Written by wetminky

30 May 2011

I don’t know how I got through the next few days… I was appalled at myself for my behaviour, but every time I ran my mind back across recent events, my remorse turned to arousal at how dirty the whole thing was. I was an attractive young woman who could pretty much take her pick, being used as a fucktoy by a couple of rough old perverts.

By Friday lunchtime, the building excitement had become almost too much. I told my boss I had the start of a migraine and headed towards the station, keen to get home and satisfy my aching pussy. At Waterloo, I found the train waiting, and I sank into a seat on the front carriage. As it pulled away, I closed my eyes and let the rocking of the train take me back…

My eyes flickered open as I felt a movement in the bag on my lap. It was the phone, vibrating to alert me to a text. It said “I CAN SEE YOU, SLUT”.

I blushed, and felt my nipples harden. I looked around me - there was hardly anyone in the carriage - a couple of company director types were sitting diagonally across from me, poring over some reports, and a young guy with a bike stood in the vestibule area with his back to me, lost in his ipod. I couldn’t see the old man anywhere. I started to get very hot, and I could feel beads of sweat forming on my hairline. One of the businessmen glanced at me, but I looked away, ashamed, as by now my nipples were sticking out like jelly tots under my thin silk blouse. Out of the corner of his eye, I saw him nudge his colleague, and whisper something.

The phone buzzed again in my hand. “PICK UP THE NEWSPAPER”.

There was a dog-eared copy of that morning’s Metro lying folded on the seat opposite me. I leaned forward to pick it up, and as I did so, a huge rubber dildo fell out onto the velour. I froze, feeling sick and dizzy as I half-realised what was coming. The two men had put their reports down and were turned towards me, their eyes popping out and their mouths hanging open.

Suddenly, the door to the driver’s cab opened, and a ticket inspector appeared. It was the Fat Controller - at least that’s what we’d called him when I used to get the train to school. He was known for being a right bastard and a bit of a perv, and once when I’d forgotten my season ticket he’d taken me into the guard’s van and threatened to spank my bottom, although he only talked about it to me in great detail, he didn’t actually do it. After that I’d always been slightly afraid of him, although I rarely saw him now as I caught a different train to work.

He said “Tickets Please!”, and stopped to check the guy with his bike. Then I got another text. “TELL HIM YOU’VE LOST YOUR TICKET”

My gut wrenched as the Fat Controller came around the seats and said again “Tickets, please!”

As I softly said “I haven’t got one”, his eyes rolled over my aroused body, and across to the dildo on the opposite seat. He exhaled loudly, and stepped closer.

“I should have taught you a lesson years ago. I see you didn’t forget to bring your dildo, you dirty little madam.” He picked it up and sat down opposite me, and I cringed at the thought of this disgusting man touching my soft flesh. But I could feel my clit tingling, and as his grubby fat fingers grabbed my knees to spread my thighs, I offered little resistance. He rubbed the huge head of the dildo along my dribbling slit, and brought it up to my mouth, which was pursed shut, covering my lips and chin in my own cream, and then forced it in, fucking my mouth a few times with it before moving it back to my cunt.

“You should take a look at this, gentlemen,” he said, gesturing with his shoulder to the two businessmen, “she’s got a lovely tight hole, although its very dirty”, and he held up the dildo, which was coated in my cum.

The men moved over so they had a better view, and I could see from the tenting effect in their trousers that they were enjoying the show. The Fat Controller positioned me on my knees facing the back of the seat, and rubbed one hand over my bum cheeks, grabbing each round buttock in turn and shaking it, his other hand holding the dildo right at my tight entrance which was twitching and suckling at the huge shiny head. Overcome with a desire to come, I tried to push back onto the dildo, but he slapped my bum sharply and called me a slag, saying I was a naughty little tease, leading men astray. He put the toy down and held me with his palm flat aginst my oozing pussy, pulling my bum towards him and slightly nudging his middle fingertip against my clit. “You’re soaking you little whore” then he smacked me again, harder and harder till my bum was burning, and I could hear him wheezing and grunting behind me as he punished me.

“I’m really wound up now, you slut” he said, suddenly stopping and rubbing his hands in circles around my rosy, stinging bum-cheeks “Look what you’ve done.”

I turned around as he stepped back and unzipped his trousers to reveal a horrible-looking bulbous dick. It wasn’t very long, but it was as thick as a pint glass, and covered in pulsing blue veins. He pushed my back against the seat and crawled on top of me, straddling my thighs. First he rubbed it over my tits, leaving trails of precum over my puffy areolae, then he pushed it deep into my mouth, and he held my hair tight behind my head as he fucked it down my throat making me gag. Luckily he didn’t last long, and in seconds he filled my young mouth with streams of thick spunk, his cock throbbing against my lips with each burst. I licked every last drop from his bell-end, and thoroughly cleaned up his shaft and his big hairy balls with my tongue.

He sat down opposite me and told me to get over his knee. I thought he was going to spank me again, but instead he picked up the dildo, and pushed it into my pussy. At the same time, he poked a finger in my bum, and I shook violently with a huge orgasm, writhing on his lap and moaning. I could see the two men in suits wanking their cocks slowly as they watched me, and as he continued to thrust the toy in and out, I came again and again.

Sensing the Fat Controller’s cock starting to stiffen again underneath me, I pulled myself up and wantonly rubbed my pussy against it, his finger still in my bum. I sensed a movement behind me and another set of hands on my bum - it was one of the suits, who’d finally got up. He lifted my hips up and onto the ticket inspector’s enormously thick cock, and I gasped as my cunt spasmed around it. I could still feel a finger in my arse but now I could see both the Fat Controllers hands, as he was pulling my tits toward his greedy lips, so it must have been the man behind. I rode the fat man’s huge dick for a moment or so, and then suddenly felt the finger recede, only to be replaced by the businessman’s dick. Together, they pumped me in a slow, deep rhythym as I groaned with pleasure, the Fat Controller gnawing at my nipples as I came around his shaft with huge contractions, and the guy behind puffing as he tried to stop his dick exploding. The third man was now standing at my side, and as I took his load across my face I sucked him into my mouth and swallowed as much as I could. The Fat Controller grunted and I felt his dick strain against my insides as he filled me with cream, and as he pulled his softening dick out, he fingered my clit, making my pussy squirt as the guy in my arse made a strangled noise and emptied his balls into me.

The businessmen re-arranged themselves and got off at the next stop. The Fat Controller went back into the driver’s cab, and I cleaned myself up as best I could. When I got home, I ran a bath, and just as I slipped into it, a text arrived on the phone.