Written by redhead

26 Dec 2008

As a hospitality student I decided that taking a job in my local shopping centre over the Christmas holiday, as one of Santa’s Helpers would be a good way to put my skills into action and earn some extra cash.

The uniform was provided which consisted of a red velvety dress, edged with white fake fur. The bodice hugged my bust and showed plenty of cleavage, the skirt was full from a fitted waist and fell to just above my knee. Although I usually need a good bra to support my 36E breasts, I didn’t need to wear a bra as the dress supported me so well, I wore it with red fishnets and black boots, topped off by a jaunty red santa hat (you know what they say about girls in red hats!)

Anyway, right from the start I spent most of my time with Santa in his “den”. It was my job to welcome the children and their parents, encouraging the children to sit on Santa’s knee and tell him what they wanted for Christmas.

Santa had very sparkly blue eyes, that were always twinkling at me and he always seemed to enjoy a view of my cleavage as I bent down to talk to the children, and as the days passed as we posed for photos, he got more and more friendly. At first I was surprised when his hand slipped further round my waist than necessary, and caressed the underside of my breast. Of course I tried to hide my shock and surprise as I didn’t want to cause attention to what was going on, and as the days went past, I got more used to it, ready when it happened and started to enjoy it. At the end of my shift Santa would always say I had been a good girl and that he looked forward to seeing me the next time.

It came to Christmas Eve, our last shift, and Santa got bolder with each photo shoot. At first it was just my boobs, but as the day progressed, he’d caress my bottom through my skirt, then his hand slipped down my legs, the next time his hand ran up my leg to feel my bottom under my skirt as I bent forward to hug a little girl and smile while her mummy took a photo, it was all I could do not to squeal! How he managed to keep his act up I don’t know, but he did, all the while touching me up, I was getting so hot! Next his hand was caressing the inside of my thigh, it wasn’t unpleasant, it was lovely and warm and strangely comforting. I shifted my stance so that my legs were positioned to give him better access, and indeed soon enough his fingers reached the thin layer of cotton that covered me. I tried to contain my groan. Each time he went a little further, his fingers teasing and pleasuring me, but of course had to stop to do his job, and then finally it was the last child.

I wondered what would happen next. He suggested I come and sit on his knee, as it was my turn to have a gift from Santa. He told me to close my eyes and as I did, he slid the back zipper of my dress down enough that he could pull the front of my dress down so that he could get a better look at my breasts. I felt the tickle of his beard as he took first one nipple and then the other into his mouth, sucking and licking until they were both throbbing and standing to attention. I watched as he did it, and I found it hard to sit still, he was turning me on so. He asked if I liked it, of course I replied that I did, he smiled and said he had something else to give me, if I got on my hands and knees facing away from him I’d get it. I couldn’t wait!

I removed my knickers and got into position facing the door, and hoped that nobody would come in, I was so excited, he’d got me so worked up all day, and doggy is my favourite position. I leaned forward and raised my bottom in invitation. I felt him kneel down behind me, grab my hips and his hot, erect pole at my entrance. I was so ready for him, I needed to feel him inside me so bad. My wish came true in one swift move he filled me fully, to the hilt. I felt my muscles contract around him, but before I could enjoy the feel too much, he withdrew and re-entered me again, several times just teasing me by entering his tip, he seemed to enjoy that, and then having worked me to a real lather, he started to pound into me, back and forth with such force. As he was getting closer to orgasm he let go of my hips and held my breasts, squeezing them and pulling my nipples. It was then that I tripped over the edge. As I quivered with orgasm, he came too, deep within me, filling me with his cum and shooting it right up into my womb.

All too soon he was withdrawing, and righting his clothes. He said he hoped I’d liked my Christmas present and said I’d been a great helper. As I left he gave me my pay packet, in which he said with a wink I’d find a bonus. Outside the den the security people were waiting to lock up. I wondered if they knew what we had just been doing, Santa and I, as they wished me Happy Christmas.