Written by Bmouthmale

16 Mar 2012

You are staying in a local hotel for the night.

I text you to say I have arrived and you reply with room number, I get to the door and its unlocked, I enter and lock the door. There is soft music playing and the room is in darkness as you have pulled the curtains closed. I enter the bedroom and you are asleep under the covers.

I quietly undress until I am totally naked and slide gently between the sheets. You too are naked and as I slide into the warmth of your bed our skin touches for the first time. You keep your eyes shut and continue to fake sleep with your heart pounding the excitement mounts within you.

My hands find your breasts and I massage your nipple till they are hard, giving away your arousal. My hand wanders to between your legs and slowly starts to massage your now wet pussy. After a while I slide under the covers and you feel my breath moving down our body until you realise my mouth is now just millimeters from you now aching pussy. Then with gentle but meaning full strokes my tongue enters you and takes control of your pleasure...........

After being lost in pleasure for what seem like an eternity you feel my body slowly moving upwards and as my breath reaches your breasts I take a nipple into my mouth, before you are able to respond you feel the warmth and hardness of my penis sliding up your inner thighs only stopping when the head is pushing against your wetness. Your desire takes over and you finally open your eyes, I stare into them and realise you have a look of lust and longing on your face, I gently press myself forward and you ease your legs apart further to allow my now hard and throbbing penis into your warm wet and willing pussy. The sensation of being filled takes a little time to get used to but you are enjoying the moment. I just lie there on top and inside you for a few minutes to allow you to get used to the sensation. You relax and I slowly at first start to move inside you. The feeling is wonderful and you are already breathless with pleasure. I build to a steady rhythm and the pleasure builds inside you to a peak and you flood with wetness as your whole body explodes with pleasure. I feel the wet and your warmth contracts around me tipping me over the edge as my harness pumps its sticky seed into you.

We lie there together for a few moments catching our breath before I exit the bedroom and enter the shower, I have a quick shower leaving you covered by the sheets keeping your shyness and modesty covered. After a quick shower I know to dress and leave quickly so you are under no obligation to make small talk or pressure to engage in conversation.

I leave and you are again alone under the covers wondering if the whole thing was a delightful dream....... then as your hand wanders between your legs about to start pleasuring yourself you find my sticky gift, using it to lubricate your love bud you enjoy your fingers rubbing to the full before rolling over and drifting into a deep and contented sleep.

We chat online the next day when you have had time to reflect and feel comfortable to do so. You are pleased you asked be before the meeting to just leave as there was no pressure on you to feel exposed or self conscious about your body. We chat and I assure you about how you look and feel and we chat about how you felt and how you enjoyed your experience and about meeting again perhaps without the quick exit..................