Written by John

15 Jun 2012

Sorry about having to leave just when it was getting interesting, but that's what working for yourself does for you!

Anyway, Shirley continued telling Matt what had happened when she went to Frank's room. "I tell you, Matt," she said, "Frank is so gentle! He fondled my fanny lips although they had already parted, I was already wet too and eventually he slipped a finger in me just as I was about to scream for him to do exactly that! It was only one finger inside me, he did me with it, each time his thumb made contact with my clit." Matt himself was feeling Shirley's lovely fanny as she was talking and having his cock gently massaged. "So?" he asked, impatiently. "My juice was already beginning to ooze round my bum," Shirley told him, I wanted his lovely dick in me..." "What's it like?" Matt interjected. "Oh, about the same length as yours, but appreciably thicker," she replied, "I can just about get my fingers round yours, no chance with Frank's though! Anyway,he kept on building me up and kissing me all the time,I thought that he'd be so eager for it that he would have been shoving it up me as soon as he felt me, but he didn't. He was giving me little cums all the time and all I wanted was a good seeing to! It's so exciting, I mean, the prospect of a different dick up me, no two men have ever fucked me the same and I couldn't wait! In the end he sucked a nipple once too often and I pleaded with him to push it up me." Matt spread his wife's legs wide and moved over her,he kissed her and she said, "Come on then, darling!"

Matt looked between her legs, her cunt was wide open, thighs slick with Frank's and her's mixed juices, a little blob of spunk visible in her love hole. He groaned at the sight and moved to push into her. Shirley wrapped her arms round him, "Give me a lovely fucking, darling!" she murmured. As he pushed in her sloppy hole he panted, "Go on, go on!" "Well, his cock stretched me, it was rubbing my clit as he pushed it right up. He paused as I thrilled, letting me feel his cock throbbing right up me. I kissed him and he began fucking me, his cock was rubbing my clit with every stroke, I came. A couple of seconds after I came again, I've never been fucked like it! I was cumming all the time and getting wetter by the moment. I went into some sort of sexual daze, I could feel him, fucking and me cumming, I tell you it was weird! Then, all of a sudden he gasped, then he said, 'I'm cumming!' in a strange sort of strangled voice. He drew back, rammed it up me and, as he drew back again he spurted, much the same as you do, darling. He flooded me with spunk it felt glorious!"

Shirley paused, Matt had adjusted his position slightly and was now making her cum too. "Oh darling," he panted, "I so wish that I could see you being fucked!" "And I'd like to see you and Frank spunking all over me!", his wife replied. "I'll do it now, if you want," Matt told her. "No, no, I want you to cum inside me darling."! Mat carried on fucking, Shirley had virtually lost it, her mind filled with pictures of her lovers fucking her, pictures of cocks, cunts and spunk shooting. Suddenly she convulsed crying out as a full orgasm shook her body, "Oh God! Oh yes, fuck me hard sweetheart, spunk up me just like Frank did." Matt obeyed and five minutes later she felt him exploding deep inside her cunt, she grabbed him tight, biting his neck with her cunt tightening and relaxing as she came once again.

Matt flopped on her gasping for breath, "You're one sexy, fucking whore you gorgeous cunt!", he panted, "Tell me more!" "Well, after Frank had rolled off I asked him if he wanted more. He said that he did, so I bent over him, sucked his cock into my mouth, it was so exciting, I could taste his spunk and my juice all mixed up on it. I sucked and wanked it and he soon got hard, I knelt over him, held his cock up and let myself down on it. Then I fucked him, I was so sloppy inside, like now, and it was so easy. He said, 'That's just what Marcie used to do, I love being fucked by a woman!" I told him he'd better enjoy it while he could because my thighs wouldn't stand it for very long! So I fucked him for as long as I could then let him roll me onto my back and then fuck me, I loved it! I was so sensitive that I was cumming all the time again, not big ones butI mean, all the time! I'd never known anything like it. After that we went to sleep, but sometime in the night I felt his cock nudging me from underneath, I was lying on my side. I just put my hand down and entered it for him, then I fucked him until he came, took a very long time. He shot another load up me in the end and I drifted off again. When I woke he was sound asleep so I came in here. Do you want to fuck me again?"

Matt, not for the first time, had thoroughly enjoyed fucking his lovely wife when she was full of another man's spunk, it was so erotic, he said, "Do you want me to?" "Of course I do, darling, I know I like fucking other men now and then, but you're the best and I want it now!" "You'd better get to work then," her loving husband replied. Shirley bent over him and sucked his cock into her mouth, with a bit of wanking as well she soon had him hard and mounted him. Matt's cock slid into her sloppy cunt so easily and Shirley began to fuck, the contents of her cunt slopping out all over his stomach, thighs and balls, the noise was disgusting, but oh, so erotic! Shirley had reached the stage where she was driving on automatic, just enjoying the thrills engulfing her from time to time, she felt that she could go on for ever. But some time later Matt groaned and ejaculated and she felt his hot spunk shooting fiercely up inside her willing cunt and making her climax fully once again. She fell over sideways, completely fucked and without strength even to lie properly before she dozed off.

Matt woke first in the morning and late it was, he could hear Frank moving about downstairs. He found that he had an erection and got behind Shirley who was, once again lying on her side. Taking his cock in hand he gently inserted it into her cunt, it was so easy, despite it having closed. He pushed up inside, Shirley still didn't wake and he began to fuck her. He discovered that she had woken when she took charge and started pushing back onto his cock, he let her do the fucking. A good twenty minutes later he ejaculated which set Shirley off with a muted scream as she shuddered into yet another full orgasm. When they had recovered Matt said, "Enjoyed it then?" "best sex I've had since God knows when," came the reply. "Good," they kissed and Shirley said, "You lie there and recover a bit while I shower, it's time we were up." "I know," came the reply, "Frank's been up for ages!" Shirley laughed, "I shall have to put on some thick knickers,I'm so full of spunk and love-juice that I shall be leaking all day!"

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