7 Jul 2017

I received the text “picking you up in 20 mins. Wear loose clothes and follow my instructions without speaking”. I quickly showered and dressed in baggy shorts and tee shirt and a pair of trainers and was picked up in his Range Rover exactly on time.

As soon as I got in I was handed a blanket and told to push the passenger seat right back, get into the footwell and strip, then cover myself in the blanket. I was quickly kneeling naked in the footwell.

He undid his trousers releasing his cock and pulled the blanket over his lap and told me “you now need to suck me to completion and swallow every drop, then stay there until you suck me hard and make me cum again”. It was going to be a long drive.

I leaned out of the footwell under the cover of the blanket and went to work licking and sucking his cock, lapping up the pre-cum. As he got close after a few minutes though he forced my head down making me swallow every last inch of his cock until I gagged and nearly threw up. He always knew though and released his grip just in time. He knew me well.

It wasn't long until he tensed and shot what felt like half a pint of hot salty spunk into my mouth and I swallowed quickly to avoid spilling any. I knew better than that.

My reaction was to withdraw, forgetting the instructions, but a swift slap to the head reminded me and I quickly got to work in an attempt to keep him hard. Sucking and slurping for all I was worth. As he started to get really hard again he said “I’m hungry. Put this on and stay exactly where you are” and handed me a long blonde wig. I put it on quickly, slightly confused and got back to the job in hand.

It was only when the car slowed over a couple of speed bumps and I heard those familiar words when I understood. “Good afternoon. Can I take your order please”. He then pulled the blanket back far enough for just the wig to show. While queuing to pay he grabbed my head and really forced me onto his cock hard, fast and deep. Really skull fucking me. Then he slowed and I heard “how would you erm... like erm, to erm, I mean erm, card or erm cash Sir” They could clearly see some blonde in his lap. He coolly paid by card and slowly edged in the queue to the pick up window where he was met by not one, but apparently three staff as the news had clearly spread. “Have a great day Sir” was quickly followed by giggles and “he already is”.

The excitement really wound him up and he had to pull into one of the spaces and furiously fuck my mouth cumming even more. I swallowed every drop as instructed and sunk back into the footwell, upon which he grabbed the blanket and wig and threw them into the back, leaving my totally naked. He then opened a box of chicken nuggets and threw them over me, telling me to eat off the floor like the dog I was and we drove off.

I'm sure they tasted saltier than usual ;)