Written by Letuspleaseyou

25 Apr 2014


We are a married couple who have a great sex life, she is 5,10 tall and long blonde hair I am 5,8 muscular build with shaved head.

We have been talking about including other in our sex life for some time now and it makes us so hot and wet. We fuck for ages talking and teasing each other to go further and say more horny things.

Here was last night little play as we fucked each other.

I would like to take her to an hotel and play with her and have a few drinks with just candles burning so the room is very dim.

she would stand up while I kneel and like her clit so slowly and gently push a finger or two inside her making her really wet. She like me to play with both her holes so I would finger them both while eating her, this really gets her off.

we would then change places as she would suck my cock and paly with my balls while scratching them and biting them, she really knows how to suck a cock while looking up at me with those dirty eyes wet mouth, all very horny. She has made my balls and cock so wet she slides her finger underneath me and teasing my arse with a gentle push every now again, just going in then back out again. gives a nice feeling of being opened but not quite. Then she would push a finger in me and wriggle it around, now that is a nice feeling and so fucking horny. I come in her mouth and she cleans me up and we move to the bed.

As she lays there I tie her hands to the headboard and her legs to the bottom so her feet are wide apart and her sexy wet cunt is on display, just slightly pushed open from my finger and very wet. I place a blind on her and put some ear plugs in her ears so she can only hear slight sounds then I turn the music on just a little to confuse her even more. I start eating her and playing with her tits, biting and fingering her making her struggle slightly and her breathing get heavier and heavier until she comes on my hand.

I take an ear plug out and the time is just before 10:30 pm, there is a knock at the door. Her face is a picture she is terrified, being tied up and blind folded. I whisper in her ear that I will get the door and I place the ear plug back in her ear and place a cover over her.

The next thing she knows is I am pulling the blanket off her and kneeling next to her and I start sliding my fingers in and out of her fingering her faster and faster until she comes again. Then I bend down and slip my tongue on her and inside her tasting her juices, then I slide my cock in her and she starts to relax as I fuck her slowly just putting my cock inside her a little bit at a time, then further and harder making her moan. Once my cock is well and truly wet I untie her feet and hands and lead her to the chair in the room. She is kneeling on it leaning over the back so I und and start pushing my cock in her mouth while pulling her hair and she still has the blind fold on and the ear plugs in so she is deprived of those sense.

She jumps as a hand touches her from being, stroking her gently and sliding a finger over her wet hole. she tries to stop sucking my cock but I hold her hair so she cant move and push my cock hard into her mouth. A finger slides in her then another then another and she starts to moan and moan and she comes with such a force, she fucking love it.

The fingers are removed and she is held open from behind and liked, a tongue is pushed in her and around her wet arse making her jump forward and she is loving this. I nod my head and he slide his cock inside her hard and fast, she tenses and start bucking back and forth taking my cock so fare down her throat making me come and moan. He shoots his load inside her and pulls out.

I help her up and lay her on the bed with her arse hanging off the bed and the other lady who came in starts eating her and cleaning her fellas come out of my lady, how horny is that. while this is going on I take the blindfold off and my wife sees she has been fucked by another man and eaten by a lady. She is loving this and she gets this dirty horny look on her face, she wants more.

When she has finished being eaten she wants more cock but now she wants to be in control for a while which is fine. She askes me to lay on the bed while she sits on my face and I eat her. She loves this as she is bent forward and wanking my cock at the same time. She tells the other girl to suck my cock while I still eat her. Her cunt tastes of this other fella and she is making sure I am tasting a lot of him, this is really turning her on as she askes me how it tastes as she plays with her tits and rubs her clit while I lick her all underneath. She then leans forward and asks the fella to get behind her and fuck her while I am eating her. I should have seen this coming but as he slid into her she started moaning and bucking away. she was loving this. His cock so close to me, she was asking me if I could smell him and could I taste him. She even put her hand underneath and made his cock pull out of her and touch my face as he came forward, she had a devilish little laugh as she took his cock and put it back in her then pushed her fingers in my mouth for me to clean them up. How fucking horny wa smy lady and ow far did dh want to go.

she came, as I did in the girls mouth then the other fella unloaded his second load inside my wife. She was so wet and still gaging for more cock.

She sat on the chair while we fucked the other lady one in her mouth and one in her pussy then we swopped over while my wife watch. She was planning something I could se from her face.

After we rested for a while, all smelling of sex and a little sweat, the room was heavy with the scent of sex, so horny and it just added to the tension in the room.

My wife had the idea of 2 people had t be blindfolded at the same time, this would heightend the atmosphere so much so we all agreed. She wanted me to be blindfolded first along with the other lady. As I lay on the bed I get a woman sitting on my face wriggling around and tasting of mixed juices, this makes my cock so hard, then I fell a mouth on my cock sucking me very hard and fast. I start to feel a finger pushing on my bum hole and starts to enter in me making me moan like a bitch to be honest just thought of it was making me so horny. Then my legs get pulled up so my arse is exposed ,now that is a strange feeling but horny.

I then fell something bigger pushing it's way into me, forcing my arse open a my cock gets sucked even harder and the cunt still on my face. I cant concentrate very well, too much going on but I know I have this hard thing sliding into my arse and back out slowly then faster and faster until it stops. while I catch my breath I am rolled over onto all fours and the hard thing is back pushing on my arse and it slips in easier this time and reaches parts inside me, wow what a feeling. Then I can feel a head trying to get under me and suck my cock, I can fell teeth biting me and sucking me and pulling at my balls. 'so fucking horny and the blindfold just adds to it.

I can smell this cock near my face as I make out the woman under me moaning so the fella must be playing with her as I look round to my left I hit a hard cock with my face and I pull away. I start to look back again but the cock is right as I turned. I cant help my self I just take it in my mouth and start sucking it. I can taste my wife and his lady and his scent. The blindfold gets pulled off my face but I carry on sucking him until her comes all over my face and around my mouth. Turns out my wife was fucking me with a strap on and I loved it. boom , I came with the best come I have ever had.

She said she had come 3 times watching me eat a cock. she next wants to see me get fuck a man. Who knows, she said if I liked a plastic one, I would love a real one.