt his cock pumping cum into me. He let out a moan in pleasure as all movement stopped.