Written by merrydale

30 Dec 2011

Sharing Carer.

Before we turn in for the night you check the E mails and of course there is one from your office.

They apologise for the short notice but there is emergency call for the next morning, it’s on the far side of town and a long way on your moped. You are about to refuse but I say it’s OK I will take you, I will be up anyway.

We use the Sat Nav and we are there in about thirty minutes. You give me a kiss and head off down the path to the house. As soon as you leave the car I reach back behind the seat for the laptop I had hidden there, switch it on and sign on to the Wi-Fi set up in the house you had just entered. Several windows open, each one linked to the cameras and microphones in various rooms.

The first picture shows you going in the door, there is a slight look of surprise as you are greeted at the door by a thirty something black guy. He invites you in and tells you he is visiting his mother who is upstairs. You follow him in and as you walk behind him I am amazed to see you checking out his arse which is in close fitting jogging pants. He tells you his mother will be down in a while, and asks if you would like a coffee?

The room is warm so you start to remove you jumper and he very gallantly helps you from behind, as he reaches to lift the jumper off your shoulders he stumbles slightly and pulls you backwards into his body, you automatically reach back to stop from falling but he has saved you from that. As you lean into him you are shocked to feel his erection pressing into your back and his hands slip around to cup your breasts, you turn your head around to protest that I am in the car outside. He smiles down at you and s OK he knows and indicates one of the cameras. His mouth descends to yours and you reach hungrily back for his.

He slowly unfastens your clothes, you protest a little but he insists saying, naked is how it should be. Then before my eyes you are naked, he lifts his shirt over his head and throws it to the floor and stands before you waiting. You reach out and run your hands down his chest until you reach the elastic of his joggers. Your eyes drop to the bulge below and your hands stroke him through the material, the bulge extends almost to the waistband which you lift over the swollen cock below to display it in all its size. To his surprise, and mine, you ignore the dark meat and slowly lower his joggers to the floor and off his feet. Now it’s your turn to say, Naked is how it should be. As you had lowered his joggers you had allowed your hair to brush his cock and you had felt his body stiffen.

You stood close to him, feeling his heat and his shaft pressed into your stomach, the tip just below your breasts. You reached for his balls and gently caressed them and then I watched as your lovely small hands took his shaft and stroked it. You didn’t have to bend far to take him in your mouth, you turn to look at the cam and make sure I have a good view. The head alone filled your mouth but you took what you could and used your tongue on the length of his shaft until he is shuddering. His hands went to your pussy and you spread your legs for him. You stood together with both hands on each other, cock and pussy being pleasured. He easily picks you up and lays you on the sofa, you reach up and pull his face to yours he kisses your mouth then his lips sink to your breasts and he kisses and sucks your nipples. You can’t reach his cock so you put your fingers to your pussy and caress the lips and your clit. You feel your orgasm mounting so with your other hand you push his head down to your pussy, your legs spread wide as his mouth goes to you, and his tongue replaces your fingers. He spreads your pussy wide and he tongue fucks you, he stretches up his arm and you take his fingers and suck your own juices from them.

The moment arrives, he rears above you, cock rampant, and you reach down and guide his throbbing cock into your hot and very wet pussy. He sinks into you; his stokes getting gradually longer as you accommodate his length. You pull him down so that you can feel his weight. I wonder if he is going to pull out but your hands are on his arse pulling him further into you. His body stiffens and with a huge groan I know he has filled you with his cum. Now you are gasping, he keeps on going, now you are shuddering as your climax arrives. Both of you spent, you hold each other for a time and then you ease him from you and you kneel over him and lick and suck him clean.

As you get dressed you ask about his mother upstairs he says there is no mother but he does have a brother, you laugh and say, maybe another day big boy.

You come out to the car and tap on my window, I open it and you reach in and drag my head to your mouth kissing me and putting your tongue on mine, I can taste the sex and the cum in your mouth. You pull away and say I hope you saved that to the hard drive because hard drive is what you are going to get tonight.

A fantasy perhaps, but she has read this and was so wet. She worked her 8 inch black helper in her pussy with one hand and my cock at her mouth with the other. So it was worth all the typing!

Maybe next time she will find the brother and even a sister.