Written by Lorna_doone1969

25 Jul 2012

I went to the gym, worked out, it’s hot, and I’m sweating but feeling good. I go and shower…warm water splashing down my naked body, between my legs. I think of you…making me gasp, moan, groan, fingering my pussy…..1,2,3 fingers slowly. Then harder. Your naked body, huge hard cock.

I push 2 fingers into my pussy my palm rubbing my clit. The warm water pounding my clit…

You reach my hands, grab them hold them up. Your fingers still pushing forcefully into my cunt. You whisper…’you’re my bitch. I’m going to fuck you until you scream, squirt….’

Your thumb is rubbing me harder your fingers moving in and out. You’re so rough you push me higher up the shower wall….your hand tightens around my wrists pinning them above my head against the wall. Your cock big hard …I beg you to fuck me…I need to cum. Around your cock.

Your deep voice quietly says ‘give me your mouth bitch’ You pull my hair forcing me down onto your cock. My cunt is soaked…..I need you to let me cum…You force my head onto your cock pushing it deeper into the back of my throat…I gag…you keep pushing. ‘Fucking swallow bitch. Deeper you slut…suck. Suck harder you whore. Harder. Faster’ My hand reaches for your ass. My fingers touch your hole. Slowly circling. I take you deeper into my throat. Again and again and again. You pull out, turn me round, force my legs apart with your strong thighs, bend me over….the warm water gushes over my cunt, my ass…I groan. Loudly. You push your fist into my mouth till I quieten. Your other fist is forcing its way inside my cunt. I moan….you keep pushing. ‘How much do you want it slut’ you whisper.. ‘I want all of you. Everywhere. Hard. Fast. Now’

You smack my ass. I scream ‘Harder. Hit me harder’. You force my legs further apart with your knee. You smack my ass, my cunt, my clit….’More’ I beg. ‘Give me more’ Whack. You smack me harder and faster. I’m going to cum. You force your cock into my ass and your fingers into my cunt. I groan….’Bitch. Fucking bitch. I’ll give you something you’ll never forget. Now beg me you slut’ I scream ‘all of you. Screw me. Hard. Hurt me. Make me scream. Again again again’

You take your fingers out of my cunt and force them into my mouth. Sucking them tasting me, you. My body quivers. Shudders. But you haven’t stopped….you fuck me harder, faster. Your cock…in out in….make me quiver more…I shudder and shake all over………I cum. thick juices down my cunt, to my ass…down my legs….

You pull out. Pull my head back, arching my back. You spin me round. Your hand around my throat. You push me up against the shower wall.

‘I’ve had enough’ I moan.’ No more. No more’.

You look me deep into my eyes. Mouth the words ‘slut. You’re taking more’ You force your hand deep inside my cunt forcing me up the wall higher. Your thumb presses and pushes my clit.’ Oh my god…please no more please’. ‘You fucking dirty bitch.’ You push that huge cock into my cunt, your fingers still there. You widen me. Stretch me. Wider, pounding your cock into me. Your fingers still there. Your fingers, your cock pushing in and out together, stretch me. You groan…deeply. Then louder and strong….you cum. And cum. Your legs tremble. I pant. Then deep gasps.

I sit in the shower letting the warm water fall onto me…..hoping for another time.