Written by Vladimir

20 Nov 2009

The following week I took Sally to Cardiff and the little bar. I had arranged to meet Starlight and a man of her choice. The man was Mark.

“This is Starlight and Mark.” I told Sally. “Yes it is her real name.”

We had a drink and drove out to the house, or rather Starlight drove. Sally sat in the back with Mark and I. she sat there while I opened her top, and sucked on her nipple. Mark opened her legs and made her happy. As she came I felt her fingers dig into my back.

I wanted her, but Mark got in first. He pushed her back and pushed up into her and she was into it, biting his neck and panting as he thrust harder and harder.

As soon as he came she pushed him off and garbed me. I slipped into her, she was eager. She was wet and spilling cream as I pushed deep into her pussy. Once again the car seat became wet with come and juicy pussy. Her arms closed around me even as her pussy closed around my cock. I pumped Mark’s come out and pumped my own into her. I came leaning her against the side of the car. Then she told me into my ear, “You are making a whore of me, and I love it. Now I know what you have been doing. I love you, you bastard.”

I started to move again, pumping even my own cum, form her and refilling her again. “Wait and see what this week end brings.”

“Are they giving it to you good back there.” Came a question from the front seat.

“Come and get some.” Replied Sally.

“I will get it soon dear.” And with that we pulled into the last road, and then the drive of the house.

Sally was right she was becoming something new, but it was not a whore. Until I had kissed her cut better she was a nice young lady. Happy with twice a week and now she wanted me as much as I wanted her. She had fucked the window cleaner and how many was it at the club?

Inside Mark and Starlight told her why she was so fuck happy and gagging for it. They told her about how Kelly had infected me. They told her what she was. They told her about the coven.

All she said was “I have not had so much fun, ever. Fuck me.”

We went upstairs and obliged her. Starlight, kicker-less as ever, opened her legs as soon as she sat on the bed. I pushed into her, still slimy from Sally juicy cunt. She pulled her legs up and hung her ankles around my neck. I kept pushing in and out even as mark started back into Sally’s sopping cunt. Sally came again, there beside Starlight, her legs high as well. Sally was enjoying her new sense of sexual freedom.

I burst into Starlight, but even that was not enough. “Kneel Starlight.” I told her.

She knelt on the side of the bed, and back in I went, back up the milky river, punting deeply. Sally just copied turned over and took Marks still hard cock up her again. I was surprised by the soft smothered sound she made, but she was enjoying it.

This was all I could manage. As I came Starlight let herself fall forward and turn to look at us all. Mark was still pushing hard into Sally as I lay beside Starlight and rubbed leaking cum back into her.

It was when mark came and I saw his cock, hanging limp and Sally said, “I have never had it there before.”; that was when I knew mark had put it up her ass.

In the morning we woke. I was sandwiched between Starlight and Sally. Sally had an arm over Mark, and I wanted them both again. I ran my hand down Sally’s body and without a sound she turned and opened her legs. Her mouth opened to my kiss and her fanny opened first to my fingers then my cock. I moved slowly, trying not to wake Mark and Starlight. We failed. I came and rolled off. Mark took my place and fucked her with more energy. There was a sound of well lubricated fucking.

Starlight mounted me. She lowered herself onto my erect prick and move to the music of our two bed mates fucking. Somehow we all seemed to come at the same time; one huge orgasmic cum.

Starlight and Mark went down stairs and Sally and I followed. Today she would join the coven. ….