Written by madibaburke

28 Nov 2014

Leroy Carr and Sandra Porter-Andrews was making out in his apartment in Convent Garden.

It was their six months anniversary, six months to the day they met on a southbound Victoria line train to Brixton. Leroy’s new life was in full swing and he was enjoying every bit of it. He likes her reminding him that this was easily the best relationship she has ever had. Every day he could see the love in her eyes.

Sandra is moaning quietly as his tongue explorer’s her lustful lips and mouth. He is now kissing her neck, then to her collar bone passionately.

He love her nakedness, Toned flat stomach

He loves her showing off her sexy long legs in lacy stockings, her long curvy blond hair down her back.

He was now relentlessly pumping her toned body from behind, His hands gripping her hips.

Leroy and Sandra had become more than just fuck buddies.

They had developed an honest relationship; there was no taboo subject with Sandra. He liked her sassiness, her teasing, and her confidence in the way she always initiate sex. Their relationship not only includes honesty and sex but incorporates romance with a kind of openness, Leroy had never before experienced. He never before experienced this level of intimacy.

Leroy love her naked but loved her sexy lingerie she love to wear for him. There was nothing about sex that Sandra felt uncomfortable about. He was amazed that she always searching for new ways to make sex better. She always talks to him about their sex life and ask him about suggestions that he might have that will add variety.

They been seen each other for six months. In that time, they slept with each other at least four times every week.

Leroy had met a couple of her friends including her best friend Susie Simpson. They had all given him the seal of approval.

It had all started with innocent banter between them. Sandra was telling Leroy about her friend Susie. She had known her since high school. Susie had a secret bi-sexual one night stand with another of their friend, Natalie.

This happened at a party when Susie was both 19. Susie had a lot to drink, plenty of free booze. Everyone was dancing and drinking heavily.

Natalie was athletic but beautiful just under 5’9’’. She had developed a crush on Susie. Susie had always been too conscious of this. Susie always try to avoid being alone with Natalie. Susie told Sandra that Natalie made her feel uncomfortable when she flirts with her. Twenty years on, Sandra now feels that Susie all along was secretly in love with Natalie.

At the night of the party, Sandra was looking for Susie to ask if she was ready to head home. She thought she would be making out with some lad so decided to look in the rooms upstairs.

Sandra was surprise to find Susie and Natalie half naked on a bed, Natalie on top licking Susie’s nipples. They were rubbing each other through their panties. A shock Sandra watched as they increase the tempo. Sandra watch in awe as Natalie remove Susie’s dress and panties before removing her own.

None of the two had noticed her opening the door, standing in shock in the doorway. She continues to watch until Susie willingly parted her legs even wider and Natalie stuck her tongue into willing wet pussy. Susie was flat on her back, Natalie with her head between her legs.

Sandra watch as Susie move to the Rhythm of Natalie’s persistent and thrusting fingers, Susie was relentlessly moving her hips, panting and pushing against Natalie. Susie came hard as Natalie continue to lick.

Sandra slowly closes the door to almost shut leaving a crack to peep from the outside of the room. She still had an excellent view of the bed as she continues to watch.

Natalie instructed Susie to lie back as she sat on Susie’s face, Susie’s hands was now holding either side of Natalie’s hips; Natalie had position perfectly her swollen labia towards Susie’s sucking tongue.

Sandra was traumatised. She wasn’t sure why, as she slowly closed the door and walked all the way home shocked.

Sandra had never told her friend Susie what she had seen but the image had stayed with her all these years.

Sandra was now clutching Leroy’s bed sheets as her passion erupted and as he convulse to a fitting climax.

As they snuggled Sandra was in one of her teasing moods.

She had to ask him.

“Now that you have met Susie about five, six times what do you think of her?”

“She is a nice lady, I can see why she is your friend” he Said

“What do you mean “nice”? She asked

“Nice personality, Nice sense of humour” He replied

“Is there anything else about her you do like?” she asks

“I am sure there is a lot of other things about her I like I am not sure where you want me to go with this”

“Does she have a nice ass” she asked

“I guess so” answered Leroy

“Do you want to fuck her?” ask Sandra smiling

Leroy found the question a bit awkward so he stalled.

“The thought never entered my mind” he said

“Really? She Asked

“I never thought about her in a sexual way” He Said

“So you don’t find her very attractive then? She Asks

“I think she is quite beautiful but I have just always thought about her as your best friend” He honestly said

“Just suppose I want you to fuck her? “She asks

“What?” asked Leroy?

“Suppose I set up so you could fuck Susie” Sandra asked

“Why would you?” he retorts

“Are you for real? ”Sandra retorted “You told me when we first met that your biggest fantasy was a threesome, you and two women

How did you put it … My wife and her best friend, How about your girlfriend and her best friend?”

“Yes I did…Ok I see, Have you talk to her about it, have you?

“No, I haven’t told her but I happen to know she likes you well enough to make yours and my dreams come through”

“Your dreams? Uh, I remember, the bi-sexual thing” he said

Leroy’s fantasies were usually very sexually explicit, but as always frequently include multiple women with him as the only male.

Sandra was telling him that she could enable his fantasy to be a reality and this time she was not teasing. He imagines himself and his girl Sandra and her hot best friend Susie. They had an honest open relationship. She had posed the question to him and now all he had to say was yes. After all Sandra had already told him that she Sandra wants to fuck her best friend Susie. She had revealed that Susie was the object of her secret desire from the night she stood and watch her with Natalie. She had a crush on her best friend for a long time.

Even on Susie’s wedding day. Sandra stood as Susie’s chief bridesmaid; she was sexually attracted to Susie. She had loved Susie but has never attempted to tell her for fear of losing their friendship.

Sandra was fearless and confident in most situation but not with Susie Simpson.

If she was going to have her first Bi experience, she would want it with someone she trusted and love. Sandra always holds back because she didn’t want to pressure Susie.

Although Susie was a secret Bi-sexual, she was a little bit prudish.

She would never have sex just for the sake of it. She was big on relationships. She prefers to be with one person at a time as she craves intimacy and attention. Susie was the kind of woman who had to feel deep love for someone before she sleeps with them.

Sandra believes Leroy was her biggest opportunity yet. Leroy could loosen up Susie.

Leroy was an interesting man; he seems oblivious to his ability to make women warm to him and like him. Susie surely liked him and could easily falls for him, If Sandra encourages it.

Sandra had watch Susie interacting with Leroy and realised suddenly that they were made for each other. The problem, Sandra also believes that Leroy was also perfect for her.

She could not bear the pain of losing either.

“I am planning a holiday surprise for you” said Sandra

“For me?” ask Leroy

“Can I use your Villa in Grand Canaria?” ask Sandra

“Absolutely” He replied

“I think you will like my surprise” Sandra said

Sandra suggested that she might be able to indulge all of Leroy’s desires in this holiday. She teased about making her friend Susie interested in joining Leroy and hers lovemaking sessions, and ask if Leroy could handle all that he wished for.

“I don’t think your surprise is a surprise anymore” said Leroy

Leroy had met Susie seven times and had got on like old friends. Sandra was surprised how quickly Susie had become so comfortable with Leroy, compared to Edgar, Sandra’s husband, who she suspects Susie never liked.

Sandra felt that Leroy could seduce and charm the panties off Susie if they all spend time together on a holiday at his villa.

Susie Simpson was a 5’6’’ beautiful, brunette, 40 years old with an hour glass figure.

She was married for twenty years, shortly after her Lesbian one night stand, she was so shock how much she loved the experience that she actually proposed to her jerk of a boyfriend Jon.

For twenty long years Jon would have a series of affairs, and then left her for a younger woman who he had got pregnant.

Susie was now divorced and reflecting on what her life might have been if she didn’t rush into proposing to Jon.

When they had just got married, Susie with her 36D chest, slim waist and sexy five feet five frame a magnet to unwelcome attention from other men.

Jon did not like other men staring at his wife, especially those who look fitter than him and more handsome than him.

Jon had even stop Susie working out at the gym alone because of the attention she attracts. He always accused his wife of being flirtatious.

In truth, Susie like the attention but could not understand her husband insecurity.

She had no intention of being unfaithful to him. He had bullied her into submission, so for the sake of peace, she had to suppressed any desire for attention from any man other than her husband.

Susie had hoped that having his three children all boys now 19, 17 and 15 and her slightly expanding waistline would damper Jon insecurity.

In the last seven years they had grown apart. They have never ever being soul mates. Jon has always been secretive and moody towards the end.

Sandra and Susie went the same high school. Susie is a year older. During the past twenty years Sandra was her only friend.

During the last year of her marriage Susie had re-kindle her friendship with Natalie.

She kept it a secret from her best friend Sandra.

She wasn’t sure why this was necessary.

Sandra always understands.

Susie had contacted Natalie through Facebook. They had met for coffee at coffee shop near Baker Street. It was a reunion after 22 years.

They had never spoken before about the happenings of that drunken filled night. Today they nervously spoke about their separate lives during the ensuing years. Natalie told her long lost friend that she was in a lesbian relationship. She had known that she liked girls since she was twelve. Susie did not know why she wanted to see Natalie after such a long time. She had always remembered how she felt on that night so long ago. She remembers the mountains and valleys of pleasure that passed through her body.

Natalie sultry look before that first kiss.

How surprised she had felt in her response as she had hungrily returned the kiss. She vividly remember Natalie kissing her down her stomach after stripping her naked.

She remembered images of Natalie buried face between her thighs and how she had responded as her body shuddered to the biggest climax she ever had in her lifetime. She remembered eagerly, Natalie sitting on her face as she return the favour.

Today, Susie starts to relax as she Natalie told her how beautiful she looked.

When both their hands brushed Susie felt a slight tingle across her skin. Natalie shows off her ample boobs in a low cut top.

She couldn’t help feeling that Natalie was mentally undressing her.