Written by John

14 Jun 2012

You must make your own minds up as to whether this really is fiction or not, all I will say is, that the names have been changed to protect the guilty!

Shirley had been married to Matt for ten years, they were in their late thirties. Matt was an athletic type always playing sport, good physique, good-looking in a dark brooding sort of way, Shirley was pretty with a great body, she kept in shape with exercise, she was a near blonde and always attracting the attention of men. Their sex life was frequent and adventurous, which went with the fact that they both had high sex drives.

For many years, Shirley and Matt had been friends with another couple, Frank and Marcie. This couple were very like them and were close enough to spend holidays together. However, one dark day, Marcie died from a heart attack. As anyone can imagine Frank was inconsolable and Shirley and Matt, failing any close family members, persuaded him to come and stay with them for a while.

For a while all went on with their lives much as before, Frank seemed to have got over the worst but then one Friday evening they went out to dinner together. The dinner part went very well and Frank seemed more like his old self, that is until they returned home, when, while having another drink together he broke down. Shirley, always the one to console anyone, put her arms round Frank and asked him what the matter was. Frank looked at Matt, Shirley realised that perhaps he wanted to unburden himself but was embarrassed to do so in front of his friend. So she nodded to Matt indicating that he should leave the room, he did so.

"Now then, Frank, what is all this about?" "Dunno really." "Come, darling, you know you can tell me anything," Shirley encouraged him, "after all Marcie always did and I know all about your life with her. You two were very much like Frank and me." "Well, that's the trouble, you'll think me awful," the bereaved man said, "the thing is... well.... not to put too fine a point on it, I..er...miss the physical side! I've got so that I can't think of anything else!" "I know," Shirley told him, Frank looked shocked, "it's all right, what I mean is that I wash your sheets, darling, you've left evidence, if you know what I mean?" "Oh God, now you really must think I'm awful!" "No, of course I don't," Shirley responded, "you're a normal red-blooded man, used to having sex all the time, I know Marcie, as I said, told me everything, just as I told her everything that Matt and I do!"

"Thing is," Frank continued, "I can't think what to do about it, who's going to look at an old fogie like me?" Shirley put her arm round him, she patted his hand, "You're not an old fogie at all, you're a very attractive man, perhaps you come across as a bit intense, that frightens any woman off. Marcie told me about some of your holidays, you know when you allowed her a bit of.. freedom, shall I say? You shared her with another man occasionally, Matt allows me the same now and again. You may have had another woman or two in the same way, I've certainly allowed Matt to." Frank nodded, "Yes, that's right, just a bit of fun and we always felt closer afterwards, a bit of variety does everyone a bit of good." "It does indeed," Shirley responded, "tell you what, I'll have a word with Matt and see if we can come up with a solution, how's that?" "Oh, I'd be so grateful, you always were very practical, Shirley." It was left there and they went to bed.

Matt was in bed reading, "So, what was all that about." "He's missing his fanny," Shirley replied. "I'm not surprised," her husband commented, "I know I would in his circumstances." Shirley was undressing with Matt eyeing his wife's body, "How would you feel," Shirley said, "if I went to him and gave him what he's missing?" Matt shrugged, "I wouldn't mind at all, you haven't had anyone for a long time. Why don't you have quick shower and go to him now? You can come back later and tell me all about it." "Thanks, sweetheart, I knew you'd understand, I'll do that," Shirley kissed him and disappeared into the en-suite. A couple of minutes later she reappeared. donned her dressing gownm and left the room.

Shirley came back to the matrimonial bed at seven in the morning, she woke Matt, he said, "Well, there's no doubt you succeeded, I can smell the sex on you!" Shirley laughed, "Of course I did, darling, Frank is very grateful!" "You didn't tell him that I knew what you were doing?", asked Matt, somewhat shocked. "Of course I did you silly man, adds to the fun doesn't it? He wants to do it again!" "I'm not surprised! So would I, come here!"

They lay naked on the bed together, Matt said, "Come on then, give me all the salacious details!" He kissed her, carressing her lovely breasts, "I can see kiss marks all over your tits," he commented. "I've got kiss marks all over me and my nipples are sore from the number of times he sucked them!" Shirley told him, "How did he know that that turns me on so much?" "Dunno, unless Marcie told him because I bet you told her!" "Yes, I always told her everything, just as she did me. Anway, he kissed me first of course, that was after he'd got over the shock! Then he was kissing and sucking my nipples, when he found out what that did he started caressing my fanny." This was exactly what Matt had begun to do as she got into her story, she was very wet and slippery, he could smell the spunk in her.

Oh dear, sorry about this, but I have to go, more as soon as I can!