Written by chris xx

26 Jul 2014

i had just started work in a new office processing medical records , it was an office with 5 women and three men but there was a few other connected offices. most of the women were very work orientated and not that friendly , sam was different she was very friendly and helpful , she was mid thirties a few years older than me , nice curvy figure and blonde hair. i asked greg one of the men who was mentoring me about sam , he laughed and laughed then gave his mate paul a nudge , hey paul chris is asking about sam ,well he disolved into laughter, what the fuck is so funny , oh sam is very friendly greg said ,tell you what buy her a couple of vodkas and see how friendly she is , soon you will be back at her house giving her one , we call her sam the mattress evryone has had a lie on her.

hey paul how many times have you shot your load up her , oh a dozen a so , look chris my new mate sam has had more pricks than a second hand dartboard.

anyway a few weeks later it was someones bithday and we were all going out for a drink after work.

in the pub i was sat near sam and bought her some drins , paul and greg were smirking away and maade a face every time i looked at them , later i thought i would call it a night and left the pub and went to a nearbye taxi stand . i had been there a minute when i heard sams voice behind me , hey did you forget me , i turned to look at her she was smiling would you like to come home with me , i was a little lost for words , look i will be frank she said i want to be fucked hard by your black cock.

a strong feeling of lust was overtaking me she looked so sexy and available. i nodded we got a taxi and went to her home . one of the first things i saw was her picture with a guy they looke happy , she saw me looking at the photo , thats carl my long term partner hes away on the rigs at the moment .she took a step forward i put my arms around her we kissed our tongues met , i began undo her works uniform blouse , spun her round and undid her bra , big bouncy titties fell out , to be cupped by my large black hands. while still facing away from me i undid the button and zip on her navy skirt it fell to the floor around her ankles , she kicked it to one side , i leaned down and took hold of the waistband of her tights and panties and in one movement divested them of her ample posterior, her cunt was quite hairy and her clit looked well thumbed . upstairs now i said we got to the bottom of the stairs he seemed to want me to go first i was having none of that you first i told her i want to look up your cunt as you walk upstairs , you dirty bastard she said i smiled. we got into the bedroom he sat on the side of the bed she watched as i undressed soon i was naked her eyes focussed on my 8 inch black cock , very nice she said i have always wanted to be had by a black man , well now you can i said pulling her blonde head onto my cock she began to lick and suck ,after a while i gave her a push she landed on the bed ,dogy position i ordered her ,she meekly complied .i knelt behind her and guided my cock into a quite wet and mushy cunt she gasped as her vagina was stretched by my bareback cock, she said you wont tell anyone will you i dont want carl to find out , no i said , i asked how many from work had been were i was she laughed and aid you are the 16th , a right fuckin mattress are you not i said, it did in truth become slightly boring as her cries of pleasure had a almost continous litany of please dont tell anyone and do you like shagging the sutton slut .eventually i felt the semen rising and was beyond recall point , i began to come inside her she was moaning and groaning , i filled her cunt for her withdrew my cock slipped off the bed and wiped it on the bottom of her curtains , she didnt see that , as i got dressed she asked me was she good , i told her not bad but saying she was a mattress back i expected a bit better she frowned i left ,

ps a few weeks later after work she came upto me i need to tell you something what i said , im pregnant she said its yours , i looked at her oh dear i said what the fuck is carl going to say.