Written by Karen

12 May 2009

I went to a restuarant with my mates, because it was one of there birthdays. I had been feeling wicked all day thinking horny thoughts and was finding the evening boring, suddenly my best friend appeared with her husband and a big grin spread across across my face as I waved. As I sat there looking at her I realised that I really fancied her did she feel the same? I went to the ladies with a wicked thought in my mind I was wearing a really short skirt so I decided to take off my knickers and put them in my bag. I went back to the table I made sure I sat where she could see me and sat with my legs slightly open, I tryed to catch her eye and smile as I realised few other people had realised I was wearing no knickers suddenly I became a were that my best friend was staring at me and I knew she had realised that I had no knickers on. I went over and sat next to her husband and right opposite her,i opened my legs and she gazed right down at my pussy and blushed. I looked at her and licked my lips and told her I needed the toilet and hoped that she would follow me. Within minutes she did her eyes looked very horny as she walked towards me she grabbed my arm taking me into one of the cubicals and locked the door. She then kissed me passionatly her hands under my top raising up and undid my bra, and then kissing my erected nipples and teasing them with her tongue.Her hand then slowly moved up my skirt towards my wet pussy putting her finger inside me and started to fuck me I started to moan with the amazing orgasam that I was experiencing that I didnt want to end she then placed me on the toilet sit and removed her knickers lifting her skirt up she then sat on my lap facing me she whispered in my ear Fuck me I put my finger in her pussy and she did with mine and started to fuck each other trying not to moan wasnt an option as the intensity of the orgasam was just so horny, then suddenly we heard the door into the toilets open and my mate shouting my name and saying in mid sentence that a bloke had asked her to look for his wife as she had been ages and seeing one of the cubicals doors were shut and her hearing the noises as we both came, her head appeared over the top of next doors cubical and us being in such a wicked position we both looked up at my mate and looked at her shocked face she just then said I will tell your husband you will be out in a minute and then noticing a slight grin! She then left and we both just laughed and shared a passionate kiss. We got ourselves together and my best friend left first and then I followed and i sat with my mates and my friend who caught us looked at me with a grin but never mentioned wot she saw, now and again throughout the evening catching my best friends eye!