9 Jul 2017

I turned up on time and I went straight in through the unlocked door as instructed. I stripped in the hallway and put on the tiny tartan miniskirt they left out, put on the collar, got on all fours and crawled through the second door on the right as I was told.

The couple in their mid 50's were sitting on the sofa watching the news on TV. She said “footstool bitch” and I crawled over, she lifted her feet and I crawled under them. I'd learnt my pre-agreed instructions. He then grabbed a tablet and streamed some porn to the TV. It was 2 bi guys and a girl, but as soon as I started watching I was told it wasn't for me and I wasn't to watch. I wasn’t to do anything unless told and under no circumstances was I to talk.

After a few minutes they both stood up and I was told to undress her. She was wearing a white blouse which I carefully unbuttoned and dropped to the floor. “Fold it bitch. Don't throw my clothes around you pathetic idiot”. I obeyed then pulled down her black leggings which she stepped out of leaving her in a lacy white bra and French knickers. I clumsily undid the bra to reveal her small pert tits with huge nipples, then pulled down her knickers, leaving her standing naked with a trimmed but large pubic triangle. I then moved to him. I lifted his tee-shirt over his head and folded it neatly next to her clothes, then undid his belt, unbuttoned his jeans and pulled those down revealing his already hard cock making a tent with his loose boxers. I then pulled off each sock and finally his boxers, revealing his rock hard 6 inch cock. He was chubby and very hairy. A real bear which went well with his full beard. They then sat down and she said “him”.

I got back on my knees and crawled to him and started sucking his cock and balls. She then said “stay and touch me”. I reached over with my left hand and gently started to rub her with his cock deep in my mouth. I gently probed for the wetness as slowly started to push a finger in while probing for her clit with my thumb. I soon had a rhythm going and they both started to push up towards me. She then said “switch” and I swapped positions burying my tongue in her and then up to her clit which I sucked hard as my tongue flicked it. At the same time, my right hand caressing his pre-cum wet cock and huge hairy balls. They leaned into each other kissing as I worked on them both and they were soon both very excited. Before either came though I was told “stop”. Then “floor up” telling me to lay on the floor face up.

She then got down on all fours straddling me in a 69 position but not touching me. He then kneeled behind her and quickly entered her already dripping (onto my face) pussy. He slowly built up a rhythm until she was moaning like crazy and dripping everywhere. The louder she got, the faster he went. It didn't take long until he shouted “yeah baby” and came deep inside her. They stayed like that for a minute until she said “clean me bitch”. He withdrew and she sat on my face and I got to work cleaning up the cocktail of her juices and his salty cum. She writhed around moaning for what seemed ages, soaking me face as she slid around my whole face. She finally lifted herself off and was immediately replaced by him who lay across me in a push up position, lowered his softening cock into my mouth. “Now clean him” and she went over to him and they kissed as I cleaned, first his cock, then his balls.

Once he was happy I'd done enough, he got up and ordered “wine”. I went to the table in the corner and poured them each a glass of red from the open bottle. “Cocktail time” she said “and be quick”. I went back to the table and brought over the cocktail glass and handed it to her. “Do not spill one drop bitch”. I grabbed my cock and quickly started wanking facing them.

They both laughed. “Are you sure that tiny thing works bitch”. “Not surprised you have to do this with a cock like that. You couldn't satisfy a nun with that tiny cock. Even your balls look like a baby’s”. They carried on insulting me, but it didn't take long until was ready to cum. “Please Miss, I need to dribble”. She handed me the glass just in time and I shot my tiny load into it, cleaning any dribbles from my cock with the rim and handed it back to her. She then took a sip of red wine, swilled it in her mouth and spat some into the glass and handed it to him. He just spat in in and handed it back to me. I already knew what to do. I swirled it around and drank it in one. I then licked every drop off the glass and handed it back to her.

“You really are a filthy, worthless slut”. “Now put this on and fuck off”. She handed me a flowery, short summer dress. I took off the mini skirt, put on the dress and left. I had to walk about 10 meters from their front door to the car in the dress and was luckily unseen on this occasion.