Written by SEX ON LEGS

24 Aug 2008

This is a fantasy of mine that I have had for years and never had anyone to play it out with until now. So I really do hope my boyfriend is reading this and if not then I’m definitely gonna have to send him a copy of it!!! LOL

I come home from a long day at work exhausted feeling grungy needing a bath. I come into the house not knowing that parked down the road is a car with someone in it watching me intensely. I enter my house and don’t even think about locking my door. After all I live in the country, so what was gonna happen. I walked into my bedroom removing my shoes as I go. I walk into the bathroom unaware that someone is watching me through my bedroom window. Its dark outside and with the lights on you cant see anything outside. I go into the bathroom and begin running some bath water and pouring in some lavender scented bubble bath.

While the water is running, I return to the bedroom and standing in front of the mirror on my dresser I begin to brush out my shoulder length blondish brown hair. The day had taken its toll on me and I was very tired but horny also. I usually ended each day with playing a little but tonight I was very aroused. I needed release in the worst possible way. After brushing my hair I began to take off my clothing. First my shirt and then my bra releasing my large breasts. My nipples became hard as soon as they were freed. I let the palm of my hand caress the nipples as I stretched a bit in front of the mirror. I then unzipped my jeans and slid them down over my hips. When I bent over to pull them the rest of the way off it cause my thong to slide further into my slit which didn’t help the condition I was in at all. I was standing there in front of the mirror looking at myself unaware that I was also being admired by someone outside. My fingers grasped the front of my thong and lifted up pulling the silky material even deeper into my slit up against my clit. I began moving it up and down massaging myself with it. My lips slightly parted as I softly moaned at he feeling of it. My tongue moistening my lips. I was almost climaxing from my ministrations when I heard something outside which stopped me abruptly.

I walked over to my bedroom window and peered out but saw nothing. Must have been a dog or something making a fuss out there. I walked back to the dresser and slid my thongs off. I was kind of disappointed at the interruption but thought oh well there will be another time I’m sure. I slid out of my thongs and turned around to look at my ass in the mirror. Even though I’m not young any more I still had a fairly sexy booty or so I had been told. I playfully smacked my ass then headed off to the bathroom and my hot bubble bath that was waiting for me. I stepped in relishing the warmth of the water and the wonderful smell of the lavender bubble bath. I sat down in the hot water and loved the feeling of it entering my pussy. God I was so hot tonight I’m sure I would have to cum at least 3 or 4 times before I would be satisfied enough to fall asleep.

I laid back in the water thinking how great it would have been to come home to a guy that was ready to fuck me all the time. Most women might not think like that but I’m a bit of a nympho and would die to have a man like that around all the time. I was laying there slowly cupping water into my hands and pouring it over my breasts thinking about a man like that. One that when I got home would practically tear my clothes from my body, throw me onto the bed, eat my pussy until I was senseless and fuck me till I had a hard time sitting the next day. Well if your gonna dream you might as well dream big right? These thoughts were cause me to become even more horny than before. My hand found its way down between my legs and I slid my fingers between my lips barely touching my clit, teasing it. So wrapped up in my play I didn’t hear my door open. I didn’t hear someone entering my bedroom or opening my closet door.

I lay there in the tub rubbing my clit with my fingers and sliding two deep inside of me. I wanted to cum so badly but for some reason just my fingers weren’t enough. I needed more. I needed to have a real cock pounding me hard but I knew that wasn’t gonna happen right then and I didn’t feel like getting all dressed up to go out and find one either. So I had to be content with what I was doing anyway. I took one hand and spread my lips wide and with the other I reached for my waterproof vibrator that I kept close to the tub just for these cirumstances. I turned it on low and began lightly rolling it over my clit. The feeling was very sensual because it was vibrating slowly. I spread my legs wider so that I could feel the vibration all over my hot pussy. I could feel my clit begin to swell as I gently moved it over myself. I turned the vibrator up a bit and almost came right then so I pulled it away from my clit. I didn’t wanna come that fast because I knew I wouldn’t be satisfied. I brought the vibrator to my mouth and began sucking it like I would a cock. I did this to allow my body to calm down a bit before I began again.

When I felt as if I could start again, I placed the vibrator at my ass and turned it on medium. My body instantly began to tingle again as the vibrations made it up to my clit. I would bring myself almost to the verge of cumming and then I would stop allowing myself to calm down. I knew this is what I would need because when I do this and I do finally allow myself to cum its earth shattering for me. Slowly I slid the vibe into my ass just a little moving it around and around then bringing it up between my lips to lovingly caress my clit that is on fire. I could feel the waves of pleasure begin to wash over my body. The hot water going in and out of me as my muscles began to tense and then release with each contraction of my orgasm. I began moaning loudly as the first waves hit me and by the time I had reached my peak I was nearly screaming I was cumming so hard.

I laid there in the tub for a moment allowing my breathing to slow and my body to calm down after a very fierce orgasm. Once I had calmed down I washed off quickly and stepped out of the tub. I was standing in front of the mirror in the bathroom towel drying myself and looking at my face. Anyone who enjoys sex as much as I do could look at my flushed features and know I had just came really hard. Or at least I thought they could tell. Glancing into the mirror as I was drying my lower torso I thought I caught a reflection of someone in the mirror. I looked again but saw no one and the peaked around the bathroom door into the bedroom but saw nothing. My mind must have been playing some major tricks on me tonight for some reason. Maybe it was just because I was so tired and exhausted after a long day of work and then cumming really hard. Who knew?

I walked out of the bathroom and because I sleep nude I had no reason to stop at the dresser. I went straight for the light switch to turn it off. Now my closet is really close to the light so as soon as I turned out the light I felt something or someone behind me. A hand was on the back of my neck and I could feel an arm wrapping around my waist roughly. I didn’t know what to do my mind froze and then I began thinking just be calm and let what happens happen. I would be safer that way. I was being pushed up against the wall and a very deep voice was telling me how beautiful I was and that he knew exactly what I needed and he was going to give it to me whether I wanted it or not. He pressed me up against the wall and I could feel his hard cock pressing against my lower back. His hand was entangled in my hair turning my head to the side a bit. My cheek was pressed up against my bedroom wall. He was kissing and biting my neck while his free hand began to squeeze my ample breasts and pinch the nipples. Now although I was scared my body was betraying me by reacting to this intruders advances upon me.

He was grinding his cock into my lower back hunching me with an urgency. His hand left my breast and I could feel it moving down my stomach and lower. His fingers found my lips and began to part them and then went straight for my clit. I couldn’t help myself because it felt so damn good. This man knew exactly what he was doing. I began to moan softly and this drove him on even more. With one hand still in my hair and holding me up against the wall, he removed his other hand from me and stepped back a bit. I could hear him unzipping his pants and then I felt his cock touching my ass. He told me to reach back and spread my ass cheeks for him and I did so obediently. He slid his throbbing cock between my ass cheeks and began hunching me for a bit. He told me to squeeze them together on him and I did so. I could feel him press a bit harder as the head passed my opening. I didn’t know if he was going to try to enter it or not. He stopped quickly when I was sure he was ready to cum and he grabbed my right leg in one hand and lifted it up. There was a stool right next to my dresser and that’s where my foot wound up. He began kissing and biting my back and shoulders and I could feel him rubbing his cock through my pussy lips getting it wet from my juices. Once he felt it was wet enough he entered me hard all in one stroke. I could feel his balls hit my ass. I screamed out in pleasure and pain as he entered me roughly. He wrapped his arm around my waist and pulled my ass out from the wall a bit. He pulled out of me slowly only allowing the head of him to stay inside me. He stayed like that for a second and then slammed deep in me causing me to scream out yet again. This time not in pain but sheer pleasure and ecstacy. Every time he would pull out slowly and then slam back into me. I know I must have came at least 3 time while he did that. All of a sudden his hand released my head and both of his hands were on my hips pounding me like no other. I grabbed hold of the door facing with one hand and the dresser with the other while this stranger gave me the fucking of my life. I felt his body tense and his breathing become irregular then I felt his cock throb as he shot his load deep inside me. He growled like a bear when he came in me and his body shook from the pleasure.

He again pinned me up against the wall not allowing himself to come out of me. When he had composed himself he wrapped one arm around my chest pulling me back against him. He turned my head to the side and kissed me hard on my mouth. He then maneuvered me to the bed where he had me get on my hands and knees. He stood in front of me with both hands in my hair and his somewhat flaccid cock at my lips. I could smell our juices mixed on him and believe it or not I wanted to taste us together. I opened my mouth and he slid his cock inside. I could taste myself mixed with his semen on him. It tasted so good that I licked and sucked it all off as if I was starving for it. I felt him grow hard again in my mouth as he told me to play with his balls. I sucked and stroked him until he shot a second load deep into my throat cumming almost as hard as he did before.

He pushed me onto my back on the bed and climbed on top of me. This was the first time I really got a good look at him. He was quite sexy and black which I truly loved. He began assaulting my nipples with his mouth and teeth which hurt some and I began to moan and whimper a bit. He began licking down my stomach and then lower. He grabbed my legs and put them over his shoulders and I could feel his fingers spreading my pussy lips. He was not gentle at all with my cunt but he didn’t hurt me either. He went straight for my clit with a fierce passion which nearly drove me over the edge. He sucked and licked my clit for a bit and then he did something I had never had done before. He began tongue fucking my ass. It was a sensation like no other I had ever felt before. He would flick his tongue around the edges of it then I could feel him right at the opening applying pressure with his tongue and pushing in slightly. My body reacted to this by my hips raising up to him trying to force his tongue deeper inside me. I rocked against his mouth until he clamped down on my clit again and then I had no more self control. I came so hard that my body was shaking. I could feel my cum gushing out of me and his eager mouth was there to lick it all up.

When he finally raised his head I could see my cum glistening on his face. He moved on top of me and kissed me allowing me to lick my cum from him. He then rolled over on his back pulling me on top. I straddle this man that I didn’t know and guided his once again throbbing cock into my pussy. I slid the head of him into me and lowered myself slowly. He didn’t like that so he grabbed my hips and yanked me down on him almost causing me to lose my breath. He placed his hands on my hips guiding me on him as I rode. Every time I went down on him his cock hit my g spot sending wave after wave of pleasure through me. He had one hand on my hip and the other was rubbing my clit. My body began shaking uncontrollably and I could feel him tense as well. The pleasure over took me when I felt him cum deep inside me again. I came so hard that I could no longer hold myself up so I collapsed on him with him still buried deep inside me. He pulled me off of him to lay beside him. He wrapped his arms around me holding me close and not letting me go.

I must have fallen asleep at some point and I don’t know how long that would have been but I was awakened by a sensation of coldness between my legs. He was laying there between my legs spreading my pussy lips and rubbing a cube of ice through my pussy lips. He would massage the lips and my clit with it then use his mouth to warm it up. It was the most amazing feeling in the world. He kept doing this until I came again then as I was cumming he slid the ice into my pussy not allowing it to come out while he continued licking my clit. I came so hard that I pushed the piece of ice out which he then gently inserted in my ass. His tongue kept working on my clit and his hand was fucking my ass with a piece of ice. I came again and this time he could take no more. He had been going through my things while I was asleep apparently because he produced my double header silver bullet.

He slid two fingers inside my pussy getting them really wet and then moved down to my ass to lube it up. Gently he slid one of the bullets into my ass and then spread the lips of my pussy and placed one right at my clit. He put my legs upon his shoulders then and slid into my already throbbing pussy hard. He went in ball deep but didn’t move for a bit. I saw him reach down and come back with the controller for the bullets. He then turned them on low and began to slowly pump himself in and out of me. The feeling of the vibration in my ass and against my clit there are no words to describe how wonderful it felt. Every time he thrust in me it would push the bullet hard against my clit. He was moaning loudly and I knew he could feel the vibration from both of them. He turned them a bit higher and when he did his pace increased. He then turned them on full blast and began fucking the hell out of me again. I had what felt like a continuous orgasm. With the bullet vibrating fiercely in my ass and against my clit and him pounding me, the pleasure would build and climax and then subside only to build again stronger the next time. When he finally erupted in me again, I was totally spent and exhausted. He turned off the vibrators and laid on top of me still deep inside. The walls of my vagina would contract once in a while squeezing him in me and he would moan against my neck.

He rolled to my side pulling my back up against him where his cock nestled up against the crack of my ass. It wasn’t long before I heard his breathing become more shallow and I knew he was sleeping. I myself drifted off shortly after. When I awoke the next morning I was all alone. He had left sometime during the night but he had left a definite impression on me and a sore pussy. I knew I would leave my door unlocked again with high hopes my intruder would return.