Written by we-like-it-2

23 Sep 2007

I had been here before, but she didn’t know that. Everything appeared as it had before. She was laying on the bed, tied and blindfolded, for all I know expecting her husband to give her the pleasure that she so craved. Or did she know that her husband watched from the bottom of the bed, silently wanking himself off with long slow strokes of his oil soaked hand. Or maybe this was what turned her on, the not knowing who was kissing, stroking, licking and then bringing her to a climax, whilst also knowing that her husband was watching. So many fantasies to be answered, just be being here, GOD, they don’t know the pleasure that I take whilst giving them the pleasure that they want.

As I came around the bed, her head tilted as she followed me around the room, her ears tracking the soft tread of my feet, and I ended up standing just about level with her head. I bent to kiss her, teasing her a little, at first just touching, and then running my tongue over her lower lip before sucking it gently into my mouth, and then releasing it and gently inserting my tongue until both hers and mine were caressing each other and the kiss turned into a hard and wet, demanding yet passionate embrace of the lips.

I release her from the kiss and let my tongue continue to stroke a wet path down over her neck, and then I lean over her with an arm supporting me on either side and bring my head around over her left breast and start to lick and lather the area surrounding her nipple, and as my upper lip covered her nipple and pulled it into my mouth I sucked on it, quite noisily. I squeezed the nipple with my teeth, a quick nip which caused an intake of breath, but not with pain I sensed, as a quickening of her breath, and a tightening of the fastenings holding her limbs askew shows as she starts to move against me and not away from me.

I move further down her body, licking and kissing as I go, pulling my left leg over her body so that I am astride her, and slowly make my way with my tongue down her stomach and reach her nicely trimmed patch of hair that outlines her pussy’s lips. I peel her lips apart slowly by slipping my tongue into the wet groove and whilst slipping my hands around her cheeks and sliding my thumbs across her swollen flesh I push her pussy lips into a pout that I stick my tongue in and out of and kiss before I ducked my head down and lapped at her clit, long and hard, sucking loudly at her juices and pulling at her clit with my mouth until she pushed herself into my face and ground herself into a cum.

Looking up, her juices all over my face, I see her husband, thrashing his cock in his right hand, his left squeezing his hairless balls into a tight round ball, his eyes glued to the spectacle in front of him. And then as his legs went rigid and his breath exploded from him in a grunt, his cock spurted globules of cum into the air and then over his hand.

I lean an elbow down between her legs and slip a couple of fingers into her wet hole, my other hand reaching up her body to squeeze a breast, the nipple hard and taut, the flesh firm and a decent handful as I knead it and then as I pull at the nipple she looks towards me but cannot see my smile as I slip another finger into her, then a fourth, her hole tight I kneel back up and frig her slowly and shallowly at first, and then harder and faster and deeper, my other hand moving from nipple to nipple now, a cum the aim, I want her more excited, hotter , wanting it, needing it.

Her body starts to buck below me and as she moans her pleasure at the sensations I am giving her I stop. Leaving her there panting and breathless, her head giving the impression she is looking around, though her covered eyes stop her from seeing who or what are even why I have stopped playing with her.

I get off the bed and untie her feet from the bottom of the bed, then holding the ties I retie her feet to the metalwork at the top of the bed, in between her hands but either side of her head, so that her arse has been pulled up, and her sweet pussy and anus are in plain view. I grab a pillow and push it underneath her for added support.

I beckon her husband over and indicate to him to lick her arse. He looks to me, but I scowl back and he gets onto the bed and starts to lick at her pussy, but I take hold of his head and lower his aim, pushing his face into her and as he is sliding his tongue over, around and into her hole I start to lick around her pussy again dipping my tongue into her sweet cum dribbling hole.

Once again she is wet and dripping, so I get up onto the bed and he goes back to his position in the chair at the foot of the bed.

Her hole is gaping so slowly but firmly I slide my cock head up and down her lips, rubbing her juices over me, up and down against her slippery hole I slide my cock and then push it all in, one fast, deep and penetrating movement that pushes my shaven cock into her as far as I can go, and my balls slap against her arse. With slow gyrations I move myself inside her and then slowly slide nearly all the way out, repeating the in and out movements, quickening the tempo and then slowing it until I settle down into a rhythmic in and out thrusting pelvic motion that pushes my cock in deep and then brings it out so that I can slap her clit with it, before sliding it back in again..

She is moving with me now, keeping pace with my every move and I know that soon she will cum again, so I quicken the pace until we are both pushing and pulling ourselves in and out, harder and faster and with a scream she comes, bucking me like a pony, her juices running out of her, and I feel my own sap rising and I slam into her, holding myself as deep as possible and spurting my seed deep into her.

We hold our position for a moment and then I slip out of her, allowing hubby the pleasure of seeing someone else’s cum leaking from her and watching a trail of juice running into her arse crack. Maybe if I am invited again that is something else that she would enjoy, having a cock slipped into her arse.

As I dress and prepare to leave I briefly watch Hubby sink down and start to lick her out, his own limp cock twitching and starting to grow and as his eyes look at me watching him I could not repress the smile that came to my face as I realised that he enjoys my services nearly as much as she does……………………………