Written by citizen912

29 Sep 2009

It had been one of those days at the office. The sort you want to go home and forget as soon as possible and just relax. There was nobody home so plenty of hot water for a change, perfect. I thought i'd make the most of it and prepared for a nice long hot shower to flush the cobwebs away and forget all about it. I dumped my clothes on the bed, neatly folded and ready to sort out afterwards. Since nobody was home I didn't bother locking the door, opened the window a notch and put the water on full power to heat up.

I stuck my hand under the stream and felt the temperature .Ah well at least I got one thing right today I smiled to myself. Sliding in and soaking my head and shoulders I decided to feel the tension wash away for a while before my usual rituals. I was daydreaming and almost missed it when it happened. A slight change in temperature as the draught blew told me that the door had opened. I decided to play dumb,I wasn't in the mood to talk it out just yet. Fingers gently curled over my collarbone and those nails could only belong to her. I turned under her pressure and once again mentally thanked my luck as i looked down into her eyes. I made as if to talk but she put her finger on my lips to silence me before giving me that smile, the one that looks so innocent yet hints at the deviant within to those in the know.

Looking me in the eyes with a gentle raise of her neck and wrapping her fingers in my hair she pulled my lips down to hers to kiss me gently and sensually. I felt the delicious tingle of expectancy, I knew her well enough to know she had more in mind. The twinkle in her eye as she pulled away a little told me this was going to be a good evening at least. she ran her fingers down my back while leaning her mouth to my bowed ear and whispering " I missed you lover" and kissing my neck. Fingers caressing my bottom and moving around to my hips she whispered breathily "And I wanted to give you a reminder why you come home every night to me" a little giggle, she knows that laugh drives me wild, and her hands slowly moved to my growing hardness.

The spray and the steam had moistened and tousled her hair. She knew I loved the way her hair looks like that though I had never spoken of it. The way she knew me was spooky at times but part of the reason we worked so well. I told her not to start anything she couldn't finish but I know her well enough that she would never fail to take care of me in every way she could. "I'm hungry" she purred looking into my eyes as she ran kisses down my body pausing to take a little nip at my nipples and making me fully aroused. "You know I love that" I moaned. She paused "not as much as you love this" she joked looking me in the eyes as she slowly took my cockhead into her mouth. I couldn't help it, I had to close my eyes with the pleasure though I love to watch her sometimes the assault on my senses is too much.

She worked slowly staring up at me with a look of pure, honest, love in her eyes and easing me ever deeper into her mouth. She let me slip out before gripping my base hard and using her tongue and teeth to alter the feeling as she played with my cock while gently stroking my balls with her other hand. "I've been wanting this all day" she said looking at my cock before meeting my eyes again. Her hand curled gently around my shaft and began long slow strokes telling me I wasn't to speak. I could tell she was up to her old tricks and I loved her games asmuch as she loves mine.

Her pace increased to a blur and the look of lust was almost rabid when she growled throatily "cum for me, I want to wear you". I could feel the pressure building as her skills began to take me to the point of no return. "Give it to me" she begged " I need your spunk you sexy bastard". She knows I find her dirty talk as irresistable as her mind and that oh so perfect body. I looked closer seeing lower now looking at those beautiful breasts and the creamy flesh below. I couldn't hold back any longer and exploded jet after jet of hot spunk all over her face, in her eyes, onto her waiting tongue and a drizzle or two in her hair. She looked up at coyly " was that what you needed master?". What else could I say, needing no words I gently grasped her hand and pulled her to me for a long lingering kiss.....