Written by ben

19 Aug 2018

it was last summer me and my wife jan was in the garden when she had a call on her mobile

i knew somthing wasnt good when her face lit up and she took the call in side after about10 miniuts she returned saying she need to pop in to work.

she showerd dressed and went out i followed in my car she went to gregs hous he was her boss he came to meet her at the door and they kissed

i lay in waite after about 20 miniuts i crept up to his house and found the back door open i knew somthing wasnt wright because i herd her sex groans i mannaged to creep to hs room were i saw jan on top ridding his cock i bust in and said what the fuck u doing

the shock of horror cam over her face he smirked sayingim fucking jan what of it ? by now she jumped off him trying to explain to me why

i left with jan and we never said anything till we got home then she explained she was working late on night and he came on to her and she loved it they been having sex since she also said hes her lover and she wont shop i was shoked then the next thing she said im going to have to watch and she wants his baby i did wach her do him and i was so turned on i asked to be cockolded which i am he orders us to do things ie he will ring and say get jan to where fuck all im on my way last month jan had his babya boy called greg now he lives in our house i sleep in the spair room he shags her in our bed and i have to listen or watch they laugh at my small cock but i come easely so i dont mind now he orderd he wants to screw me to my virgin ass wants it but also it dont need vsaying twice