Written by Lucky Jim

16 Jan 2009

We got back to my place and went straight to the bedroom. We stood kissing for a few minutes and I got my first chance to get my hands on her perfect body. She was braless and her back was smooth and free of straps and her tits were gorgeous and firm as I massaged them through the fabric of her shirt. The knowledge that she was commando under the skin tight skirt had had me hard all night long and I couldn’t wait to get inside her.

Despite the skirt being very tight, I’d managed to pull it up far enough to give me access to her thighs, and eventually I got my hand on to her fanny. Even though she’d told me she would be commando before we met that night, there is no doubt that confirming that she wasn’t wearing any knickers was an amazing moment for me. She was perfectly smoothly shaven and as she opened her legs just enough for me to get my middle finger on to her wonderful soft, slit. She was delightfully wet and the tip of my finger slipped easily inside her. By this time I was so horny that I could wait no longer.

With her skirt up round her waist, she lay on her back on the bed, raised her knees and allowed her legs to fall wide open. I took my trousers off and climbed between her long, slim thighs. Placing the end of my swollen dick against her entrance, using my fingers to open her slightly I guided my bell-end inside her. I slipped very easily in to her she took the full length on the first push. She pulled me closer as we established a rhythm of hip movements. I gave it to her deep and slow as she whispered quiet words of encouragement in to my ear.

She came quite quickly, and she raised her legs high in the air to maximise the penetration and the strength of her first climax of the session. Raising her legs as she did, had the effect of tightening her muscles around my dick, and the feeling as I stroked in and out of her was extremely intense. All too soon I could feel the start of my own orgasm and within a few seconds I reached the stage where I was losing control and I just had to fuck her hard and fast.

Increasing the power and speed of the strokes, I fucked her brains out as hard as I could. She was digging her nails in to my arse and telling me she was close to coming again. Just as she reached her second climax, I experienced a very powerful orgasm myself and I off loaded deep inside her. I remained inside her and we continued to gently move against each other until every trace of orgasm left our bodies. Amazing woman and an amazing night.