Written by Smudge

17 Sep 2009

Some years ago I was working as a secretary for a large events project in Glasgow. My boss was an extremely handsome guy in his mid forties, married to a very glamourous successful business worman. He expected me to work long hours and liked me to be at his beck and call all the time. Well, I didn't really mind because, although I was also married, my husband spent a lot of time away on business giving me long lonely evenings to fill. My boss was very attentative and always strong on the compliments so I didn't mind spending more time at the office. I never once dreamed that it would lead anywhere.

Anyway one evening just after 7 p.m. my boss came into my office just as I was starting to get ready to go home. I'd just been to the ladies to refresh my make-up and brush my hair. I always try to dress nicely and that day was wearing a red shift dress with buttons down the front, black stockings and black heels. As always I had co-ordinating red bra with black lace and matching g-string.

He said that his wife was going to an evening press launch and would I like to go out and have some supper with him. Faced with an empty evening ahead I couldn't think of anything nicer so we headed off to a quiet Italian restaurant in the town centre.

All through the meal we chatted easily, with my boss, as usual, showering me with compliments about my looks. I started to realise that he was obviously interested in taking things further that night so slipped off to the ladies where I undid the top couple of buttons of my dress revealing the black lace of my bra and a full cleavage. I removed my g-string and ran my fingers along my pussy to feel the wetness that was starting to appear.

I returned to the table where my boss gave me an admiring glance and, after ordering some coffee, we went over to the lounge sofas to drink it. He sat down beside me and started rubbing his hand up my thigh. He gently pushed up my dress and his fingers were just at the top of my thigh when he had to quickly remove them as the waiter came over to give us our bill. By this time my pussy was so wet I was starting to leak over the leather sofa. He returned his fingers to my leg, ran them up my thigh and pushed them into my pussy. I gasped in sheer pleasure trying not to catch anyone's attention. Fortunately we were on our own in the lounge area, but if anyone had walked in they would have seen right up my soaking wet pink shaven pussy. His started pushing his fingers in harder and faster as I raised my bum up off the seat moaning in delight until my juices spurted out all over the sofa.

I was now desperate for more so I took his hand and led him through to the ladies. But I'll save that part of the evening for the next time................

He then