Written by expressbloke

21 May 2015

this story is partly based on someone ive met through this site, however some is from my own fantasies that ive had about her. She will recognise herself and know which parts are true..

after waiting for what seemed like an eternity, I finally got the invite I had been yearning for. my phone bleeped as a text came in ' cassie's gone on a school trip for a few days, see you on Friday?'

my heart raced in my chest. at long last, Jordan wanted me to meet her. I was finally going to meet the sexy woman who id been texting daily and talking to whenever the opportunity presented itself. Jordan was a divorced mum with a young daughter. she was in her mid 30s, lived a good 40 miles from me and had been teasing me something rotten, with her oh so filthy phone calls and her stream of sexy pictures she would delight in sending me. I tried not to respond too instantaneously , but within seconds I replied by means of a smiley, a thumbs up emoticon and the word ' deffo' followed by several 'xxx's

well Friday eventually arrived; work dragged on, probably because I could hardly function with all the things that we promised to do to each other swirling around in my head. eventually 5 oclock arrived and instead of staying on a few extra minutes or heading to the pub for a couple of drinks, I was out the door and heading home like a man possessed .

after a couple of hours I was ready. I called to my wife, who was in the bedroom, pouring over some spreadsheets as usual that I would probably be out until late and not to wait up for me - not that she would, and closed the door.

the journey took longer than I expected, but I found Jordan's house without too much trouble. I parked around the corner, just in case she didn't want the neighbours to see and waked to the front door. I was about to knock , when the door swung open.

" ive been expecting you" a cheery voice said. I looked - and swallowed. then I stared, unable to speak for a moment.

" you coming in, or are we gonna do this in full view of all my neighbours darling?" she said

I stepped inside, still unable to speak.

Jordan closed the door behind me. I caught a delicate waft of her fragrance as she did so. she smelled amazing and looked even better. the pictures she'd been sending did her no justice - all I can say is that she was stunning. shoulder length brown hair, big brown eyes, a lovely warm smile and a body to die for!

holding out a hand, I finally found my voice

" im Geoff" I said

" im Jordan" she replied, taking my hand. then she pulled me close. her body closed in on mine before she kissed me on the lips.

" you alright darling?" she said. " would you like a drink?"

I accepted and she led me into the sitting room. we sat and chatted for a while about trivial stuff, the weather, work and the like. I could feel my cock suddenly stir as Jordan stood up,shrugged off the jacket she was wearing, revealing a close fitting tee shirt.

" shall we go upstairs? my bedroom is a lot cosier than this sofa!"

I didn't need to be asked twice! I followed her, taking in the lovely sight of her bum in front of me as she climbed the short flight of stairs. as soon as I entered, Jordan turned, grabbed me and kissed me, deeply this time. instantly my cock sprung to attention.

" ive wanted this moment with you for ages" she said after coming up for air.

" youre not the only one" I replied. "I thought for a while it was never going to happen!"

"I promised you darling, that we would meet and that we would have a lot of fun!"

she looked at me with a glint in her eye.

" I also promised that I was going to fuck you seven shades of sunday too, didn't I?"

at this point I noticed her bed, or what was on it. there was a set of restraints, a blindfold and a tube of lube Jordan looked at me, then without warning kissed me again, her hand snaking down to the bulge in my jeans.

"mmmm!" she said " I think its time I let him out to play darling, it must be so cramped in there!"

she undid the buttons on my jeans and then slowly pulled them down.

"what do we have here? mmm, that's a beauty - is that all for me?"

my cock was now standing proudly to attention, precum already oozing from the tip. Jordan swiftly smeared it on the shaft of my cock, then licked the glistening liquid off.

"waste not want not!" she said with a giggle.

that was all the encouragement I needed. I stood in front of her and removed the rest of what I was wearing. lust suddenly made an appearance because I found myself almost ripping Jordans clothes off. the tee shirt, the sexy figure hugging jeans, the tiny red thong and matching bra that only just contained het firm 36dd boobs.all gone in seconds!

she stood there in all her glory. my cock twitched like mad, more precum seeped out.

" lie down on the bed!" she said in a voice that was now a lot huskier than before.

Jordan shackled me to her bed with the restraints, hands and feet. I was unable to move much more than my head and torso. she straddled me, then told me to close my eyes. she put the blindfold on my eyes

I felt a slight tingling sensation on my chest, then my shoulders, then on my legs.

gently , Jordan kissed me, flicking her tongue on mine.

" what is that? " I asked, eyes still shut.

" its an electro stimulator" she replied " you like?"

"mmmm" I murmured. she placed it against my cock. my cock began to twitch uncontrollably.

the feeling was incredible, as Jordan took the length of my throbbing cock inside her mouth, hollowing out her cheeks as she sucked. I groaned, excitement becoming unbearable.

" baby, youre going to make me cum!" I said " you gotta stop"

Jordan paused - for a second

" I know, I want you to! I know that if we fuck, youre so turned on, you'll only last a minute - and I want much more than a minute" she said , winking

with that she slid my cock into her willing mouth again, and after a moment more, I exploded into her mouth, my back arching with pleasure.

after about 15 minutes, Jordan straddled me again, but this time with her pussy hovering just above my face.

"I want you to eat my pussy" she said

with that, she lowered herself onto my mouth. I slipped my tongue inside her sweet pussy, savouring the salty but sweet taste from her lips. I began to flick around the delicate folds, going from fast to ultra slow, feeling her hips gently rotating on my chest. she was panting and moaning softly to herself, pulling on her nipples , which were now bullet hard.

" darling - im gonna cum" she groaned, then started to buck as the waves of pleasure swept through her body. " please - don't stop!"

I continued, gently licking her pussy lips, plunging my tongue as far as I could inside her and sucking her clit while Jordan came, not once, twice but 3 times, delivering more sweet nectar for me to enjoy.

breathlessly, she flopped onto the bed, a look of sheer satisfaction on her pretty face. I moved around, lay on top of her and pushed my now rock hard cock inside, feeling her pussy grip the shaft and I entered her.

after another 15 minutes or so, we came together and I shot another load, this time on her tummy.

we lay on the bed, just holding and kissing for a while.

" I have a little treat for you" Jordan said. she produced a vibrator from the bedside table, put a little lube on it, then rubbed it on her pussy lips

" I know how much you love to watch" then she lay back, and looking straight into my eyes, turned it on and slipped it into her wet pussy, the buzzing getting muffled as it easily slid inside. I watched her, frigging herself , my cock starting to thicken once more.

" you like?" she smiled at me,her face glowing as a thin layer of perspiration started to form.

" I love" I answered, kissing and licking her boobs, which also had a thin layer of salty perspiration on them.

" will you fuck my arse baby?" Jordan said. " use the lube just there"

she turned over so that her bum was in the air facing me. she was still frigging herself with the vibrator. I smeared lube on my cock and on her cute bumhole .easing myself in, Jordan groaned- a groan I had never heard anyone do before. she was loving it!we fucked for a few minutes - the sight of Jordan ,on her knees in front of me, boobs swinging, vibrator slipping in and out was more than I could handle; I came for a third time, this time deep in her arsehole. we flopped on the bed together, both completely spent and exhausted.

after a quick clean up and shower, we both got dressed.

" we'll have to do this again sometime soon" I said. Jordan patted the crotch of my jeans

" don't worry" she said kissing my cheek." cassie's at her friend's house in a couple of weeks time, so we definitely will"

with that, she winked at me and I left, a big smile on my face.

she really did fuck me seven shades of sunday