Written by Cris & Cath

2 Oct 2007

t to introduce myself I am Sue, a 47 year old mother of 3 children, and John my husband

of 27 years, we consider ourselves as having a normal sex life, i.e up's and downs,and

recently recieved a massive boost by an experience at the swimming baths.

We have a friend called Paul who used to work with John at one time,he now is in charge of

our local swimming baths,we have enjoyed free entry to the baths quite a few times after

normal closing time thanks to Paul,last month he asked us if we wanted another free session

after closing time,and that his friend Clair and her partner Colin would also be there.

John was quite keen to see clair,as he used to fancy her when she dated Paul,and he used to

flurt with me a lot when we joined them for meals out.

The previous week Paul had dropped off a swingers dvd for John and I to watch,he often

loaned us sexy films to watch as he knew someone who owned a adult sex shop in a nearby

town,we watched it,and it turned us both on so much, that we were having sex after seeing

only half an hour of the film.

Anyway we arrived at the baths at nine,and buzzed the entrance bell for Paul to let us

in,it was Clair who opened the door,John could hardly take his eyes of her trim body,now

only concealed with a skimpy swim suit,she told us to get changed in the nearest cubicle

and join them at the kiddy's end of the main pool,as a couple of bottles of wine awaited us


We changed quickly,and joined Paul,Clair and Colin in the Jakuzzi pool,they were merry with

drink already,,after much laughter the subject as always got around to sex,Paul asked me if

we had watched the dvd he had left for us,"oh yes"!! I said, it made us really horny,and we

did not manage to watch all of it,Clair surprised us by saying she and Colin had watched it

the week before us,and ended up having the greatest sex session they could remember.

Colin said "have any of you experienced sex with other people as a couple",we all shook our

heads,"but we have probably all fantasised about doing it",my John blurted out,Paul asked

all of us in turn, if we would a least give it a try,as we were in and ideal erotic

setting,I nervously nodded my head,followed by everyone else,my heart was pounding with

both excitement and fear.

Clair stood up and removed her costume,revealing the trim tanned body of the attractive 40

year old woman she was,the guy's were looking at me,indicating it was my turn,blushing I

slowly removed my costume,fearful that as a size 16,I would not be thought as a turn on to

the men like Clair obviously was,I should not have worried,as everyone said I looked very


Clair removed Colins trunks,it was difficult due to his erect shaft,soon it was standing to

attention,it was as long as my John's,but much thicker in girth,I replied by releasing

John's cock from its confinement,Paul did the same, as he was the single person here,clair

me-moad to me to join her in stroking Paul's rather large cock,this I did,it felt much

bigger than John's dick,and soon Clair and I were taking turns to give him a frantic blow

job,Colin told John to "see to" clair & he would see to me,soon Colin was between my legs

and slid two fingers inside my wet pussy,I let out a shreek of excitement,glancing at my

John he was licking Clair's pussy eagerly,which turned me on even more.

Paul was breathing very rapidly now and I told Clair she could have his come in her mouth

if she wanted,she nodded,and her mouth was sliding up and down his manhood ever

faster,suddenly Paul cried out,and Clair's mouth was filled with his hot semen,it started

to drip down her chin,I took some on my finger tip and tasted it,it tasted similar but also

different to my John's semen.

Just as I had done that,I felt Colins cock probing my pussy lips,John saw this and winked

to reassure me to continue,instantly I felt the hard weapon push deeper and deeper into my

wet hole,till all of it was inside me,it felt really thick and was pushing the walls of my

vagina wide apart,,John wasted no time and was fucking Clair deeply,he looked very sexy and

I was proud of his sexual performance.

Paul had recovered his erection now,and guided it into my mouth once again,fucked from both

ends,now I knew what I had been missing!!,after what seemed like an hour,Colins body

stiffened and his thrusting slowed as he spurted his hot come deep inside me,seconds later

as Colin was emptying his last drop of semen into me,Paul climaxed into my waiting mouth,I

coughed as his semen hit the back of my throat,and I could not swallow it all,and let most

of it trickle down my face.

As we rested,we looked over to my John, & Clair,she was laid on her back at the side of the

pool,with her legs over his shoulders as John stood in the bubbling water sliding his cock

in and out of her love hole,she was gasping with pleasure,I knew I wanted to try that

next,and lay down beside Clair,my legs wide apart expectedly,"fuck me! now John please" I

asked,,with that he withdrew from Clair's hot pussy,and swiftly pushed his familiar and

welcome cock deep inside me,fuck me hard darling I ordered,let them see what we can

do,,with the water splashing my bum and thighs,I felt John's cock grow,and then it started

to squirt hot come inside my pussy,mixing there with Colins juices,I seemed full to

bursting with semen. Paul had taken Johns place between Clairs legs,she stood in the

bubbling water,hands resting on the poolside, he held her buttocks and thrusted deeply into

her,John,Colin & I watched this very erotic sight for ages,until Colin could not contain

himself any longer,and stood in front of her and guided her mouth to his hard penis,both in

turn, then gave her all the come they had left,we all then sat in the

water,tired,exausted,but very satisfied,what a great dvd that would have made! I said,every

body agreed with that,"maybe we will bring a camcorder next time" said Paul!!,Looks like

another session will be booked,can't wait!!!!.