Written by madibaburke

23 Nov 2014

Leroy, Sandra and Susie had walk to the nudist end of the beach near the dunes in Maspalomas.

As they walk through a colony of naked bodies, of all shapes, form and all age on long white sandy beach. And apart from Leroy all white.

Susie Simpson had never been on a nudist beach before.

It was obvious from their ease and poise, that this was a normal occurance for both her friend Sandra and her lover Leroy.

Yesterday, Back at the apartment just hours that they had arrived in Gran Canaria, Both had walk around the Villa totally naked, both inside and outside at the rear garden which is secluded from public view.

They had even enjoy sexual intercourse in full view of her while she watch nervously on.

She did not know at the time, if she should have made herself absent by getting out of the hot tub all three was sharing.

Susie was remembering the image of Sandra’s hands had grip the top of the hot tub, her naked ass sticking out as she bend over, she was pushing back into Leroy’s tantalising thrust. In the end ,Susie thought, they were oblivious of her presence so she stayed and enjoy the show.

Susie was surprisingly turned on by their sexual exihibition, by seeing her best friend Sandra being fucked from behind by Leroy, literally inches from her bright red face.

It was an unbelievable display as she watch in amazement at their primal passion. Their naked hips and ass thrusting back and forth.

She was in awe of their infectious undisguised raw lust for each other.

They had arrived in Gran Canaria, The third largest of the Canary Island yesterday. He had rented a car at the Airport and driven them to his holiday home in Maspolomas.

Leroy had guided Sandra and Susie to a secluded spot near the Dunes, He spread two huge beach blankets on the schorching sand, he also set up a small tent. The dunes is a long stretch of sandy banks between Maspalomas and Playa Del Ingles.

The Maspolomas dunes Always reminds Leroy of photographs of the Sahara Desert he had seen.

Leroy and Sandra bodies were now fully exposed. Sandra was leaning back on her elbows.

Leroy was applying sunscreen lotion to her neck, breast, thighs and all over her toned body.

Leroy was now instructing Sandra to turn over on her stomach.

He start applying lotion to her back,shoulder, and bare ass.

Susie was surprise that none of the people that passed by was looking at them. No one surprisingly seems to care.

Susie had her bikini top and bottom on. Sandra had purchase these this morning, when she saw what she was wearing in the hot tub yesterday. She had prudishly brought from England a full bathing suit.

“oil?” asks Leroy

Susie stretches her hands to take the bottle from Leroy. But was stop by Sandra.

“Let Leroy apply it honey”

“uuh?” Said Sandra nervously

“He is good at it, You will see” Said Sandra

“You need to apply it properly” Said Leroy

“Stop you from getting burn” added Sandra

“ok” Susie relented

Susie lay on her stomach on the blanket still with her bikini top and bottom on.

Leroy started to rub oil, starting with her neck and shoulder.

He had good hands. Susie thought her eyes now closed. She was savouring the attention of his fat fingers, His huge hands. She was becoming a lot more uninhibited. A lot more comfortable with his touch.

Leroy wasn’t just rubbing oil onto her skin, He was massaging her neck, shoulder.

This was a proper massage. Susie began to relax to his touch. She began to like the attention.

His attention to details. She hasn’t been touch by anyone for about two years. The last one was the Jerk, the ex-husband.

She was so desperate for attention that she had looked up Natalie her old friend but didn’t re-kindle the friendship because she didn’t want to have occasional lesbian sex, which was the offer on the table as Natalie was already in a steady relationship.

Susie meeting with Natalie was positive. It cleared up some confusion in her mind about her sexuality. Now she knew that she was definitely bi-sexual. As a result of the meeting although nothing physical happened she was feeling more confident about her body.

Natalie had told her how beautiful she looked several time during their meeting. Natalie had wanted a secret relationship but Susie refused.

Leroy was pressing his hands firmly against her body.

Susie was now feeling more attractive, even sexy and desirable.

This is the sort of affirmation she always craved from men.

Leroy interrupted.

“Can I untie your top?” I need to do your back.”


He quickly untied the top of her bikini and pull it from under her breast.

He cast it on the pile of clothes by the side. Susie was now topless. She thought going topless wasn’t so bad on a nude beach.

Leroy was now massaging her back.

For her this was pure pleasure. Her friend Sandra was right as she always was. Leroy was dam good at this. Susie tits was now becoming rock hard. Her nipples literally was boring holes in the blanket below. Leroy was teasing her, in the small of her back with his fingers.

Susie’s body was responding to his touch. Every single one was deliberate..

Leroy was now removing the bottom of Susie’s bikini, He didn’t even have to ask this time.

He was confident, He reach over to both sides, untied the knots and pull the material from underneath her. She assist him by gentle lifting her ass so that he could pull the fabric from under her.

Susie’s bare ass was now in full view. She was now totally naked on a beach full of strangers.

For the first time, she felt no embarrassment, only freedom and sheer excitement. He was massaging the backside of her legs and then her tight little ass. Sandra had a more beautiful rounded ass.

Leroy commanded her to roll over, she hesitated because she wasn’t sure that her wetness in her mound was visible. She turned over on her back to reveal a pair of perfect breast and flat tummy. Not as tight as Sandra’s. Susie’s watch as Leroy’s eyes went to her shaven pussy. Sandra always waxed hers.

Susie skin was pale in comparison to Sandra. Sandra skin was dark because of tanning.

While Susie bask naked in the sunlight, Sandra meanwhile had rolled over on her side watching intently as her man go to work on her best friend. She secretly envied every touch Leroy was making on her friend. She was surprise of her jealousy. She turned her attention to her friend’s body.

Sandra had always fantasize kissing Susie’s soft pink lips. She wanted to touch Susie all over her body as Natalie did and Leroy was now doing. Leroy was now rubbing oil on Susie’s breast and feeling her nipples in his finger. Susie felt an ocean of pleasure passing through her body. Sandra felt shivers in her throbbing clit.

Sandra was now stoking Leroy’s cock with purpose. Without hesitation, Leroy give up massaging Susie and now give his girlfriend Sandra his full attention. They were now on their side, very close touching each other, face to face kissing.

Susie was now comfortably enjoying their display of open affection. It was then that Leroy dragged Sandra in their small tent.

They left the flap open so that Susie could watch.

Susie could now see him mounting Sandra, Moving top of Sandra whose eyes was closed.

Leroy’s huge cock was now inside her. His black ass was moving up and down slowly.

Susie had a ring side seat, a good view of his huge cock going in to the hilt and out.

Leroy started slowly as he did in the hot tub yesterday. Now he was in this rhythmic pump action. Sandra underneath was voraciously grinding her hips against his.

Susie now realise now why they had come to this secluded spot on and why the tent was pitch from other prying eyes, The show was for her eyes only. She was being entertained.

She was enjoying the entertainment. She could hardly contained herself.

Susie was now feeling quite horny, watching as Leroy tense, then erupted like a violent volcano spitting hot larva deep inside her best friend pussy.

Susie silently wished Leroy was inside her instead. With that wish Susie close her eyes as a deep uncontrollable inner sensation engulf her most intimate parts.