Written by shoey

16 Feb 2011

I would appreciate your views on this, especially from the ladies. I have only been writing poetry a couple of years and have no idea if it is any good. This is meant to be erotic rather than pornographic and I would like to know if it is :)

Through window closed in orange gleam

Moonlit flesh is clearly seen

Unbuttoned blouse exposing chest

In homage to the waiting guest

Soft and round and creamy white

The thrill makes rose buds harden tight

Hard and proud they stand erect

On breasts in every way perfect

Then vision blurs as body heat

Fogs the glass so just her feet

Are on the dashboard seen to rest

And lost to view is comely chest

Electric whirring stirs the night

As ample curves return to sight

Invited by the lush temptress

Arm snakes in to give caress

Nail circles round the areola

Hand roughly grasps that soft cupola

Squeezing, kneading, hear her groan

She whimpers then lets out a moan

Nipples tweaked by thumb and finger

Hand drawn down it cannot linger

Compelled by call from Lorelei

It starts between her legs to stray

Into the Valley of Delight

That’s softly bathed in silver light

Finger tips trace inner thigh

From parted lips escapes a sigh

Palm it rests near pelvic floor

Knocking loud on Heaven’s door

Digits stroke the pouting seam

And through the labial furrow ream

Gently rubbing vulva lips

Finger slowly, surely slips

Inside the warm wet orifice

Seeking out her clitoris

To tease and taunt with touch so deft

Sunk within that blesséd cleft

Arm pulls back as opens door

It’s not enough: she needs much more

Head darts in, you’re near supine

Legs around your neck they twine

Tongue explores that hooded gem

And flicks and probes around the stem

Juices flow as lips they rub

Upon that sensual pleasure nub

Knees clenched tight against your ears

With body tensed orgasm nears

yes, Yes, YES she shrieks and screams

As in your mouth her passion streams

Wave on wave of rapture breaks

In ecstasy her body shakes

Panting, gasping, ardour spent

She lets your aching jaw relent

Upon her face contented grin

As cool love juice flows down your chin

And now your turn has come at last

As trouser tents with rampant mast

Beckoned close by finger tip

She slowly eases down the zip

With dextrous skill hooks member out;

Of readiness there is no doubt

Hand curls round the iron rod

And pulls back skin from swollen knob

The blood gorged flesh points to the sky

Secreted bead glints in the eye

Fist moves slowly up then down

She plants a kiss upon the crown

Pre-come forms a spider strand

Extruded from the purple glans

Like diamonds shining in the night

Reflecting back the moonshine bright

But broken then the gossamer thread

As lips wrap round the throbbing head

Velvet band caresses shaft

Applying well fellators’ craft

Attention now she does devote

To guide you down her waiting throat

Past uvula you gently slide

Between the tonsils now you glide

As balls she cups her hand around

Her nose moves down to pubic mound

And round the base you feel her teeth

You’re nestled there as in a sheath

Hands around your buttocks clasped

Her head is bobbing to its task

Breathing held she takes you deep

The feeling makes your legs go weak

Like baby nursing on its thumb

Too much of this you’re soon to come

But sensing this she ceases play

And from your crotch she moves away

She stretches out upon her back

Guides phallus to her sopping crack

Pausing just to latex slip

Before inside she begs you dip

Desire inflamed you do not wilt

And drive up to the very hilt

The foothills of the Mound of Venus

Reeved in two by plunging penis

With measured pace you start to rut

Still not believing in your luck

With rhythmic pace between her thighs

Suspension creaks in shock surprise

You faster ever faster pound

With slapping squelching grunting sound

Her chest and neck with rose tint glow

As you draw near volcanic flow

At last is rent the night-time peace

As she joins your chorus of release

With final thrust your seed is dealt

Back to the shadows now you melt

Copyright - Shoey, February 2011